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• Nov 27, 2020

They have my money.....I have nothing from them
Ordered 10 days ago. Was issued a fedex tracking number promptly with an expected delivery date. The package never shipped and the tracking number is no longer valid. Several emails have been sent, most have been responded to with “we’re working on it”, “we’re busy” etc etc. No offers made to re-ship or refund. I am now without my $130, without my goods purchased and also without any hope or evidence I will ever receive them. What a joke.

• Feb 18, 2021

Unfortunately, I did not see the reviews on this company, and I also have loss over $234.00. I will begin many campaigns online to reveal the fraud that Big Dan's Fitness is participating in with their so called eCommerce website. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Big Dan's Fitness as their practices are fraudulent.

Tell us why here...We were communicating with the Mr. [redacted] the day before we got notification of this complaint, most likely after he submitted it. His refund was already processed.  When he requested the refund over the phone, we informed him that it could take longer for him to receive his...

money back because it's an international transaction. He said he was fine with it so we proceeded to process the refund. We also sent him an email with an update early last week. During our Communications with Mr. [redacted] yesterday over messenger, we advised him to check his spam mail to see if he had emails from us. He replied back and let us know that he found the emails. I feel that if our communications were being received by Mr. [redacted], he would not have made this complaint. The issue stems from us being unable to re-ship his International order because of manufacturer shortages. To remedy the situation, the manufacturer had sent us FREE products to send to him as an apology for the delay. We have already sent Mr. [redacted] the free products with the equivalent value as well as the refund. So he's getting his money back and free stuff which is pretty cool.  Mr. [redacted] has communicated that he we frustrated because he thought he was being scammed and now that everything has been brought to light, he will be removing any negative posts about this company. I'd also like to add that Mr. [redacted] is [redacted] friends with the owner of this company. At no point did Mr. [redacted] attempt to make direct contact to the owner about this issue. However, Mr. [redacted] did send what is considered to be harassing and threatening messages to the owner’s wife's [redacted] Account. Other routes that Mr. [redacted] could have taken to rectify the issue would have been contacting Mr. Moore directly, since they are [redacted] friends. Or filing a chargeback with the credit card company if he did not get his products.We request that this complaint is not posted because the majority of the information is not related to the incident and the refund was already processed before this complaint was submitted. ADDRESSING OTHER POINTS IN THE COMPLAINT:  As far as Mr. [redacted]'s accusations against our company stating that we are selling "illegal products", the supplement laws in the United States are very different than the supplement laws in Canada where Mr. [redacted] lives. Furthermore, we recently found that the products Mr. [redacted] ordered, which are legal in the United States, may be banned in Canada. We are still unsure if the products legality in Canada is related to the original shipment not making it to him. In the complaint, Mr. [redacted] mentioned a lawsuit that one of our companies is involved in filled by a competitor out of Arizona ([redacted]). They have filed over 200 identical lawsuits with other companies across the nation over the last three years. Many of their cases have been settled out of court for small amounts of money ($20k-$35k) but every time they have gone to court with the innocent companies they are wrongfully suing, they have lost. Iron mag Labs vs [redacted] has been the longest running case. It has been dismissed and appealed almost three times and the 9th circuit appellate court all but laughed it out of the courtroom. (The 9th circuit has a YouTube channel and where they post the film of their cases. You can watch it there). They were allowed to appeal and amend because they had no evidence against Iron Mag Labs.  During the iron mag Labs case, which is identical to ours, CA Federal Judge [redacted] [redacted] ruled that the products and ingredients in question are "not illegal". None American companies deal with any products that contain anything on the DEA's banned substance list. (Because it's a felony....) He also sent a link to the [redacted] Daily News article where a reporter copy and pasted a press release put out by the attorney that is suing our company. Keep in mind, anything that a lawyer files in a complaint can be publicized and it is not slander even if it is false and is often an effective means to achieve a quick and easy settlement. The attorney that is suing us also had us investigated by the Southern California branch of the FDA (not the North Western, Seattle). We got a standardized warning letter from them which basically boiled down to us needing to update the product pictures and change our advertisement description of the product and make updates to the disclaimers to meet regulation. We are currently in full compliance. Our company's case which was filed against us about a year ago has basically just being ignored by the courts and our attorneys say it will most likely be dismissed along with the others. We request that this complaint is not posted because the majority of the information is not related to the incident in the refund was already processed before this complaint was submitted.Thank you. Have a great day!

Mr [redacted] is a longtime valued customer of ours and lives in the UK. When we received notification from the that Mr [redacted] has not gotten his product, we immediately emailed him and notified him that we will be looking into this issue right away and if it turns out that it was lost in the mail...

(which we believe it is, given the time frame) that we will ship him a brand new order. We don't have tracking numbers for international orders, only customs number, so there's no way to track it's progress, only that it has left the US, and then tells us that it's been delivered.  Feel free to contact us at [redacted] in the evening PST if there's anything else we can do to resolve this issue.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  They actually provided me with store credit.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted]

[redacted] is a return costumer and we apprecate his bussiness and pacients with this issue. We had some issues during shipping his last order that caused it to be delivered late. There was no forwarding address when he closed his mail box so we had to wait for it to come back...

to us and get the products checked in. It looked like we issued a refund already but upon further review it looks like it bounced back and didn't go. We double checked it and reissued the refund and it should stick now. Please be in contact with us if you dont see this transaction as a pending refund in the next 24 hr.s. We are also very sorry if you haven't been able to get through. We have been experiencing very high call volumes lately due to limited quantity of high demand[redacted]

We understand that the customer is very upset but he may not be getting the proper information from his credit card company. He received his products in a timely manner, but was still very hostile towards us. He calls us to yell, scream, and swear at us over the phone. We do everything we can to appease this man. He sends us threatening emails after he attempts to issue a chargeback on us for the products he bought and received. We reversed the chargeback by proving he received the products in a timely manner and we were in contact with him, and established that if he would like a return he must first send us the products back. When we finally received the products back, they were open, empty, and in unsellable condition. However, we checked the products in and sent the refund to him to stop his harassment of our company. We didn't hear from him for a little while and then he comes back at us with threatening emails, telling us how he's going to report us to the to damage our business instead of letting us know that he didn't get his refund so we could fix it. We notified him that we resent the refund and he would have it within days. This man is maliciously attacking our company and if he would like some further compensation, he can simply contact us. We are attaching proof that his last refund was resent the day he contacted us earlier this week. Please ask him what more he wants from us.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me,although I'd like to remain in contact with you if possible as I have lost confidence in this company and will not be surprised if nothing is received in another 6 weeks,is that possible?  

I've been buying from Big Dan's for over 3 years now. I used to live in Lewiston where their first store opened and used to deal with Dan himself, then I moved to Coeur d'Alene. I've been to each one of their 3 locations: Lewiston, Hayden, and most recently, Spokane. They always had very good service and knowledgeable staff and they really seemed like they were trying to help me. All the prices and deals are about the same in all the stores and the selection is really good. They have everything I need all in one stop. And if you ask them about a product they don't have, they will look it up and tell you about it and give you comparisons to products they do have, which really sets them apart from other supplement stores. This is really helpful because there's thousands of different supplements on the market. I've always told everyone to go to Big Dan's and will keep doing so.

Let me preface this rating by stating this is my second time ordering from Big Dans and this is my first time experiencing this issue. However, the customer "service" I received was nothing short of appalling.

I ordered a preworkout on January 30th and received three emails, two from big dans saying my order was processed and ready to ship, then another on February 1st stating a label for FedEx had been created. The FedEx email advised my package would deliver to me on February 4th.

I then noticed that a day away from my due date the FedEx page changed to "pending" for my delivery date and was only at label created status.

I called Big Dans, was assured everything was alright, and to call if I had anymore issues.

The day of delivery I never get my package. I emailed Big Dans and received an email that just said, "it should be there soon." Oh sheesh, well no s[redacted] Sherlock, it should but it isn't here when you told me it would be. Thanks for the short unprofessional and lack of concern email Big Dans.

I called BIg Dans the same day, 4 February, and was told that it was a FedEx issue and to call them. So I called FedEx and they tell me that if the package had been delivered or picked up by them it would show in their systems, which it wasn't. So I called big dans again, this time the guy, who never gave his name, states "Uhm...oh well...ugh sometimes the packages get crushed and don't make it or can't be delivered." Wait what? Isn't it your job to ensure each package is delivered or picked up by FedEx at a timely manner and in one piece without getting crushed? Clearly common sense isn't a trait required to work in this warehouse. This genius says he will go to FedEx and see what happened and call me back. Of course I get no call or email.

This jackwad reassures me my order will be restored. So I wait...24 hours later, no email and no call regarding my order. So I call again, 5 February. I had to call 8x to get someone to answer, again they didn't give their name and assured it would be taken care of and I'll get an email. I told them I was told that the day before and would like an update as soon as possible. I also emailed the company expecting a response, no matter how short or unprofessional it would be again, and got nothing.

I also called to leave a voicemail for [redacted], so here's my question for [redacted], what sense does it make to have a voicemail to "speak directly with [redacted]" and you probably don't check it and sure as hell don't call customers back?! I sure as hell hope customer service and common sense aren't in your mission statement or required traits to work for you.

So I had to work during the weekend and decided to give Big Dans a chance at redeeming themselves. Well that was my dumb decision, next to ordering from them, I didn't get an email or phone call from them at all regarding my order.

So Monday comes around, 08 February. I call, again, can't get through to anyone. I email again, receive no reply. I call over and over and finally am placed on hold. Then when I speak with the guy, I'm guessing the same one from Thursday, he tells me "oh yeah, the package was damaged so they couldn't scan the label...." Okay.........why wasn't I updated by email or phone? "Uhm sorry we are busy but that's what happened." Okay thanks...god I must be getting dumber by talking to this company. So has a new label been created? "No. Not yet." It's been 3, going on 4 days and you haven't printed a god dang label? Are you effing kidding me?! So he reassures me again it'll be taken care of "in the next 24 hours." Well, it wasn't.

Tuesday rolls around, I email and call again. It is now 09 February and the guy tells me he's fixing my order. Thanks, like I haven't been told that before. It was one item, nothing hard. Needless to say, it wasn't fixed.

10 February, I call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call, no answer. So I call the store, oh this was good. The guy tells me to call the warehouse, I tell him I did, a lot, he stutters and says oh well maybe you could call back in 30-45 minutes and try to talk to the transport rep at the store. Thanks kid but I gotta work, I don't have time to wait 30-45 min to speak with a specific person. Perhaps you should try customer service and have the transport call me. Needless to say, another day with nothing done.

All during this time I have been emailing the company as well, and still getting no reply.

11 February rolls around and I can't get anyone on either phone to answer, and I've all but given up on emails. So I leave a voicemail, again, for [redacted] and his company, it'll probably go unheard anyways.

Then something odd happens, I receive a random email from FedEx with a new tracking number but it says the sender is anonymous. Wtf? Not only do you take 11 days to unf[redacted] yourself, but now you send it anonymously. Like sorry we are rded and can't manage a company but here's what you asked for.

I will say that the one good thing they did was overnight my restored order. I got it the next day, 12 February. However, it was now 8 days late and 12 days after ordering. So this great idea of overnighting it when you effed up so badly doesn't make up for it.

So there you have it. Poor customer "service". No one knows their head from their [redacted] apparently and emailing or leaving a voicemail is a joke.

I will not recommend this company to anyone ever.


Review: I have purchased an item off the website. When I log in, I can check my order history and verify what products I have successfully purchased. I cannot find the product I've recently purchased and was deducted from my checking account. I did receive a receipt via email. I waited all day since I placed the order at 8am, Feb 29th 2016. I did not see any activity on my order and nothing was updated. Basically, it looked as if I never successfully purchased the product on the account for BigDansFitness. But, the full amount was deducted from my checking account very quickly. I called BigDansFitness and I called numerous times. Only to get unclear excuses on why my order wasn't updated. They advised me to check again today and I am still with the same issue. I later decided to lookup the company via website and seen recent complaints about the business having the same exact issues I am having. It just gets frustrating when a representative from the company keeps making excuses and different ones at that about why your order is not even recognized as successful. I have emailed numerous times and haven't gotten one response.Desired Settlement: I've ordered there before and all products were great. Never had an issue until now. I want my product delivered.



Hey [redacted]. We spoke to you about this issue yesterday (14 hrs ago). We found what the issue was and it takes a few hrs to update. You are also a couple time-zones ahead of us which is why there was no reponse this morning. We see you have been purchasing with us a lot in the past and like you said you have never had an issue before and shipping has always been super fast. I'm sure you would agree that our products are the most effective in the industry and you very much enjoy them. You actually spoke to me yesterday about the issue and I am very sorry if you thought I was making excuses. I simply didn't know what the issue was. I am not an IT computer specialist; that guy goes home at 3 pm. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Body Builder and a Supplement Expert. I will always be able to assist you with nutrition, exercise or supplement info and invite you to call us anytime you have any questions. We will throw some extra goodies in your package for your inconvenience.

I had a similar experience as another reviewer from the exact same time-frame in February 2016.

I ordered a number of supplements from Big Dan's Fitness online in Feb 2016. I received an email very quickly that my order had a fedex shipping label made up and would be on its way soon. After a few days, I noticed that my order had not shipped or been received from Big Dan's. I contacted them with an email and received no response for a few days. I again tried to contact them with an email asking what was going on with no response.

After two weeks and no change in my fedex tracking order number, I sent a rather stern email to them and also tried calling their number. The number went to a machine voice message and I left a message asking them to call me. At this point I also received an canned generic email back saying that they were out of stock of some of my product and that in the beginning of the next week they would be supplied again and would ship my products and that I would "be experiencing gains within a few short days".

Week 3 came and my FedEx tracking order was again not updated. I sent ANOTHER stern email demanding that they either contact me and let me know what was going on with my order, or completely refund my money. I again called, I would say I called nearly 10 times, all at different times of day, and never once was I able to talk to a person and I left numerous messages asking for a response and getting nothing. I was starting to think that this business was a complete scam. I eventually received a very strange and unprofessional email (also with very bad grammar which made me believe even more that this company was a scam), that stated to me that they would not refund my money, but rather that they would "buy me any other prohormone supplement on the market today" and that I should do research into what I want and contact them back! I was blown away. Seriously unprofessional and I was just mad that they would refuse me a refund of my $250. I emailed them back and called a few more times, and I was told via email that I had "misunderstood" (even though it was plainly written in the email) their intention to try and buy me another product instead of the one that I had ordered from them online. They stated that my order had been given to FedEx, and then they sent another email stating that they needed to talk to the FedEx regional manager about my order. "Here we go again" I thought.

Week 4 I FINALLY received a call back from someone in the company. They left me a voicemail stating that they had been trying to contact me for some time but that when they did they got an "all circuits are busy" message so they couldn't get ahold of me. I read in another reviewer's review that this was also one of Big Dan's excuses for not getting into contact with them; a complete lie. I called back immediately, left another voicemail, and 30 minutes later I received a call from someone at Big Dan's. He stated they had a backorder and fedex issues and that they couldn't get ahold of me for a long time (which was complete b.s. but I kept my cool with the person). He told me that they were creating a new shipping label and getting me my product to me.

My product arrived in three days after that. Honestly, the product works very well, but they also gave me a one bottle of supplements that had the expiration date torn off so I know it was expired. I didn't bother sending it back because of all the crap I had to go through to get my products in the first place.

Overall - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The products that I've tried are good, and I've had friends in the past use them for supplements with good reviews. The lying and outrageously weird email responses were enough for me to probably never want to do business with them again. In my experience; they were extremely shady and unwilling to do anything to "make it right" with me with all the hassle I had to go through to try and get my product. I was just glad I didn't lose my money in this whole process.

Review: While on deployment I had ordered 2 containers of Arnold pre workout, a total of 61.97 was taken from my bank account on Dec 1, 2014. The products were never delivered and since then have not received any response to any of my emails or phone calls. The company voicemail says it's full and disconnects your call, although my wife was able to get someone once, she received the run around. I would either like the product or just a full refund of our money. They should not be in business if this is an example of how they treat customers.Desired Settlement: My desired outcome would be a full refund for 61.97 for the products never received from the company.



We always answered emails but judging from the content of his emails, he may not have been receiving them. His initial order went out back in December to the address he listed on his account but if he didn't receive it, it would most likely be lost or stolen. Some customers forget there is a Time difference between time zones and call after hrs. We always call back all missed calls when we get in but if the customer doesn't pick up or call us back we cant get a hold of them. The good news about this case is right after he made this complaint to the, he called us and we got it all taken care of. We explained how sometimes emails could fail and if he cant get a hold of us on the phone, check our listed business hrs and call during those times. Because it was over 7 month ago, we issued him an account credit. We apologized for any trouble and he said he plans on ordering again soon.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. They actually provided me with store credit.


My husband and I have ordered several products from Big Dan's, about 4 weeks ago we order a large package. The package arrived when it said it would, the problem was that it was missing one of our products, the liver support pills. My husband called and asked why the liver support was not included, we were told that it was on back order, but they had it then and we could either get our money back or they would ship it then. My husband needed the pills, so we had them send them, instead of refunding our money. The employee he talked to said they were shipping USPS and would be there in 5-7 business days. 10 days went buy and our package still had not arrived, so we called Big Dan's again. I told them what the problem was and was put on hold, while they tried to find out where my package was. I was left on hold for more than 20 minutes, hung up and called back. They told me the same thing, that they had to call shipping to see when the package was shipped, I was again put on hold for more than 20 minutes. I became very aggravated and hung up. 2 hours later I finally got a return call from the company and they informed me that the package had already been shipped and should be there soon. So again I waited, 10 days went buy and I still had not received my package. So again, I called Big Dan's to find out where my package was, the employee who answered the phone took my name, my phone number and my complaint. He told me he needed to call the shipping department and would call me right back. Needless to say, they never called me back. I called back the next morning and again told them my problem, they said they had been having problems with there supplier and the package had only been shipped out 9 days before. I was told 2 times that it had already been shipped, when it indeed had not. My package is now here, but I am very displeased with this buying experience. I do not feel that they fixed there mistakes. If the specific item was on back order I should have been told before I ordered it. They also should have explained the first time I called that they were having troubles with the supplier and it was going to take longer than expected, instead of telling me they had shipped something that they didn't. I do not believe we will be spending our money here again and I would not recommend ordering from this company, which is unfortunate, because their products are good.

Terrible customer service. Just like another reviewer on here states, I had extreme disappointment with this company when it came to shipping (outright lies from the staff saying it shipped when it had clearly NOT) and order accuracy (One item I ordered wasn't there, instead something completely different that I didn't order) I ordered three products on December 9th. Waited for a few days and still FedEx tracking info didn't show up. Checked and it said my order status was "shipped". Called FedEx, they haven't picked up the package, no one at BigDansFitness arranged for it to be picked up. I call them to ask whats up with my order, it's nearly impossible to get through to these guys. Leave multiple messages and emails, call about 10-15 times (maybe they're taking a long lunch, heh) and finally get through after a few days. I ask him why hasn't my order shipped. This is on the 17th, eight days after I ordered. He says it shipped out yesterday on the 16th, and that one of my products was back ordered and they had to wait for a shipment. Here's a novel idea for you guys at BigDansFitness, why don't you actually inform your customers when there is going to be a delay. I found it incredibly unprofessional and amateur, it says in stock on the website, then you need to inform the customer that there is going to be a delay for a new order. Really the biggest annoyance was lack of communication. My order finally shipped out (days later than when the guy on the phone told me it shipped, yes I know tracking info takes 24 hours to show up, and I also know from when it did show up the guy lied and it hadn't shipped out, he just wanted to tell me something to get me off the phone.) When my order finally did arrive, guess what. One of the products I ordered was not there, instead I got something different. So they couldn't even get my order right after all that time. I checked my order record online and yes I ordered the correct item, but they gave me the WRONG item, and it isn't even comparable, ie something that does the same thing, it's completely useless to me. This company really is poor. I will never, ever go through them again, and advise you to choose somewhere like [redacted] where I've gone before and wish I had again, they get things right and ship it fast.'s Website quality and entire staff's attitude and lack of professionalism just feels completely amateur and shady. Live and learn. Stay away from this one.

Review: I ordered some items on 21/10/2015,ref order no/invoice no. - 21121,I've ordered from this company once before and items were delivered in 2 weeks,they've taken my money but I'm still waiting for items,when I go on website the status of my order is still pending,I've emailed them 5 times over the last 2 or 3 weeks asking what's happening with it as normally I'd get notification from usps delivery to say it's on the way with a tracking no.etc,I explained this to them in my emails,I received one back approx 2 weeks ago saying usps are being slow,then nothing I emailed again and last Friday I received an email saying it should be with me in a few days,this is all ok but the emails sent were literally "it should be with you in a few days",no other information,I understand it may not be the fault of big fans nutrition but I'm not happy with the lack of information and poor communication,I'm not the type of person to complain but at the end of the day the money for those items ($175.96) has gone from my account and I still haven't received anything and to be honest I have no correspondence with usps so I don't know if they've even sent the items out!,I have relevant receipts emails if needed.Desired Settlement: I'd like the items I've ordered or my money back as soon as possible please,thankyou



Mr [redacted] is a longtime valued customer of ours and lives in the UK. When we received notification from the that Mr [redacted] has not gotten his product, we immediately emailed him and notified him that we will be looking into this issue right away and if it turns out that it was lost in the mail (which we believe it is, given the time frame) that we will ship him a brand new order. We don't have tracking numbers for international orders, only customs number, so there's no way to track it's progress, only that it has left the US, and then tells us that it's been delivered. Feel free to contact us at [redacted] in the evening PST if there's anything else we can do to resolve this issue.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me,although I'd like to remain in contact with you if possible as I have lost confidence in this company and will not be surprised if nothing is received in another 6 weeks,is that possible?


My friends, who order their supplements from Big Dan's, turned me onto them. I ordered some of the products my buddies were using and when my wife caught wind of this, she decided to research everything the way she does. Coming across some of the bad reviews on here, she freaked out but by this time I'd already placed my order, which arrived the following day. The next-day delivery was pretty awesome if you ask me, it's pretty stupid how hard it is to find quality service these days. My products showed up in great condition, no dents or anything, packaging looked thorough enough, and I've been using it all for a few weeks now with great results. I'm posting this now because I've been in the customer service industry for a majority of my working life and can't stand seeing how whiny people can be about the most ridiculous things. I will be shopping with them again.

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