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Birth Arts International/Heart of Herbs

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ordered distance learning packet only received part, they said unable to deliver because of address I provided ask for refund and refused.I ordered a distance learning course (paying extra to have the materials printed and shipped to me along with books). I received the books a couple days later, but no packet; I emailed them and they said they would ship a second. I still have yet to receive it, and with further communication was told that the address I provided was incorrect and the cause of the problem; however, how can that be when I have received the books, so I asked for a refund. They are unwilling to give a refund because I have access to the online program. I do not want to have to utilize the online program which is why I ordered the printed packet in the first place! I am very frustrated at this point, I just want my money back, I have agreed to take a [redacted] dollar loss for the two books I have received or to send them back to them. They are refusing to work with me at all; they just keep telling me that there are no refunds, even for a product that I didn't receive because there is online access. I paid a total of [redacted] I am a single-mother, and work hard for my money! I just want a refund!Desired SettlementI paid a total of [redacted] I have already told them that I will take a [redacted] loss for the books that I have received. Although I would like a total refund of [redacted] I would be okay with [redacted] for the books although I know that they are not worth that. I just want the refund.Business Response When Ms. [redacted] enrolled at [redacted] pm, [redacted] school is opened Mon-Fri. 10am- 4 pm. We processed her enrollment and got her enrolled into the online classroom. One the [redacted] we ordered her materials to be delivered. The first part of her materials arrived in a few days. Her second part of her materials we not delivered, by her claim. Upon telling us that she had not yet received her items as notified on [redacted] 2015 we immediately reordered and checked without verifying her story, we took her at her word. So before we even knew why the item was not delivered we immediately reordered. With printing and processing the item was on its way. She was kept abreast of the situation and all emails were replied to even in the middle of the night. We did not neglect our obligation to the student or not reply to her. Come to find out [redacted] has her address as undeliverable. We gave her the number to call [redacted] and her tracking number so she could clarify her address to them.This is not our fault. We sent the items twice, to the address she provided. We gave her the resources to contact the shipper, when they couldn't find her.In addition she received additional materials and access to the online classroom, which she used, and last logged into the classroom on the 17th of the month. She accessed lessons, course introductions, reading lists and other materials. She spent approximately 7 hours in the online classroom, based on her login information.We replied to over 15 emails, some at midnight. She became threatening in the emails once her refund was denied. She had no complaint as to the course materials. And we sent all materials and some of them twice. We have been responsive, attentive and allowed her access to all materials. Her enrollment is non-refundable, she accessed course materials, was responded too, and has had over [redacted] of proprietary materials shipped to her. Her bullying attitude has me wondering if this wasn't a deliberate action on her part.We sent all materials twice, student knew the turnaround time on materials was 5-10 business days and all courses were non-refundable. She had access to the classroom from the 6th.She has called us and also left us messages. We have responded to every email within hours, even in the middle of the night.We have a good reputation for working with students.She has not been defrauded, lied too, or made to believe anything. She has had access to her class, asked questions before enrollment and accessed the following course information.Welcome to Heart of HerbsMaster AromatherapyIntroductionCourse RequirementsBook ListHistory of AromatherapyWelcome Letter to New StudentsEssential OilsAromatherapy BenefitsCarrier OilsCarrier Oil LecturesSuggested readingsIn addition she viewed assignments.The student changed her mind at some point and it seems like she is trying to find a way out of her enrollment. Her package is at [redacted] awaiting pick up because twice they were not able to locate her. she refuses to get her package I am not sure what I am supposed to do. We have done everything we could to accommodate her. Gotten back to her quickly, answered her pre-enrollment and post enrollment emails, in the middle of the night, on the weekend all outside of business hours.We have been threatened and bullied, and still we are polite and offer her information.We have gone above and beyond to make her happy, taking her word on items not being delivered, twice.Email Examples- we have over 15 in the last 48 hours, approximately.[redacted] at [redacted] am.I will be contactng the today! With the emails indicatng that youare not willing to refund and supposedly have sent out the materials twice; which Ihaven't received but somehow got the books. I have valid reasoning for a refund and youare uncooperatve. I have also put in a dispute with paypal and will be pung word outabout you and your program as being a scam! It is ludicrous that you are unwilling to giveme a refund aer knowing that I stll haven't received the materials! So good luckrunning such a business![redacted] at [redacted] pm.Then why would it be sent [redacted] ? Just refund my money for crying out loud! There is no reason why you shouldn't unless you are a total scammer !! This is ridiculous, just refund my money I am going to get it back anywayAt [redacted]I would like my money refunded please!Sent from my iPhoneAt [redacted]I would like a refund please!Sent from my iPhoneAt [redacted] amYou will be processing a refund or I will be contactng the attorney generals office! I no longer wish to partcipate in your program! I will gladly ship back of take the [redacted] loss for the books that have been sent and I paid for the program back on [redacted] I expect to have a refund and details with what you would like me to do with the books (ship them back or take the ** loss).[redacted]At [redacted] amI stll have not received the materials and I paid extra to have them sent out to me. I want my money back I do not want to partcipate in your program because no I do not feel you have met my needs! Please just reimburse my moneys. Thank you.[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)No I do not except the response. They are not willing to refund my money, which is all I want. My emails are not threatening, they are stating that without a refund I would be getting a hold of you. They say that my address was labeled undeliverable yet I received some of the materials; so how can the address I provided be undeliverable when some materials were delivered to it? All I want is my money refunded. I did not receive [redacted] worth of goods, I received two small texts which is only a portion of the materials that I was supposed to have received. As I said, I am willing to take a loss for the books or to even ship them back, but I still want a refund! There is no reason at all why they should not refund my money, yes after closer reading the webpage does say that there are no refunds, but I would be under the assumption that you are receiving all of the materials that you have paid for. I am only asking for a refund, if this company is not scamming people then I should have had either the materials or my refund already in hand!

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Description: Alternative Medicine, Training Programs

Address: PO Box 628, Princeton, Massachusetts, United States, 01541


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