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Black Ops Airsoft, Inc.

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Review: I dropped off my sons airsoft rifle a Magpul Masada rifle valued at over $400.00 for repairs on June 7, 2014. I started calling 2 weeks later for a status of repair and no return call received. I proceeded to make several more calls and over 5 emails with no response. I went down to the shop and they have vacated the space with no forwarding address. They received my emails and phone calls but chose not to respond. The last email I sent I received a bounce back saying the server could not be found. and the phone system mail was full. Others on Face book have similar complaints about not getting their property returned. I just want my property returned. it is not theirs to keep. they have in essence stole my property.Desired Settlement: I want our gun returned or for them to pay for it.

Review: Starting in November of 2013 I began to send a few airsoft replica's to this company in the hopes of getting some repaired while others required some custom work. I spoke with the company both before and after the packages were shipped and once they arrived promptly paid for what the service cost would be. The first package arrived in late November and supposedly began being worked on in early December, the second packaged arrived sometime in February and work begun a few weeks later. It has now been 9 months since the first arrived and at least 5 months since the second. At first I received periodic updates about the work being done. But starting in late March I began going months with no word. I would try to reach them both by telephone and email, with the phone often going straight to voice mail and emails usually going unanswered. I understand that there was a recent fire in their old building and that they needed to move but these events occurred over two months ago now and I still have no word.The items I sent to them include, 1x Star SL8 with a rebuilt gearbox with mostly SHS parts (needed trigger contact re-soldered and new hopup bucking). 1x Umarex G36K with IDZ stock and RIS forend (needed diagnostic of FPS drop, evidently was a crushed hopup). 1x Marushin M500 (paid to have a set of Magpul SGA M500 parts installed and to have ti cerakoated to mimic a M500 Mariner. )1x Maruzen M870 Police Riot (paid to have some G&P steel parts installed to replace the original plastic ones and have it duracoated flat dark earth). 1x G&P M870 Sherrif (see adove). Several of these items are no long produced and took me considerable time to find to begin with. The Star SL8, Marushin M500, and Maruzen M870 Police Riot especially. Between the cost of the services and the value of the items sent the total comes out to around $2,000.Desired Settlement: I would like my replica's returned to me if no further work is to be done on them and to be reimbursed for any work that was not finished. I have been cordial and polite in all my attempts to contact them and would just like to put this behind me.

Review: In November 2013, I brought in two AEGs (automatic electric guns) for service to Black Ops Airsoft, Inc. in Tracy, CA. I wanted to have them fixed in time for an event in February at [redacted]. One of my AEGs was fixed very fast, but I didn't want to make two trips out to Tracy and decided to wait until the second was finished. First follow-up call I was told was was wrong with the second AEG and what parts were needed. I okay-ed the parts and go on wait some more. A couple of months go by and I call again. A tech had a family emergency, so I give them the benefit of the doubt and figure one more month is fine... The event at [redacted] happens and I am without a gun to go play with, so I'm forced to rent one at the facility. After a few more calls getting the run around, I figured it was a lost cause. Then fire hits the building and they are forced to close/move. No emails or phone calls to customers with existing repair tickets. Eight months is a long time, but one customer has had his there for a year and counting...Desired Settlement: If customers' guns were damaged in the fire, TELL US! At this point I just want the guns back or reimbursed the value of the two AEGs being serviced. The value new plus a little inconvenience fee will be appreciated. - APS Full Metal M4 URX Raptor Airsoft AEG EBB Rifle- Full Metal AKS-74U / AK-74 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Furniture by CYMA- gun guard hard caseI believe $350 is enough to cover the loss.

Review: I have called several times to black ops and they never seem to pick up. When they do they tell me to call back some other times. I called back and they told me the same thing. I emailed them to talk to the manager. The manager told me he would talk to his boss about a refund and would get back to me in two days. It has passed that and I'm very frustrated that they haven't gotten back to me. I requested a specific service when I order a product from them just to tell me that they can't do it. This product isn't cheap as it is a custom made order.Desired Settlement: I want a refund as soon as possible. I would like the product that they made for me but the horrible service they gave me I don't want it anymore.

Review: I purchased an item off their website. It was paid in full and was suppose to be shipped out within a couple of days. When we didn't receive the item, we called and were told that they didn't have it in their store. So we told them to disregard the order and to just refund our money. I've called numerous times, left messages and have spoken to the owner [redacted] and her assistant [redacted] in regards to this issue. We were told it was going to be taken care of and still to date nothing has been done. It has been 4 months now. [redacted] the owner stated that all she needed to do was call her bank(Bank of America) and find out what was going on and that within 2 weeks we would have our money. That was back in April. I am very frustrated with this issue and I'm hoping you can help me out.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my money refunded and compensation for all this time that has passed and time that I have invested into trying to get this issue resolved. Also for the pain and suffering. I'm in need of my money.

Review: Made an order from said website and one of the items was never delivered.

I made an order for a pair of multi-cam tactical pants and a multi-cam tactical long sleeved shirt in XL. The Order was placed on July 4 and when the 2 weeks passed they delivery was still on its way. After a couple of emails the support messaged me stating that the Shirt was on back order (website never stated that) and that there would be a couple of extra items for free to make up for the inconvenience and it felt like that was settled. When a package finally arrived all it had was the pants there was a order receipt with a hand written note stating that the shirt would arrive as soon as possible. I was sending emails back and forth for a couple of weeks but soon they were no longer responding. With 4 months nearly passing this seems to get a little ridiculous.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive my ordered product some shotgun shells for the inconvenience and maybe a tightbore barrel for an M4.



Initial Business Response

Customer was advised this item was backordered. And he said he would wait. We were informed by our distributor that due to customs the product would not be be available for some time. MULTIPLE emails were sent to customer asking him to call the store to provide full credit card info to issue a refund. Due to security reasons the customer has to provide our Gateway information that. Customer has responded to emails but has yet to provide CC info for refund. We have been and still are waiting to for customer to provide necessary information for refund.

Review: I have multiple attempts to contact this company with not resolution or refund of product ordered.

November 12, 2013 I placed an order for an Elite Force Beretta 92, biodegradable bb rounds, and a speed loader. Over a week went by, keep in mind this needed to be here by Thanks Giving, I had not received a shipping notification. So I called the company and left several messages on the answering machine, when I spoke to an employee I could not get a confirmation that the "shipping department" had sent out my order. I had emailed the company and got no reply until December 10th. By then I had opened a dispute with Paypal that some how got closed before it was completed. Out of my own pocket I had mailed the package back after it was received with no invoice or return shipping instructions. By the time it had arrived, I had purchased a more than suitable replacement and this purchase is no longer needed nor do I desire to do business with this company. Now, 2 days before Christmas, I have the package back on my front porch with a new label on it marked "return to sender" and a fresh postage from Tracy, CA.

This company does not know how to answer the phone let alone return phone calls in a timely manner, or reply to emails. I think I have made it rather clear that I do not want to do business with them. Returning the purchase is rather obvious that I don't want what they are selling. Now I have this box that I don't need or want and it will cost me yet another $16 to send it back to them. I have already spent $13 in shipping for the original purchase to be sent to me and $16 to return it the Black Ops. They are wasting my money like it grows in the garden.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of the purchase with original shipping included, and the additional shipping I have paid to send the package back. In addition, I want a FedEx or UPS mailing label to return the purchase with.



Buyer placed said order online. Buyer left messages with profanities which will not be tolerated. Buyer called over weekend and was informed that shipping is closed on the weekends and holidays. Buyer opened claim with PayPal. Buyer was informed via email that all communications MUST go through PayPal with an open claim. Seller provided all documentation to PayPal to support the claim and PayPal closed Sellers claim in favor of the Buyer. Buyers claim was unwarranted. Buyer sent package back including a letter laced with profanities stating that "she will get her money back any way she has to." Buyer was informed Per the Terms of our website ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any packages that do not obtain a RMA will be REFUSED. Her packaged was refused. Buyer has now opened another claim with her Credit Card Company stating that product was defective. Buyer has a 60 day Manufacturer warranty. Buyer refuses to use warranty she has. Seller submitted all documentation to Credit Card Company AND PayPal AGAIN, and both PayPal AND her Credit Card Company found in favor of the Seller AGAIN!.




I am rejecting this response because: the information provided by the seller is incorrect. I had contacted the store and was told by the person I spoke to they were not sure my order had shippend and would have shipping contact to confirm. Yes I called on a weekend and it was the first time some answered the phone, I also called during the week and got not reply to my voicemails. I had emailed and the first responce I got was two weeks later. I was never told that all sales are final. After no responce from the seller, I had contacted paypal and spoke to a representative and advised that I returned the purchase and wanted my money back, and then it showed up. How the rep opened the claim I don't know. I don't want this companies product and I want to return it. It has not been used let alone taken out of the box. Whom ever replies to these inquires is fabricating to justify poor business. Its pathetic, how rediculous this company is behaving after dropping the ball. Its uncalled for, never heard of a company not accepting a return. Guess they are that hard up for cash that they can't return what they didn't earn.


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Description: Guns - Air, BB and Pellet, Sports & Recreation

Address: 2124 Sir Barton Way # 143, Tracy, Kentucky, United States, 40509


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