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Big Y World Class Market (Headquarters)

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Dec 02, 2019

now is the time to stay away from this fleabag of a grocery story. lousy rotten business hope they to out of business for good real soon

Just came from Big Y in Ellington, there was a sign advertising reusable bags for .49 I asked the cashier about buying a couple, I was informed that they are not for everyone you have to add them to your big y card. THIS IS AGE DISCRIMINATION many of your elderly people do not have access to a computer or they don't know how to download a coupon. I tried to set it up now I can't download anything to my card this is just another way to confuse the public and make money off of them.

Aug 01, 2019

I loved the quiche at Big Y when they made their own. Recently they stopped doing that and the replacement quiche that they are now buying is AWFUL! Please start making your own quiche again. I know it was popular because you had to get there right after it came out of the ovens otherwise you wouldn't be able to get one. Don't mess with things that work.

Would not let me buy a loaf of bread for .39 unless I bought the Internet and cell phone for hundreds of dollars! Where is the customer service?

I have been shopping at Big Y forever. This is my super market to go to. There are a lot of reasons why I shop at Big Y but the one perk I especially like that draws me in are those lemon donuts. What happened! The new lemon filling is disgusting. Why did you go and change a good thing. It is no longer sweet, tart, and lemony. Please bring back the best lemon donut filling that no one else is known for.

They are still trying to collect a debt that has been previously paid in-full.Around 15 years ago, two checks written by me were returned to Big Y for insufficient funds (totaling [redacted] fees included). A couple years later, I used a tax return to pay this debt in-full via a cash transaction, in-person at the Customer Service counter. At that point, my obligation had been paid.On the morning of [redacted] 2012, I learned that Big Y still had an outstanding debt on file. I spoke with two representatives in Big Y's Loss Prevention department, the second being [redacted] I explained that an error needed to be corrected. Ms. [redacted] said the "best she could do" is offer a 50% settlement [redacted] with the stipulation that it must be paid in 3 weeks' time. So even though I had already paid the debt, the burden of proof was laid upon me (which after 15 years, I do not have). The settlement was there if I wanted to take it. At that time, I did not take the settlement offer.I spoke to Ms. [redacted] again [redacted] 2014, and asked her again what could be done. She said the "best she can do now" is waive the attached fees, but I would be responsible for the actual dollar amount of the checks. She said I made a "promise to pay" which I didn't adhere to. I replied that I did NOT promise to do anything; she extended an offer, which after consideration, I decided not to accept. I once again explained that this debt had been paid, and there could be many reasons why it was not properly recorded (i.e. equipment malfunction, employee insubordination, etc.).The next thing she said really blew me away: she asked, in a very condescending tone, if I knew that it was "against the law to write bad checks", and began to explain that it was a punishable offense. I was appalled. I explained that I already paid the penalties of my actions: the check amounts, the fees that Big Y attached, and the fees my bank charged me. I explained the the attitude she was conveying was not appreciated. I stated that I was finished speaking with her, that I would take care of this via other means, thanked her for her time and bid her a good week.Desired SettlementI am asking Big Y to correct this issue and mark the debt as being paid, as should've been done over a decade ago by the Big Y employee I gave my money to, and my check cashing privileges be restored. Fifty percent is not an acceptable solution for an obligation that had been previously satisfied. No one in their right mind would pay even one cent.Business Response Our records indicate that between [redacted] 2001 and [redacted] 2002 Mr [redacted] had 6 checks returned for insufficent funds. Our records indicate that he paid 4 of the earlier ones and the 2 in question still remain unpaid. Check cashing in our stores is a priviledge, not a right. Mr. [redacted] lost that priviledge when he had 6 of his checks returned as having insufficient funds.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This problem stems from 15 years ago; it was a mistake that was made and rectified. I do not write checks anymore (like most people nowadays), so there is no need to cash checks at this establishment. I also have check cashing ability with any other supermarket should the need arise. However, I refuse to pay a debt twice. This debt has already been paid and the obligation satisfied. They need to update their records as such. I paid for my mistake - I [redacted] not pay for theirs. I [redacted] continue to pursue this until it is resolved. My next course of action [redacted] be filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office.Final Business Response As previously stated our records indicate that Mr. [redacted] paid 4 of the 6 checks that had insufficient funds. In 2012 we sent these to a collection agency and have not pursued Mr. [redacted] since that time. Mr. [redacted] had asked the collection agency to stop calling him as he would take care of this directly with Big Y.This is a 12+ year old debt. We will not be instituting another collection effort, however, our records will indicate that the debt remains unpaid.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)It is untrue that a collection agency contacted me in 2012. I received no communication, written, verbal or otherwise from Big Y or any entity on its behalf. Therefore the statement that "Mr. [redacted] had asked the collection agency to stop calling him as he would take care of this directly with Big Y" is fictitious and untrue. It's obvious this department in this organization is not very organized at all, and I am a victim of its deficiencies. I will be forwarding this incident to the Attorney General this week.

I bought three porter house steaks on sale $ 36.51 on aug 5 2013 scu #XXXXXXXXXXXX . They turned out to be bad. Attempted a return and was denied !I bought three porter house steaks on sale $ 36.51 on aug 5 2013 scu #XXXXXXXXXXXX . [redacted] looked ok in the case but when I got home the Steaks looked pale upon close inspection, with slight odor. at first thought it was perhaps a bad cut. Cooked them and they were dreadful. Returned them and was told they were cooked and they could not help me with a return. I wrote two letters to the BIG Y HOME OFFICE and even emailed the. The only response that I got was an email from [redacted] stating that if I had returned the steaks then the store would have given me a refund ..the thing is..I did try to return these and was denied because they were cooked.Desired SettlementI want either a full refund, or a [redacted] gift card , I state [redacted] Gift card because I have decided that Big Y is not a store that I trust.Business Response I will communicate with the Store Director in our [redacted] location and authorize a cash refund to this customer. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I have visited the store, BIG-Y [redacted] and I keep picking a day when the store manager is off.My solution is that the Store Manager please take canned goods equal to the money owed me and DONATE IT to the food drive. I am of the belief that ALL big Y food stores have a donation box for such purposes.I can not waste my time and gasoline on this and I feel my proposed solution would be in the best interest of all concerned.

Customer Service Manager and Store Manager exhibited "very" poor and unprofessional service to customer (Big-Y West Hartford, CT). Customer Service Manager on 12-19-13, refused to return an item that was purchased the "same day!" However, she rudely explained that it was against policy to return the item(organic carrots.) (The item was originally purchased at the Manchester, CT location in which a sign advertised a "buy 1 get 1 free." As a result, the carrots was purchased. Departing Manchester, CT it was discovered via receipt the item was not on sale.) Arriving at the West Hartford location: The Customer Service Manager,was very rude and uncaring regarding our issue. As a result, we notified her that the Corporate office [redacted] be contacted. Afterwards, she made sarcastic remarks: "You people" "Report me to Corporate!" "Contact, I don't care!") When this customer, attempted to get the name of he Customer Service Manager the store manager was also rude and unwilling to discuss and/or provide the Customer Service Manager name. We understand and respect the policy. However, we feel customers should never have a bad customer service experience even if the company was within his/her right. We are utterly disappointed regarding, our experience at the Big-Y WestHartford, CT location. Especially receiving this treatment by a Customer Service Manager and Store Manager who is suppose to represent this company in a "positive" and "professional" manner.Desired SettlementWe requested an apology and/or small form of compensation regarding poor customer service and bias treatment by the Customer Service Manager and Store Manager at the Big-Y West Hartford, CT location.Notes:If nothing comes out of this situation; we are satisfied that the is notified regarding employees who represent Big-Y (Customer Service Manager and Store Manager)need more training on customer interaction.Business Response Complaint #: XXXXXXDear Ms. Price:Big Y Foods, Inc. is in receipt of Complaint #: XXXXXX Big Y Foods, Inc.'s response is as follows: On or about December 19, 2013, Ms. Betti Boggis, a member of Big Y Foods Inc.'s Corporate Consumer Relations department, received a telephone complaint from Ms. [redacted]. The facts as alleged in Ms. [redacted]'s complaint to Big Y Foods, Inc. directly are the same as those alleged to the At that point, Ms. Boggis apologized for any inconvenience and requested that Ms. [redacted]'s mother, who originally purchased the products at the Manchester Big Y location, return to that same location with the products for a full refund. Later that same day, Big Y Foods, Inc. received an e-mail complaint from Ms. [redacted] reiterating her dissatisfaction, despite her earlier telephone conversation with Ms. Boggis. Ms. Boggis responded to Ms. [redacted]'s e-mail complaint on December 20, 2013. Another explanation and directive was provided to Ms. [redacted], in addition to the offer of a full refund for the products that were purchased in the Manchester Big Y.On or about December 24, 2013, Ms. Boggis received a second e-mail from Ms. [redacted] demanding "compensation" and/or a direct apology from the employee(s) that she believed caused her to complain. She further threatened to file a complaint with the should Big Y not meet her demands. Ms. Boggis responded on December 24, 2013, explained company policy and offered a full refund for the third time. Immediately upon Ms. [redacted]'s initial complaint she was treated respectfully and fairly by Big Y Foods, Inc. We value our customers and take any and all complaints seriously. A good faith offer of a full refund was extended to Ms. [redacted]'s mother, which was rejected by Ms. [redacted]; however, this offer still stands. We are hopeful to bring this matter to a resolution. Please contact me with any questions you may have.Very truly yours,[redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)We "requested" and NOT "demanded" a form of compensation. Big-Y refused to offer a simple apology!!! In regards, to the refund Ms. Boggis only offered the item be returned to Manchester location. However, this was an inconvenience due to being closer to the W. Hartford location as explained. Lastly, Big-Y has practiced very poor service and I [redacted] no longer be supporting this company. However, I am pleased that has investigated this issue and always support consumers when such companies like Big-Y conducts themselves unprofessionally.Thanks,!Final Business Response Dear Ms. Price: Please accept this e-mail as a final response to complaint #XXXXXX. We reiterate our offer of making a full refund for the carrots that were purchased by Ms. [redacted]'s mother. This is our final offer.

I have filed a complaint with Big-Y corporate office, regarding "contaminated" donuts purchased at the [redacted] CT location. However, we are continuously getting the "run-a-around" regarding this matter. As a result, we have decided to contact regarding this matter. [redacted], stated this is a "vender" issue and directed us to a third party. However, third party hasn't contacted us for several weeks. We touched based with [redacted] regarding our attempts (contacting the third party); she has also been given us the "run-a-around." We are simply requesting a full refund and/or gift card. I have pictures that can be e-mailed in regards to the foreign substance found in the product. Also have a copy of the receipt. Complaint Filed:INCIDENT DATE: 12/17/14INCIDENT: BAKERY DEPARTMENTCONTAMINATED DONUTSTO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2014 AT APPROXIMATELY [redacted] WE PURCHASED ITEMSFROM BIG-Y AT THE [redacted] CT LOCATION.FOUR OF THE ITEMS HAD BEEN PURCHASED, IN THE BAKERY SECTION (4-HONEY GLAZEDDONUTS.)POST CONSUMING A FEW BITES OF THE HONEY GLAZED DONUTSBLACK FOREIGN-LIKE SUBSTANECS WAS LOCATED INSIDEOF THE DONUT. CONSUMER IMMEDIATELY GAGGED ANDVOMITED POST CONSUMPTION. A FEW HOURS POST CONSUMPTION,COMPLAINTS OF MINOR STOMACH PAIN.WE TOOK A PICTURE OF THE BLACK FOREIGN-LIKE SUBSTANCE AND ALSO HAVE A RECIEPT AS PROOF. WE ARE COMPLETELY DISPLEASED WITH THIS DISCOVERLY AND DEMAND A FULL REFUNDAND/OR GIFT CARD REGARDING THIS INCIDENT.Desired SettlementWe are simply requesting a full refund and/or gift card.Business Response It is our understanding that our vendor has been in direct contact with our customer. On 1/02/15 this product complaint was amicably resolved. A gift certifcate was mailed out to the customer.

Extra large shrimp one pound bags being sold at buy 1 get 1 free have a unit price of $11.99 pound.They are selling the bags at $23.99 for the two bags.This does not make it buy one get one free.When we questioned a manager about this and the fact the unit price per bag is $11.99 he kept stating we are wrong. He finally said that this is the stores advertising way of getting you!My husband put the shrimp back.I took a picture of the sign before they finished pulling the unit prices off the buy one get one signs!The bags should of been 2 bags for $11.99 not 2 for $23.99 at one pound bags at $11.99 a pound!We were not the only ones in the store who noticed this price being high and it not being buy one get one!ThanksProduct_Or_Service: Extra large shrimp. 1 pound bagDesired SettlementNo ripping off the customer by pretending it's buy one get one freeI [redacted] be happy to forward the photo of the sign as proof if neededBusiness Response Dear Ms. Price:Please accept this letter as a response to Complaint #: XXXXXX from Ms. [redacted]. I have researched this matter and make the following response:The nature of Ms. [redacted]'s complaint indicates that her transaction on or about December 23, 2013, where she purchased shrimp advertised as a "buy one, get one free" was the cause for confusion as to the accuracy of the signs we placed in the store. The sign placed at the shrimp counter indicated that the "sale unit price" of the shrimp was $11.99 per unit. This means that when purchased on a "buy one, get one free" advertised sale the net effect on the price of the shrimp is $11.99 per pound. This indicates to the customer that when the item is purchased on a "buy one, get one free" sale this would be the average price per pound bag of shrimp. Had the shrimp not been on sale the sign would indicate that the "unit price" is $23.99 per pound. It is unfortunate that a better explanation had not been offered to Ms. [redacted] as to the pricing of the shrimp on the sign. We have over 50,000 items in our stores and over 7,000 items on sale every week. Our items are price marked in compliance with the State of Connecticut's item pricing laws. At no time do we attempt to be deceitful in our practices as this only leads to unhappy customers.Should you have any questions or further concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.Very truly yours,[redacted]

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