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3201 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33684-9001

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Unauthorized debit from my account in the amount of $91.90
I ordered a product from them only to pay for shipping in the amount of $6.96. That shipping amount was deducted from my checking account on 4/16/2020. There was nothing on the site stating that I would be receiving any products monthly. Today, 5/2/2020, I look at my account and see a pending charge for $91.90. I'm unable to file a dispute with my bank until the charge is cleared. It bothers me terrible that folks take advantage of us in the manner. I will be filing a dispute with my bank.

Desired Outcome

100% refund

Product delivered on 1/1/20. Returned to company not ordered. Called multiple tines for refund. Biofit in process. Still no refund of $299.40 to date.
Biofit 12 bottles delivered on 1/1/20. Not ordered. Biofit stated on recurring delivery. I have 12 bottles still not used and returned to them. I followed up on 1/20/20 regarding refund. Biofit stated in process. Mulitiple follow up calls with same result. Still no refund as of 4/15/20 of $299.40. Called Biofit at 866-584-2772.

Desired Outcome

Refund of purchase price of $299.40 as promised by Biofit less shipping abd handling charge. I paid $48 in shipping and handling to return this product to Biofit.

Unapproved withdrawal from my checking account by Biofit Unique Solutions.
I ordered a product in April from Biofit Unique Solutions only to pay shipping/handling of $4.95. Instead they have charged my checking account $79.97 in April and $84.92 in May WITHOUT my permission. I had only requested a sample product. There was nothing said about monthly charges. When I call 201-321-5483 I get a recording and cannot leave a message. I need a refund of both charges.

Desired Outcome

A refund of $79.97 and $84.92.

I ordered a trial offer for a one time charge of $4.95
Charged $4.95 for a one time trial of product on3/23/2019 Then was charged again on 4/8/2019 for $79.97 did not get any product and did not want any but paid for it from Boi fit unique so #888544480 from calf. On 4/6/19 from my Liberty first credir union acc.

Desired Outcome

My money put back into my acc.

Fraud. Sample product, hundreds of dollars unauthorized on credit card. No place did it state a subscription or ongoing charges in any amount.
Biofit Force and Bioscience are the company names.
Charged 4.95/4.90 for two sample products on 2/22/19. Two weeks later 3/8/2019 charges for 93.79 and 98.87 applied to card. Company offered a 60 percent discount for FUTURE orders! No.
Credit card company was able to negotiate only a 75 percent refund. I am disputing the remainder of the charge through the credit card.
This is fraud on many levels. Fees are not disclosed or stated to be a subscription. There is no contact information for the company. None included with product or on printout from initial order authorizing a one time charge of 4.90/4.95.

Desired Outcome

A full 100% refund of all charges....not 35% as offered or 75% as negotiated initially by credit card company

I was sent products I did not order.
I ordered a sample cream and they automatically started sending more of the product and charged my account. After calling and complaining, they are supposedly crediting my account and canceling any further orders. I will be checking my bank account regularly.

Desired Outcome

A credit to my bank account.

Customer Response • Feb 20, 2019

My checking account has been credited with the amount I was charged so I guess I have learned a lesson. I will no longer order anything from something on Facebook.

I ordered a product from them only to pay the shipping/handling, and in 2 weeks my bank alerts me that I have 2 different charges for $93.46 and 93.32
There was not anything on site saying I would be receiving the product monthly and would be charged. I asked ONLY for the samples and that was it. I have been charged for the product without being asked and am very ***. I am currently overseas serving in the Army and can't believe that companies still try to take advantage any way possible.

Desired Outcome

A refund of the 2 charges on my account

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2019

No they have not, however, my bank refunded what they tried to charge me for their product. No response from company


U: ***

False Advertising - refusal to accept return for refund.
I purchased 2 samples for shipping and handling charges only. No where was it indicated that I would be charged $93.87 after the "14" day trial period then sent another order for an additional $93.87. I called to cancel and send the second set that I did not order nor did I want for a full refund. They refused to refund either charge. I will accept my stupidity for thinking you could get anything for shipping and handling charges only but the second shipment I never authorized and should have been allowed to return the un-opened product for a full refund. The product itself was nothing special and certainly not worth anywhere near $93.87!!!! When I called the gentleman refused to refund either of the charges but was gracious enough to try and offer me a discount and my future shipments!!! Give me a break I had already told him I was unhappy with the product and did not want to keep the unauthorized shipment. $200 down the drain! What a scam - if you are going to rape the consumer at least provide a descent product.

Desired Outcome

I want to return the crappy product and receive a full refund. I want a refund of the $93.79 for the initial shipment that did not indicate I would be charged after a 14 day trial period - I read every piece of paper that came in with the shipment and no where did it indicate I would be charged and set up for subsequent shipments. I wand a refund of $93.87 for the second shipment that I did not authorize or open. I am happy to ship it back.

I received a free trial and am now being billed for automatic shipments.
I ordered a free trial of the biofit source and biofit science., and am now being charged $93.79 and $93.87 for auto shipments. I did not sign up for these auto shipments, and cannot afford to pay this crazy amount.

Desired Outcome

I would like to have a full refund of my money, and be taken off whatever list I have been put on!

Free trial offer/Dolce Vita skin care/Was signed up for auto delivery without my permission!!DO NOT WANT!!Never did, take my name off auto delivery and your customer list. Will never buy from you or your other companies again!!
Product_Or_Service: Skin Care

Desired Outcome

No further contact by the busi No more deliveries/Want taken off of auto delivery and their customer list/No more charges on my credit card.

Biofit Response • Jan 12, 2018

Consumer: ***
Complaint ID#: XXXXXXXX
Dear Sir / madam,
We would like to bring into your notice that, it is mandatory to accept the terms before placing the order. Please note that despite putting all the credit card details, the order does not go through until unless you check mark on the box which states, "I agree that I am 18 years of age and agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy policy". Upon checking on the box, the terms of the program appears on the screen. When customer reads the all the terms and scroll down, the "Accept" button is activated at the end. Once the customer accepts the terms and click on "Submit" button the order goes through and shipping and charges are applied.
However, we would like you to review our policies. For the reference the cancellation and refund policy stated in our Terms & Conditions are mentioned below:
Trial Offer Terms/Auto-Ship Program
By placing your trial order today you'll be shipped a 30 day supply of Dolce Vita Skin Cream for $4.94 S&H. All products ship within 1 business day and deliver within 2-4 days from shipment. Try it for 14 days (10 day trial plus 4 days added for transit time) to experience the benefits and if for any reason our product is not for you, you may call our Customer Care toll-free at 800-217-3124 within your 14 and 15 days trial period to cancel. If you are satisfied, do nothing and you agree to be charged $89.03 / $84.94 plus you agree to be enrolled in our Dolce Vita Preferred Membership Program and approximately 30 days from your initial order date and every 30 days thereafter, you will receive a fresh supply of Dolce Vita Skin Cream for $89.03 / $84.94 (plus $4.94 shipping and handling). You may cancel your enrollment by calling 800-217-3124 for Customer Service. Limit 1 trial bottle per household
Regardless of whether you cancel your Trial in a timely fashion or not, you will be responsible for paying the shipping and handling charges associated with your Product $4.94. You agree that we can charge your credit card for this amount, and you agree to pay such amount regardless of whether you cancel your Trial in a timely fashion or not. No refunds will be issued for shipping and handling charges.
As an added benefit to you, Dolce Vita reserves the right to temporarily reduce the price of each Product, without prior notice to you, for promotional purposes or to ensure that payment is received by Dolce Vita. If Dolce Vita modifies its prices downward, You will be billed at the reduced price until the promotional period ends. Downward modified or promotional prices may be restored to normal rates without prior notice to you.
Case Summary:
An order for the products Dolce Vita Skin Cream, Dolce Vita Eye Serum, and Dolce Vita Vitamin C Serum were placed by *** on October 17th, 2017. She agreed to the Terms and Conditions as it is mandatory to submit an order successfully, which also includes cancellation policy. Upon placing the order, she agreed to try the products at the cost of shipping and handling. As per the terms of the program, in order to avoid the actual price of the products Dolce Vita Skin Cream, Dolce Vita Eye Serum, *** was required to contact our company for cancellation within the trial period. Since, we received no communication from her for the cancellation of both the products, therefore, after the trial period, she incurred the actual price of the products Dolce Vita Skin Cream and Dolce Vita Eye Serum and both the subscriptions were put on the auto shipment program.
Upon receiving the case, on January 12th, 2018 the subscription for the products Dolce Vita Skin Cream and Dolce Vita Eye Serum have been cancelled to avoid any further charges. Besides, Dolce Vita Vitamin C Serum is a onetime shipment with no recurring charges, therefore cancellation for this product is not required.
We appreciate the opportunity of being of service to you and hope you will consider using our products again in the future.
Customer Support Manager

Customer Response • Jan 12, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I will accept because I do not want to fight with them but putting me on auto. del. without my permission is not accepted and I will not order from them again!!!!

Scaming me over a trial order.
On October 18, 2017 I ordered a trail no risk involved though wrinkle cream and I serum the order never said anything about 14 days to To cancel I read over it very carefully. I have been charged two different charges on my bank account one for $89.03 the other for $84.94. I did not authorize these charges I called to get my money back they were not cooperative only offered me $25 and one and $26 and the other I am very upset and I feel stupid charges I called to get my money back they were not cooperative only offered me $25 and one and $26 and the other I am very upset and I feel stupid I feel this is a scam I want my money back and my subscription better be canceled like they say it

Desired Outcome

I want my money back and positively make sure the subscription is canceled

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