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Black Pontiac Cadillac GM Outlet

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a. Customer CUE display screen was approximately  inoperable at 1/3 of bottom of CUE screen/display when vehicle was dropped off with 94,564 miles.  Owners Cadillac Bumper to Bumper Limited coverage expires at 4 years or 50,000 miles and owner did not purchase an extended service contract...

at original time of purchase to extend coverages. Owner had no vehicle history of a previous CUE failure during his warranty coverage and none until 94,564 miles. b. NO repair was possible (only replacement).1. This dealer only used finger to touch CUE screen and confirm owners complaint that 1/3 of screen was not operating. c. Owner was told by dealership there was no repair, only replacement and it would cost owner approx. $1,126 plus labor and tax to replace.            1. Owner declined the repair - no repair was completed at owner’s request – and no charge was made for CUE display on customer’s job card. d. Owner called dealership after he picked up ATS 4 days later after STATE INSPECTION + OIL CHANGE (Invoice # [redacted]),  was complete (ATS sat in parking lot for 4 days - holiday), and informed dealership that the top 2/3 of CUE screen had stopped working. e. Even though dealership has not seen the top 2/3 of screen fail, this dealership 100% believes owner that it did fail, and is what we have seen many times before. The CUE display screen many times fails in part of screen and then further spreads to the eventual 100% CUE screen failure (just like it did on owners vehicle). Some owners only get days and some last partially failed/working for months. We have replaced a good amount of 2013 CUE screen displays for partial/full failure and/or the display going completely dark. This is the two conditions we see most often. This is a known issue at GM as many have failed on 2013 models, but failure and GM giving assistance for a failure as you know are often different. Coverage for payment is determined if under the GM Bumper to Bumper coverage and sadly this owner was almost 45,000 miles outside coverage. There was no recalls at GM/Cadillac on this part. f. Customer is almost 45,000 miles outside of bumper-to-bumper coverage with no CUE display previous failure history on his GM VISS history file.            1. Dealer agrees that the 2013 CUE display screens have a known issue but goodwill is determined on time/miles outside bumper-to-bumper, and prev. repair history on CUE display screen.2. Any assistance that GM might or might not make will be made at the sole discretion of GM. This owner has requested assistance directly from GM. We agree/believe the owners complaint that 1/3 of CUE screen was not working at drop off and when he picked up his ATS 4 days later (because of holiday owner could not pick up) is 100% not working.  Owners ATS had a pre-existing problem and was going bad, and just happened to go completely bad in dealership parking lot vs. his driveway. That does result in 3 simple truths that:a.) CUE screen was going bad at drop offb.) Whether it was 33% inoperable or 100% inoperable it is outside GM/Cadillac bumper-to-bumper coveragec.) Issue is not a candidate for GM goodwill assistance at this dealership. There are cases where assistance would be appropriate, for example:  a 2013 ATS with 2.0 Turbo engine with a previous piston recall repair history and where the customer later had an engine failure. You have a known GM issue and previous repair history on GM VISS history file. This would result in a good case for a partial assistance (with the amount of assistance depending on the odometer reading and service records of proper maintenance).  In this case with a CUE display screen failure, while a known issue at GM, is almost 45,000 miles outside bumper to bumper original GM coverage and owner has NO GM VISS CUE repair history of the display going bad or previously repaired under warranty. Whether last 66% of top of CUE failed at dealership's parking lot or customer’s driveway is no basis for a goodwill adjustment.     To conclude, this dealership made NO repair and did not charge the owner for any repair for his pre-existing failing CUE screen/display. When the electro-chemical film starts to fail on touch screens (sealed behind a non-removable glass screen), it is often typical for part of the screen to fail and then further/completely fail later. There is no repair except replacement (which the owner declined) and no way for the dealership to hasten the failure of the touch electro-chemical film behind a sealed non-removable glass outer screen/cover.a.      We did not work on customers CUE screen and did not charge owner for any repairsb.      Customer drove vehicle in with pre-existing failing CUE display (bottom 1/3 of display was already inoperative).c.       Cadillac warranty on CUE display screen is 4 years from new and 50,000 total miles on odometer.d.      Owner drove vehicle in with 94,564 miles (almost 45,000 miles outside coverage)e.      Owner had no CUE display failures while under GM Bumper to Bumper coverage (if so, vehicle may have had assistance under parts warranty coverage, which it was not)f.        There is no known way to cause electro-chemical touch film hasten to go bad/fail under a sealed glass display unless you shatter the glass sealed display cover to get to the electro-chemical touch film. The outer glass cover/display was intact and undisturbed at time of vehicle pick-up. GM/Cadillac has no dealership level repair procedures of anything inside the CUE Display assembly and are replaced as an complete assembly. CUE Display assemblies are ordered from a GM approved exchange center that rebuilds the assembly and ships Fed Ex back to the dealership for the owner (i.e. there are no approved dealership level repairs inside CUE assembly, only replacement). g.       Owner did not purchase an extended service contract when he purchased his vehicle that would have covered a failing CUE display for extended periods of time/miles.Dealership informed owner that there was no repair possible and only replacement and owner declined the replacement. I wish owners CUE screen would never had failed and if it did fail, it would have failed under the 4 year or 50,000 miles bumper to bumper GM limited coverage so the repair would have been free to owner. I also wish owner had purchased an Extended Service Contract/Plan that would have covered this repair, but the owner did not. There is no business case for GM to assist this owner at this dealership or there would never be an end to the manufacturer’s limited Bumper-to-Bumper coverage for any customer. If GM/Cadillac, as stated above, offers or does not offer assistance directly to owner that is between the owner and GM/Cadillac (owner requested assistance directly from GM/Cadillac).This Cadillac Dealership is rated as one of the highest Customer Satisfaction Rated Dealerships in Sales (100% CSI Rating) and Service (100% CSI Rating) in all of GM/ Cadillac nationwide… of 3-31-2017, Last quarter reported.    Thank You,ALLEN *. B[redacted], Dealer.

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