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Black's Food Market

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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] This response is totally false, At the time of purchase for this device I was never told about a 24-hour policy when I purchase it # 1. 2nd I only visit the store once sense I made the purchase and the one time I came into the store I had the receipt and the Bluetooth device with me in a zip lock bag with the original receipt. He stated that three days later I came into the store without the Bluetooth and receipt not possible when me and my “WIFE” not girlfriend was in Chicago for about a week together. I asked the sales person Mr. [redacted] sense he was not going to refund my money back because it’s been more then 24hrs sense I purchase this I would have to talk to a manger, I asked him to call the manger is when he stated that he’s not going to give me “Explicit word” back and I need to get the “Explicit Word” out my store before I call the police. That’s when I responded back with explicit language back to him and said I’m not leaven until I speak to the owner or manger and that’s when he called the police at that point. And there were no kids in the store at all while this took place. If Mr. [redacted] would have told me about a 24hrs policy I would never purchase the Bluetooth device because as I said before we were on our way out of town at that point. He said that in telling me about the 24hrs policy and that I should of tested the device before leaving the store it’s not possible to test a device out of a box in the store because it was not charged up to test and again as I said before he never said nothing about any of that other than this particular LG Bluetooth was better than the one he had in the window.

On 02/18/2016 Mr. [redacted] purchased a Bluetooth headset HBS-800 for $ 24.99 plus tax, At the time of the transaction the customer actually was hesitating about purchasing the item because he mentioned that he was getting it for his girlfriend who is out of town but then he decided to...

purchase it.At the time of the transaction the customer was informed about our policy specifically on the Electronic items that we sell as a retailer not a manufacture which is 24 hours from the time of the transaction within these 24 hours the customer can bring the item back with it's accessories (charger or what so ever) in it's box if it is not damaged or used inappropriately and explain the item's issue to the salesperson so the customer can get a refund or exchange, in this situation the customer did not show up or brought anything to store and didn't even try to contact us by anyway within these 24 hours which usually mean to us that the customer is satisfied with the item and at the same time put the transaction out of our policy's time limit. Actually we didn't hear anything from the customer since he purchased the item until until three later when Mr. [redacted] showed up to the store but without bringing the headset with him, he only came to ask this " Can I bring the headset back because my girlfriend didn't like it !! " And when he was asked where is the headset, he said " it is still with my girlfriend and she is out of town " This is when the salesperson nicely told him that we can not return it because it's been three days and he didn't even had it with him at that time then the customer left the store. On 02/24/2016 Mr. [redacted] came back to the store and he brought the headset without the box in a sandwich bag and he wanted to return it but the salesperson has told him that he can not return the item and told him again about our return policy, then the customer claimed that the headset was not working. after that, the salesperson told the customer that you had 24 hours to be able to tell if the headset was working or not and he also told him that you could've checked out the headset at the store at the same time you purchased it if you doubted you're ability to come back within 24 Hours, then the customer started to arguing about the situation and the salesperson told him that "you can speak to the manger when he comes afternoon if he might do something about it but I can not do anything as salesperson. Mr. [redacted] started yelling in the store loudly distracting the other customers and our store environment then he totally locked the cashier register line by his body standing right in front of the line and stopping the other customers from buying, he was told many time to stop that but he refused, in Black's food market we usually have little kids in the store and older people shopping in the store and the employees told him that please do not physically stop the whole line but he refused and started yelling and cussing out the salesperson and when he was told to allow other customers to shop safely in the store he used the F* word against the customer after that the employee told him to please leave the store or he is going to call the police on him but he used the F* word to curse the police too, the attitude he had in the store was very out of control and upsetting to physically lock a cashier register, yell and curse loudly in a convenience store full of customers of different ages was very offensive and disrespectful to us and everybody at store. When the police showed up Mr. [redacted] didn't even move from in front of the cashier register and he was told that he was not acceptable in the property anymore until we told the police that we actually want to press a charge against him for what he did because we are well known business in the town and we've been doing our best to provide good services to the community for years and interacting with the community to provide safe environment in the store for our customers. After the police got involve they asked him to leave and as a result of that we've asked the police to please inform the customer that he is not welcome here anymore.
At Black's food market we try as much as we can to solve any matter between us and the customer directly but in the right way and in this situation if the customer waited for the manger, things might been solved in a better way just to make sure the customer comes back to us as loyal customer not because we provided anything wrong.

based on the information was provided by the salesperson that you came once before the last time you showed you to return the item but that don't change the matter of the fact that you wanted to return the item after 6 days since you purchased it and our policy is 24 hours.
you mentioned that you couldn't try the headset when you purchased it but most of these devices come in the box charged up and if it's not we offer a charger for customer at the store.
the salesperson confirmed that you were told but our return policy at the time of purchase.
We honestly will not have any problem to exchange any headset because we strongly care about our customer satisfaction no matter what the situation is. But we have reviewed the camera system and I got offended by what you did, you have no right to lock any store window and curse everybody and do not try to lie and say that the employee who started that because he didn't even used any type of language with you and will never. we had loads of customers at that time and you also stopped a lady from getting to cashier twice after she tried and you can not do this and this is why we called the police and wanted to press charges. this is very upsetting and we  still have the video tape . no one ever expect that to happen in a business place, and I hope understand how hard it is to be humiliated in your business when you try to provide safe and clean environment and good service for everybody.

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Address: 3407 W Capitol St, Jackson, Mississippi, United States, 39209-4118


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