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Bill's Roofing installed roof in June 2014. Home inspection went I went to sell revealed no plywood was used and most shingles nailed to tar paper. Bill's Roofing installed a roof on a home I was renovating in June 2014. The work was completed in June and I paid the agreed contract price in full by check of $4550.00 which he cashed immediately. The home went under contract with a buyer in September 2014 and home inspection revealed that no plywood was used on the new roof. Shingles were nailed to existing horizontal boards which had 4" gaps between so many shingles were only nailed to the tar paper. I asked the owner of Bill's to come back and meet the buyer and explain the lack of plywood. His response was that 90% of the roofs he does he does not use plywood? My contract clearly stated that if plywood was needed there would be an extra charge which I agreed to. I also had another roofing company give me a second opinion and they agreed with home inspector that plywood should have been used.The owner of Bill's agreed in front of me, the buyer, and the buyer's agent on September 17 to strip the roof again, install the plywood, and reshingle. My only cost would be the new plywood which I had originally agreed to pay for if needed and he would absorb the cost of the new shingles and labor. The closing was scheduled for October 14 and he promised me he would have the work completed by October 10. From September 17 on I tried to get the owner to commit to a definite date for the repair work and he would not give me a date. I texted or left voice messages to him and his wife at the office almost daily and his only answer was that he was too busy and he would get to it.My response to him was that he was there within a week of me hiring him the first time and he was paid in full for a job that I did not realize was inferior. He knew there was a time restriction and that I could not close on the house unless the roof was repaired. My last message to him was that he was giving me no choice but to hire another roofer so that I could sell the home and if he didn't respond I would pursue a claim to recoup the money I paid him. He did not respond so I ended up hiring another roofer on October 8 who completed the work so that I could close on the house. I have detailed pictures of the condition of the roof when the shingles were removed and along with the gaps between the boards there were basketball sized holes in several places. The drip edge was merely stapled in a few places and was able to be removed by hand. There was minimal ice and water shield, not the standard 6' that is supposed to be around the entire edge and no flashing around the chimney or bay window area. Bill's also told me he installed a roof shue for the bathroom vent pipe and it had not been done. The most disturbing part of this is that I had given Bill's a referral to a girlfriend of mine and he also did her roof right away when he claimed he was too busy to get to mine and was also paid in full by her. Since then her roof is already leaking through her bathroom vent. I hired Bill's because of a referral from my plumber who I trusted and he also tried to contact them for me to get them to do the repairs. He will definitely not refer them again to anyone. I gave Bill's every opportunity to fix the mistake and now I am seeking to get reimbursed the entire amount of $4550.00 that I paid him.I know he has been working out in Revere fixing roofs from the tornado this summer and clearly his main objective is to get paid as much as he can but ignore any complaints that come along after that.Desired SettlementI am seeking to be reimbursed for the entire amount I paid Bill's of $4550.00. I ended up paying the 2nd roofer $8300.00 to install the roof the correct way and also repair Bill's mistakes of flashing and the roof shue. If he does not respond to your requests I will pursue litigation in civil court to recoup my loss.Business Response Our contract was for us to strip the entire roof. In stall ice water paper. Drip edge new pipe boots new 50 year shingles and couple other items. Our contract states if plywood was need it would be and extra cost. At no point did the home owner ask for new plywood until new buyers had asked for this point I told her I would strip the roof and she would have to pay for new plywood only. I would cover cost of the new shingles. We had several customers in front of her. And we where getting a couple days of rain. Each week. This pushed us back past her closing date. And we where unable to do it on the time frame she wanted dew to rain. She could not wait and hired a new company to take care of the plywood and new shingles. We where only a couple days behind at this point because of rain. We are not willing to return any money what so ever. If not for the bad weather we would have been more then happy to help but she went and hired outside contractor. I'm not paying there cost what so ever. I Also Not Paying For Plywood When I Was Never Even Payed To do That job. At this point you can close the complaint we will take it to court only Thanks [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The original contract stated that if new plywood was needed there would be an extra cost for that. [redacted] is supposed to be the roofing expert so when any roof is stripped what is underneath is the responsibility of the hired contractor to advise the customer on what is needed to install the job properly.After talking with 2 other roofing contractors this is standard in their industry and that same verbage is in all roofing contracts.I even called [redacted]'s wife before they started the job to get a quote of what the price would be if I did need plywood so I would be prepared and I was very willing to pay for it if needed....I never said I did not want any plywood.The gaps between the existing boards were significant and there were basketball sized holes in portions of the roof which his company covered with tar paper. You could clearly see the nails from the shingles coming through the tar paper in the attic when [redacted] insisted that all of the shingles were nailed to the boards.When he came out to inspect it after the home inspection he had nothing to say about that.As far as the weather excuse I have an entire string of texts and on September 23 he had 3 roofs in front of me. All I asked was that it be done by October 10 and his text answer to me was "I will make sure that happens." Bill's Roofing installed my roof in 1 day. That gave him 17 days to do 4 roofs including mine.Aside from that any defects in an installation should be taken care of immediately....that is customer service 101 and what business owner wants a bad reference. I was texting him or leaving voice messages daily and told him he was giving me no choice but to hire another roofer and he would not respond. This is really bad business on his part and he would have made another excuse if it wasn't the weather and I now feel he kept putting me off hoping I would have to hire someone else.I am not looking for Bill's Roofing to reimburse me for any of the money I paid the 2nd roofer to do the job right. I am seeking a full refund of the $4550.00 that I paid to Bill's Roofing for what I thought was a quality job and I will definitely take this to court to get reimbursed. Pictures don't lie and I have this fully documented. Good lesson for anyone else having a roof installed to not pay for the work until it is inspected.Final Business Response I did not install plywood on this consumer's home. In my contract, it states that plywood is the decision of the homeowner. It is their option. Consumer did not request plywood and I did not feel it was necessary at the time. I do not agree that the holes were the size of a basketball, some areas had 1" gaps or less. The warranty on the shingles I installed is still good. The consumer had a home inspection and the new buyers were requesting the plywood. I told the consumer that I would come back and install the plywood, but she wanted me to rip off the shingles, install the plywood (her expense) and then re-install the shingles at my expense. I do not feel I should have to absorb the expense of the shingles because she did not request plywood. So, if she wanted it installed, she would have to absorb the total cost. I felt that there was no problem with the roof I installed and if she was not selling the home and had buyers requesting the plywood, she would not have submitted a complaint.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)As I stated in my previous complaint,I as the consumer had no idea whether or not the roof needed plywood once the old shingles were removed. The contract DOES NOT state that plywood is the decision of the consumer, it DOES state that if plywood is needed there will be an extra charge for the cost of the plywood which I was willing to pay for. I had even called the owner's wife who runs his office, before the job was started, and asked her what the additional cost would be if I did need the plywood so I would be prepared. The buyer of the property hired a home inspector which is totally normal and the roof did not pass inspection. I had [redacted] come to the house after the inspection to ask him why the plywood was never installed in the first place and he told me I did not need it. He asked me in front of the buyer and the buyer's agent, and they will vouch for me, what I would like him to do and I requested him to re-do the roof with plywood, I would pay for the plywood, and he agreed he would absorb the cost of the shingles and the labor. He gave me a price of $1900 for materials only (plywood) and I agreed. I also have a chain of texts from [redacted] stating he will repair the roof as agreed and would get it done before the closing. I have pictures of the roof after it was stripped the second time and the gaps are much greater than 1" and there are gaping holes in some areas. [redacted] also told me he installed a new roof shue and I found out it had never been done when the plumber went to vent the bathroom fan. It does not matter if I was selling this home or not because the job was not done only mistake is that I did not get it inspected before I paid Bill's Roofing in full the day after it was completed. If his workmanship has been the same on houses that are not currently for sale, there is going to be a problem when they do decide to sell it. I have retained an attorney and Bill's Roofing has been served with a summons for a hearing to resolve this.

roof improperly installed it leaks and he refuses to fix itI have now had 2 roofers look at job both agree it was improperly installed and needs to be replaced not repaired the rubber is ripped at the seems and not flashed properly it leaks all the way across the entire roof, the town bldg inspector refuses to sign off untill it is done properly. tod has been here to patch and insists it leaks because of the pitched roof, both of the contractors strongly dis agree. I no longer am willing to allow mr [redacted] to repair or even replace the roof I have been cheated and want my money back Mr [redacted] took advantage of a retired 75 yr old man with cancer he should be ashamed! Desired Settlementi do not wish to file a claim with the court as it is very hard for me to stand or even walk. the job is estimated at $6300 to replace the roof and the structure as now because of all of the rain water more plywood and the supporting structure are starting to rotBusiness Response These people already opened a case. And it was closed by Last one was his daughter. City of auburn went inspected the roof and found nothing wrong. I don't care what other roofers say there only looking for work. When the inspector told them it's there chimney or windows are leaking I'm not responding to this guy or his daughter again. Next step for me his hiring and attorney and taken them to court for harassment. There's nothing wrong with our work bottom line. Fix your chimney fix your windows. Roof has nothing to do with your problems. Bottom line.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I [redacted] spoke with tod and hoped we could come to a compromise my father is willing to meet in the middle and request half of his money back I told tod I would wait till close of buiz today, otherwise it looks like small claims court. Final Business Response Again I will re flash wall and chimney. But that's all I'm willing todo. I've had long talk with his daughter last week she told me to come over but he says just pay me. The roof is fine building inspector told then fix the big cracks in there chimney and windows.but they are refusing there looking for free money. I'm turning this over to the company attorney and I will no longer respond to there complaints he's more then able to call me and I will go there. But I will not give any money back botton line. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)i spoke at great length with tod and told him I would speak with my father and he refused to let him try and correct his mistake. I told tod my father would accept half of the money that was paid him. [redacted] refused and at this point all I can do is go to small claims court with the letters I have from the bldg inspector and the two other contractors

Chimney flashing work around chimney did not stop the leakage. The problem has worsened. I contacted Mr. [redacted] on 11/24 regarding leakage around the chimney in my house in Shrewsbury. On 11/25/14, he came in the morning and after inspection suggested that there was no flashing around the north side of the chimney and said the flashing on that side should take care of the problem. He said that it would cost $250 to do the same. I agreed to get the work done. After he finished the work, I paid him $250 by check. He gave me his cell number and asked to call back if there are still problems with the leakage. However, during the subsequent rain storms, the water seeping around the chimney continued including on the side that Mr. [redacted] added the new flashing. The leakage is worse than before. I have so far called him 5 times on his cell phone and his office 3 times about the issue and never received a call back. On 11/13, I had a voice mail from his assistant saying that he would call Monday or Tuesday after finishing his work and he has so far not called. A call to his business on 11/18 was not answered.Desired SettlementI want him to either fix the problem for which he was paid or refund the money if he can not fix it.Business Response It's a repair just as he states. There has never been warranty on a 200.00 repair. There was no lead behind the chimney. We also fixed other things on his roof we did nm it even charge him for... this Monday after the holidays we will go back and see if we can find something else. But there has never been a warranty on repairs. I will see you Monday morning. Thanks [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I am not satisfied with Mr. [redacted]'s response. First of all, I paid him $250 for the repair and not $200 as he mentions. I accept that he did caulking at few other locations on the roof and he inspected the gutter in the front of the house and did appreciate that. If he had told me that it would cost extra to do those things, I could have decided on getting those done by him.Mr. [redacted] mentions that there was no warranty on the repair. In this case, the added flashing did not fix the leak. I have pictures of the water seepage around the chimney during the rain storms we had recently after the repair. We rely on professionals like Mr. [redacted] to diagnose a problem and fix the same and pay for the work done. In this case, I paid money and still continue to have the problem. Does this mean that spent $250 for nothing?Also, in his response, Mr. [redacted] said that he would come this morning(12/29) to take a look to see if any thing else can be done. I waited until 9:30AM and he did not come and have not received any call also.Final Business Response Again there are never warranty on repairs. Never has been. It could not get worse by installing lead on the rear of the chimney only. There has to be other problems on his roof that where not seen my the naked. Eye. We also fixed other items on his roof at no cost to him... if there is a problem else where you would have to pay for a new repair other then the rear of the chimney.never seen anybody make a complaint over 200.00repair it's unheard of. We will come out check theroof again. If it comes out to be something other then the one piece of lead there will be a cost to fix it period

The company replaced the roof, however after the job was completed, the water from the roof is not falling in the gutters but hehind them!Before hiring Bill's Roofing and Siding to replace the roof, I had brand new gutters installed on the house with no problems with the rain water draining in them. However, after the roof was replaced, the water from the roof was not draining in the gutters anymore, instead it was leaking behind the gutters. I have explained the water leakage situation to both [redacted] and [redacted] through numerous phone calls. After many contacts, [redacted] stopped by the house to take a look at the faulty roof job and he agreed that not only the roof should have been extended a few inches more from the edge of the roof and above the gutters, but he also agreed to fix the problem in a few days. He even showed me the type of metal stripping he was willing to install to prevent the rain water from falling behind the gutters. However, he never followed up on his promise to repair the roof. After weeks and weeks of wasting my time talking on the phone with [redacted], as [redacted] neither answered his phone nor returned text messages and voicemails, I have requested quotes from roofers and gutter repair companies for pricing to repair the faulty job completed by [redacted] as he was probably in a rush to get to another customer. All the roofing and gutter repair companies contacted agreed that when the roof was replaced, it should have been extended a few inches to allow the water to drain in the gutters. To prevent damaging a new deck that I had to replace due to the water leaking from the roof directly on it and not in the gutters as it should, I have hired a contractor to repair the job that I have paid Bill's Roofing and Siding to complete but it never did.Desired SettlementSince I have paid a contractor to repair a roof that Bill's Roofing and Siding was already paid for, I am looking to be reimbursed the amount I had to pay for roof repairs. Business Response It's not a repair. You desiderate after job was over you wanted plywood. So not considered a rear. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I don't understand the response provided by Bill's Roofing and Siding! The response doesn't make any sense and is not pertinent to my complaint! I am requesting to be reimbursed $300 for a repair that needed to be done after I paid Bill's Roofing and Siding $3,000 to replace my roof. Bill's Roofing & Siding have installed a roof that immediately started leaking behind my brand new gutters. They have initially agreed to fix the leaking roof and then, have never followed up on their agreement. After 2 months of unanswered phone calls and unfulfilled promises by Bill's Roofing and Siding, I have decided to have the roof problem fixed at a cost of $300.I am seeking to be reimbursed $300 for the roof repair! Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The reason why it took this time to find out the roof was improperly installed is because this is my rental property. It wasn't until the property was vacated for a few weeks this summer that I found out the roof was poorly installed. I have explained this to you a few times already over the phone! [redacted], an employee of Bill's Roofing and Siding, met with me at the property and agreed the shingles should have been extended a few inches further out from the edge of the roof. He also agreed to fix the water leaking from the roof behind the gutters by installing a metal strip at the edge of the roof, but he never followed through with his promise. Because water leaked behind the gutters I had to replace the front deck and repair the back deck. I'm not asking you to reimburse me for replacing and repairing my wood decks. I'm asking you to reimburse me for the job I had to pay someone else to fix the roof I paid you $3,000 to replace and you have guaranteed it will last 20 years. And you have met with me and face-to-face you agreed on your error and promised you'll fix it. And you say is a rip off to ask back the $300 I had to pay someone else to fix the job you have done and I've paid you $3,000 for? Every single contractor, both roofers and gutter repair companies that have given me quotes for fixing the roof stated that the roofer whom replaced the roof should've better installed the roof in the first place!I will gladly see you in court and show the judge all the paperwork I have and the time and money you have wasted me! Final Business Response I, [redacted] never installed the gutters at this consumer's home. I did install the roof. There was a two year warranty on this roof and four years later the consumer placed a complaint regarding water dripping behind the gutters and damaging his deck. I did go out to the consumer's home. There was a section that was dripping and I stated that I could help the consumer with it for $200. When I arrived at the consumer's home to do the job, the consumer requested that I do the entire roof for the same price. I said that it was impossible and then I decided not to even do the small section that they discussed because I felt that the consumer would not pay me. I did not feel any obligation to this because I was not the contractor that installed the gutters. I told the consumer to call the contractor that installed the gutters to make the necessary adjustments, since they did the job.

he was hired to replace my roof 4 days after completion it leaked I called him he came it still leaks . I have called him13 times along with the town I paid this man 4500 dollars to replace my roof its worse now than it was before. he has been here 5 times ea time to blame the leak on something else. he has pacched it twice after he agreed to fix it the town building inspector never signed off on this job and no one will give me the name of his ins coDesired Settlementi want my money back so I can hire someone to do the job right. I am[redacted] years and feel I have been [redacted]. I am a [redacted] and a brutally honest man. A hand shake is my bond and I expect bills roofing to honor theyre contractBusiness Response This job was signed off by the town of[redacted]. We Had Meet Building Inspector OVER There THE Building Inspector ALSO Told Him His Problems Coming From His Windows Or His Chimney Above THE Area We Worked in. We will not be responding to anymore of these complaints from this person. Our job was done by specs and [redacted] codes. His problem is dew to other areas we where not paid to fix bottom line.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)the roof was not signed off by the town of[redacted] the company came 3 times and applied an unsatisfactory patch I told him that and he continues to blame him[redacted] work on someone else. dont I have any rites. Final Business Response We have not patched anything on this roof. We tore off several layers installed new roof. ( rubber ) after roof was done I took pictures of his windows that are right above the rubber roof. I told him and town of[redacted] told him he needs to fix gaps in windows and gaps in fire place that's also tied into rubber roof. The inspector has gone there and can not find anything wrong with our work he has my company and town of[redacted] telling same things. Fix other problems on your home. He is refusing to fix those areas so he will continue to have problems. This has nothing to do with bills roofing what so ever. We will not refund one dime. Our job was done and done right. Just like the 100 jobs a year we do.He is more then welcome to call town of[redacted] again. And we will meet them there one more time. But if I ddon't find anything wrong and town of[redacted] don't find anything wrong them I'm ending this complaint my self and will not respond to any more he has to say. It's also his [redacted] that's causing problems not him we have pictures of trash on this roof a day after also wooden chairs on top of this rubber roof. Even with that said it's the windows and or the chimney he's having problems with. Show me in contract where we are responsible of fixing windows and mortar on chimneys and cracks on wall entering side of chimney and we will fix everything free.

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