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2920 Pacific Dr, Norcross, Georgia, United States, 30071-1808

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Bought a bestcare stand assist. Then bought extra harness. All of the harness have incorrect size from what is advertised.
I bought an SA228 stand assist.
I have not used it at all since I didnt appear to have the right size fit harness. I ordered a large size harness with the stand assist and the size does not match advertisement. I then ordered an additional toileting harness TL-332 that says torso 30"-48". But in fact it only will fit a 40" torso. So the return manager from bestcare had me send photos to prove it and I did. Bestcare then offered to send me the large TL-333 which advertises up to 60" torso but when I got it it will only fit up to 44" torso. So now I am thinking all of the products are not calculated properly for patient weight size and or load including the Stand Assist equipment. I have no way to prove it but there are very wrong calculations going on with the harness.
I paid about 1200.00 for the stand assist and also paid about 160.00 each for the toileting harness and large size standard harness.

I dont want a law suit for having incorrect functioning equipment at me assisted living homes and right now I am not trusting the Bestcare equipment is properly engineered.

I am pursuing help because I was getting the run around like I was an it trying to tell the reseller and also BestCare about this discovery. They told me its the first time they are hearing this kind of problem. I dont think so.......2 different harness with same issue?

Desired Outcome

My concern is that if harness specs are off in size then maybe weight load is incorrect or other specs on the equipment I bought.

Bestcare Response • Sep 23, 2019

Thank you for pointing out our error in the published dimensions for our slings TP331, TP332, TP333, TP334. This is actually just 1 sling model with different sizes ranging from Small to XLarge. There was a misunderstanding made by our personel in charge of making the measurements. Because of this, the wrong data was published for this model, from Small to Large.

The misunderstanding was of the actual dimensions of the slings versus the fit sizing dimensions. The actual dimensions were published in place of fit sizing dimensions - which was where this error occurred. The fit sizing dimensions should take into account of the overlap of the velcro straps, which our personel did not do. We will further provide training for our staff to have the understanding of the different dimensions and how we arrive at each measurement to avoid such misunderstandings in the future.

We have taken actions to re-verify all the dimensions, fit sizing dimensions as well, and update our website and brochures accordingly so as to avoid misleading the customers.

In regard to load capacities of our slings, please reassured that we have done extensive load testing of all of our slings and lifts to comply to ISO XXXXX. We stand by our published weight capacities of our slings and lifts.

Customer Response • Sep 24, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No one addressed me not being happy with what I paid for. I am also concerned that the stand assist I bought is incorrect as I am 6'2' tall and have a 40" waist but your harness and stand assist does not work properly with me as a test subject. Therefore I will want to return all purchased items from BestCare for a full refund. That include an electric stand assist, 3 harness, and a *** strap.
I am not happy with the way any of your resellers handle this complaint from the start and worse is the way personnel from BestCare Coperate office handles this. There is something very wrong about the design of this stand assist and the way the harness size is calculated.

Weight concerns I did not bring up.......I brought up proper size that will work. If you like I will send you a video of what happens with me as a test subject.

I would also like to know who is the person responding to this complaint and leave full contact info. Who ever this person is............why did you not address my return request? ?

Bestcare Response • Oct 01, 2019

We are sorry to hear our product does not meet your needs. We as the manufacturer tries to cater to the majority of user, but we also understand there is no perfect device that works for all.

However, it is evident that you may have a misunderstanding between us, Bestcare and our reseller. We are Bestcare. We are responding to your inquiry. We are the manufacturer of the product. We only sell to the dealers NOT to the end users. It is through the dealer where you got your lift and slings from. So if the product doesn't work for you, then you need to contact your dealer. Bestcare has no records of your return lift request. In fact, our records show you contacted Bestcare about the sling dimensions issue and that you agreed to have a new larger size sling sent to you. There was no mentioning of any lift return. Also, our records show you bought this product through Midwestern - one of our dealers. So any returns or complaints need to be made to Midwestern.

You brought up "weight load is incorrect" in the first response to We addressed your concern that we did testing on our lifts.

You brought up "sling size does not match" in first response to We addressed your concern as we explained previously that we have taken action to fix our mistake.

Now the story has changed again and you wanted a return of everything. Unfortunately, is not your best route to request returns. Once again, per our records, Bestcare never got your return request. Bestcare has its own returns policy with our dealers. Our dealers have their own returns policies with their customers. You have to go back to Midwestern for returns.

Once again, we are sorry this product did not work for you, but we need to be clear what the roles of the manufacturer and dealers are so that claims are handled the right way.

We will not disclose any personal information or contacts as rules does allow so. Thank you and have a good day!

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Address: 2920 Pacific Dr, Norcross, Georgia, United States, 30071-1808


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