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Blatz Automotive

7105 Highway 10 NW, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States, 55303-6043

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I paid this business 2300 to put in a new motor which they claimed was the issue with my car. The car made loud noises leaving the lot and the owner claimed it was a whole new problem which they never mentioned to me earlier. Three days later the car is dead and oil is leaking from the engine and it was smoking. Now it wont even turn over my car was never fixed and I spent close to 3000 for them to fix it!! They told me the air conditioning compressor just went bad when they tested it that morning it has never had that problem before and over the phone they did not list that as a problem. And the engine was smoking if they put a new engine in it should be working not smoking a leaking oil and maybe coolant as well the car never was in working order keaving the lot and the owner bkew me off saying it was fine. I believe they took advantage of me being a woman. I have gone there before for repairs and things went well. I think they believe that I have extra money to spare and may have messes with some things so I wpuld pay for more repairs. I have had engines replaced in other cars before and never had these problema a new engine is suppose to run smooth. The guy even said when I pockes it up it was a loud engine. I question where did they get the engine that would not give me a clear answer. The car is now dead completly in my garage the motor will not turn over and they need to fix it they said the car was fine I paid them the money. The car should be running. The amoubt I paid them was such a big Mount I had to pull from my 401k to pay for this repair. We are a poor family that scraps to survive I think ot would be horrible to let this buisness just get away with ripping us off. That car has not had many problems I do take care of it. I get it oil changes and do maintence on it now this place had it in there care for two weeks now its dead. I believe they tinkered with it or they do not know what they are doing. For the amount I paid the car should be fixed.

Blatz Automotive Response time Sep 06, 2019


The vehicle was towed in because the original motor was shot and 3 quarts low on oil. It died on the road and was towed to Blatz. A good used motor was acquired with a 1 year warranty on the motor. Due to her motor being dead we could not test the car for other under the hood problems until the fresh used motor was installed. Once installed it ran well but the AC compressor was shot and making a lot of noise. We called her about it but she had no money to go further after the cost of the repairs already being done. She called a couple of weeks later saying the car was dead again so we had it towed up here. The AC compressor was totally locked up and shut down the motor. We removed the belt and the car started up just fine and the motor ran well and made no noise. The smoke she saw was due to the compressor locking up and the belt getting hot. I found her a used compressor but she still could not afford one. We put the belt back on and she said she was going to take it home and store it until she could fix it. What ever so called mechanic looked at it and said the second motor was bad should get out of the business. I did not charge her one dime for the examination on her supposedly bad second motor. I did charge her for the tow. This is a 1 year warranty motor and if it does fail Fridley ABCO will replace it free of charge so why would I blow her off. Some people do not understand mechanical things and do not comprehend that cars have multiple systems that make it run. Just because you fix one system does not mean that the others may need attention as well. Her accusations about trying to create more work to charge her more is unfounded and slanderous and has legal implication if she keeps it up. I have been in business for 27 years and have never done this to any of my customers. If she wants to bring the car up I will take off the belt off and she can hear the motors for her self.


Customer Response time Sep 06, 2019

I have reviewed the response made a choice since they will go after me legally for have concerns avput the repairs I'll just go else where for now on. Thanks

Took my 1994 Jeep Wrangler in for service, to have muffler and catalytic converter checked. I was told that both needed replaced along with valve cover casket. The Jeep still had a misfire somewhere, then they suggested that one of the fuel injectors was bad and should be replaced. All this work was done and according to the shop they said it was still missing and wanted to continue trying the computer control. I was frustrated at this point and said no I will be down to get the car now. This was Friday evening when my wife and daughter picked up the Jeep. When I returned home on Saturday and inspected the Jeep it was leaking fuel all down the side of the motor. Monday morning, 8 May 2018, I called and talked to Randy. I apologized for comments I made on Friday and explained what was going on with the Jeep and he said to bring it in. Dropped the Jeep off Monday mid morning. When Randy called me Monday night he told me that the wrong fuel injector was sent to them from their supplier but they did get the right one and it was done and ready to go. We picked up the Jeep Tuesday afterno9n and when I got home and looked at the injector I saw that they had replaced the new one with my old one. It was not leaking anymore but I had been charged $99.95 for parts (plus tax) and $89.99 labor. I called Randy Wednesday evening, 9 May, and told him what was going on, he said that Dan the service tech that was working on the Jeep was already gone but he would talk to him Thursday and get back to me. Randy called and left a message for me Thursday evening and stated that the supplier sent another injector over and it was still the wrong one but one of his guys was at a junk yard and happened to find one and that is what they used on my Jeep. No mention of refund or credit for not using new parts and looking at the timeline if someone happened to be at the junk yard then they were sent there just for this part...but it matches exactly the other three injectors.

Blatz Automotive Response time Jun 15, 2018 received call from Jordan at Mach 5, providing business response to complaint.

Jordan indicates that shortly after Mr *** filed his complaint, the business reached a resolution with him -- was refunded $50, to cover the difference in price between the two parts.

He says Mr *** indicated at that time he was satisfied with the resolution.

I purchased an Ironhead frame from them on EBay recently that they said was a “good frame” and realized after the fact that I needed a Bill of Sale. Not a big deal, someone just needs to jot down on a piece of paper the pertinent info, sign it and send it to me. So I attempt to contact them, multiple times with no response. The day after I leave negative feedback for their lack of communication they contact me and say “I'll have to check with the office, this was not listed with any paperwork”. OK I get that but they didn’t say there was no title either but no big deal, I was just asking for a lousy Bill of Sale. Days have gone by and I have not heard from them since. On top of that they contact EBay and have the negative feedback that I left for them, removed. But that’s not the best part…I start assembling a bike from the frame I got and find out that it is bent! Wasn’t real noticeable when it was bare but now that I have the complete front and rear on the bike you can’t miss it!

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Address: 7105 Highway 10 NW, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States, 55303-6043


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