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Birch Hill Critter Solutions

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I regretfully decided to choose Birch Hill Critter Solutions to inspect my house for a mice problem. First of all, the company was extremely unprofessional and the inspector showed up to my house at an unscheduled time, (the original appointment for the inspection was 11:00am, he didn't show up till 2:00pm). I called him at 11:30am to see if he was coming, and he stated that he had a doctor appointment which was why he was going to be a few hours late! Birch Hill Critter Solutions did an immensely poor job at the inspection. I was basically doing the inspection myself. I am simply looking for half of a refund for the 125$ inspection fee I paid for. In my overall opinion, he overcharged for the work performed. Before I put down any traps(no poison), I found a random mouse just laying there dead next to one of my appliances 2 days after he left! It was an old dead mouse, probably over a month dead...How did the inspector not find that? He didn't pull out any appliances like my fridge or my stove, he walked right past my kitchen, he didn't even inspect it at all! He barely did his job correctly if not at all. When I called to complain 2 days after the inspection, the boss was extremely rude, he didn't even value my accusations. He said he didn't want to listen to me arguing, and then said he wanted to talk to Richard, my stepfather, which is basically gender discrimination. I wasn't even arguing, I was trying to explain how poorly the inspection was, and he thought that was an "argument." A customer has EVERY right to complain about ANY business they hire. I told him I wanted to write a bad review about the company on a newspaper article(obviously I would of kept it anonymous), and he stated he would sue me for false slander. I am so disappointed with Birch Hill Critter Solutions and how badly the inspection went. I highly recommend a different pest control company to whoever needs an exterminator. A complete waste of my time and money. The boss claimed that my mother and I kept the inspector at my house for two hours, when honestly he was only at my house for less than ONE hour! I am at a loss for words with how angry I am right now, I have never in my life been so personally offended by a company. The reason he was at my house for an hour was because he had to keep calling his boss and he kept going in and out of his truck!

We paid this company 1850.00.He followed up with a few phone calls. He set a few traps. Came back on unscheduled times when I was not home.We called this company to help us rid of animals in our roof. He came gave us an estimate. I called him back he came for about fifteen minutes set a few traps for squirrels and charged us 1850.00. He cashed that check within thirty minutes. He said he would come back and finish the rest of the job.After a week of not hearing from him he said he was sick. Then I contacted him for another time for him to finish the job. We agreed anytime after 11am. He showed up around ten in the morning. When I had stated I would not be home at that time. He called my phone and left a message saying he was here and waiting. I could not get back to him as I was in a meeting for work. I then called him back saying I was available that Friday after 11 again. I received a phone call from him four days later. Since then we have called another company to do the correct job. That company came and gave us another estimate. Also Birch Hill Critter solution did not set the right traps. They identified the wrong animals in our roof. So the traps that I paid 1850.00 for were wrong and would never work.Desired SettlementI am simply looking for a refund of my money. Birch Hill came here twice. Spent a total of 30 minutes. Did not follow up with the completion of the job. And was paid 1850.00. I am now having to pay another company to do this job.Business Response I've been trying to contact the customer for days this job started with an inspection last year and call back to say they were ready to go forward with the job and set traps and set up a time to check traps on that day I was sick and set another time [redacted] didn't show tried calling for a week with no call back then I got a email from and I left another call to [redacted] not under standing why this was my traps have been set and all that was left to do is to seal the holes in the attic to complete the job and I will finish the job as contracted thanks birch hill critter solutionsConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The that he said I did not show for an appointment is not true. I called him back to set the appointment. I stated in my voice mail to him that I would not be back until after noon time on that day left the message. Could he call to confirm that time. When I arrived home a card was in my door and a voice mail from him stating he had been at my house at ten in the morning and he waited an hour. Obviously I will not be home when I left a message stating I would not be home until later. I called him later that day. In that message I stated I would be home the following day after noon again. I did not receive a call from him until Sunday night. So in closing I am looking for a refund. And do not want him to complete the job. As for me not calling back for a week is not true. Why would I not call back a company that cashed my check for 1850.00 in about thirty minutes time after leaving my house. And not completing the job. Final Business Response I did as was said in the first response I also have been talking with [redacted] on the phone as well I am still willing to finish the job and the only reason it isn't completed is that we are not able to get in now about this statement he keeps coming back to time and time again that I cash a check in 30 minutes to start my bank is an hour away and I diposited after my route was over now the contract stated that the traps would be set for two weeks and we would seal the hole now it's going on a month and I haven't seen my traps or been able to seal the job now I have all the phone records to back up that I have been trying and him to say he was at work and didn't get my call till he got home is not true I don't have his home phone just his cell his car was in the garage and sat for over an hour waitng with a helper and he never called back till I called and told him I got an email from the that was after a week of trying to get ahold of [redacted]

did not perform services that were agreed upon. over charged for work performed and the initial problem remained. When called he would not come back unless I paid more money. Paid $1,450 for bat exclusion services and then another $550 to seal roof line of house and garage and also hardware cloth over any cable or vent holes. Which was not done. Also wanted another $900 to come back again after 2 weeks when problem was not resolved.Desired SettlementI would like to receive half of my money back for services not rendered.Business Response There wasn't a warranty on this job we have done everything we could as stated on contract her son was supposed to change ridge vent witch wasn't done have no control over that part thanks [redacted] birch hill critter solutions XXX-XXX-XXXX Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Although there was no formal warranty, I was lead to believe by our verbal agreement that he guaranteed his work. The bats were gone until he returned to my home and removed previously installed hardware. So when I called him to tell him the bats were back, he refused to come back to inspect his work. In the contract he charged $ 550.00 extra to seal the roof line, and for hardware cloth over any cables or vent holes, this was not done to completion. Also he was very unprofessional in the fact of wanting to trade things in my yard to complete the job. In which he had already charged the additional $550.00 with a verbal guarantee. When I told him no he wanted $900.00 more to complete services previously rendered. I went on his verbal guarantee that there would be no issues and this is how he justified his inflated prices. Final Business Response I have done everything that I was contracted to do as stated on the contract there was no verbal warranty as stated on the contract no warranty. I did inspect work when I finished job at that time her son didn't redo ridge vent. All my work is completed. If she has work completed by her son or my company I will do the bat eviction over again but work needs to be finished first. thanks [redacted] @birch wood critter solutions

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Description: Animals - Nuisance Control - Trapping

Address: 2975 Gulf Rd, Royalston, Massachusetts, United States, 01368-9203


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