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Blind Depot, The

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Thank youGenerally refunds take about 5-business days to appear on your accountIf you have not received the refund in days, please let us know so we can follow up

Dear Mr [redacted] , We apologize for any confusion you've experienced with your Y-DNA resultsWhile our data assurance team did review your results and determined them to be accurate, I will be happy to authorized a re-run of the first panel of the test from the second vial of sample Normally such a re-test is $to cover lab and processing costs, but in this case I will waive the fee for youA couple of things you might keep in mind while viewing your results: - You have no matches above markers, which means that the matches you have are quite distant, probably at least or more generations at the 25-marker level- Your haplogroup is quite broad and covers are wide swath of Western EuropeSNP testing would reveal a more precise geographic connection for your direct male lineY-DNA does not recombine, it does not mix together with other Y-DNA to pick up information along the way, it just slowly mutatesMany men from Spain and Portugal are, in fact, R-MIn addition, the fact that your paternal pedigree extends or so generations does not preclude a previous patriarch who migrated into Spain from the British Isles, or one who had his way with a Spanish or Portuguese lady- If your DNA cousins on FTDNA and 23andMe have not take an Y-DNA test with FTDNA, and are not related to you on your direct paternal line (not your father's mother's father's line, or your father's father's mother's father's line - only father's father's father's, etc., line) they won't show up as matches on Y-DNA, and because autosomal DNA only goes back about 5-generations, the names you are viewing as matches now on those tests may not be related on that particular lineIt does take a few weeks to pull the vial from storage and re-run the panel, but I will be happy to let you know when the re-test is complete Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any questions or concernsBest regards, Janine ***Family Tree DNA

Hello Mr [redacted] ,Thank you for speaking with me on the phone this afternoon We performed the test you hired us to to as outlined in our terms and conditions that you agreed to when you bought the test I'm sorry that the result did not turn out with anything we could post A small percentage of autosomal tests require retesting due to sample failureWith your test we tried twice and we were unable to return a publishable result I called to try to work out something to help with the $charge for a retest so we can continue the journey you startedYou advised that you would only accept a full refundI'm sorry but we are going to be unable to grant that request Our Scientists in the lab uphold the highest standards in testing and produce thousands of usable results from autosomal DNA tests such as yours They used a great deal of experience and the best equipment and procedures I'm sorry we could come to an agreement that would work but I understand your reluctance to do so.Thank youTom R [redacted] Customer Support Manager

[redacted] Your results are now postedI'm sorry that you had the experience you did We produce those predictions on when the test will be complete from the customer support departmentThe lab moves too fast to stop and give progress reports When we saw that yours was not complete we gave the best prediction we could We also, audit the kits that re not finished and work with the lab to make certain nothing gets missed.Your kit was finished a few days later than predicted because we had an issue with the upload in our IT department I understand it can be quite frustrating to see the dates moved backWe take it very seriously.Thank youTom R [redacted] Customer Support Manager

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me Hello Tom,Thank you for taking the time to speak with me regarding my issueI appreciate the effort you put in to expedite my pending resultsI can see my results posted online now and have been able to download my raw dataAppreciate your help in getting this resolved.Best Regards,Saqib I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, MrTom [redacted] basically used the same excuse for delay as he did regarding my kit # [redacted] in It is FTDNA's "A typical" excuse FTDNA should have a responsibility to all of its customers to at the very least, inform them when purchasing a DNA test that their laboratory cannot keep up with the demandNot "we have experienced a delay"FTDNA take the money in advance from thousands of customers with no assurance or committment as to when the results will be completed I have absolutely no doubt that I am only one of thousands with the same complaintThe only difference is that I chose to file a complaint in hopes that FTDNA will clean up their act.Regards, [redacted]

Hello Mr [redacted] ,Thank you for speaking with me today about your sample As we discussed, there are a couple of markers that did not get enough coverage and we are retesting them I'm sorry but when we have to retest the process takes longer Our lab will not publish results until they are certain and, in this case, we did not get enough coverage on all the markers to post your results to your kit.Our estimated completion times are predictions based on the information we have at the time of publishingMost of our tests pass on the first try and the tests are complete in the time range We update as new information comes in Your test was already placed in the highest priority status as part of the retest process.We are certainly going to get your results to your kit When we do, you can have confidence that we have only given you the correct information Our policy states: "Testing times vary between products and may vary depending on lab volume and biological sample quality Expected result dates are predictions and not a guarantee of delivery." [redacted] I will send you an email so you can contact me directly and I will monitor with the lab manager of our Y-DNA line Thank youTom [redacted] Customer Support ManagerFamily Tree DNA

To the To appropriately place your business in the accurate category for reporting analysis, we request that you provide the following information Your company is welcome and encouraged to provide as many of the answers to the questions below but filling out the entire form is not necessaryIt is not an all or nothing form, any information you are comfortable providing will assist us in updating your rating Please submit the ratings sheet SEPERATELY by mail, fax, or email Otherwise the entire response to the complaint and the ratings sheet are automatically included in the response and sent to the consumer Family Tree DNA NLoop West, Suite # Houston TX Add to my information: Used For: # of Employees: Reliability Report # of Locations (see below): Reliability Report Business Scope: ___Local Location ___Local Multiple Locations ___Regional ___National ___International ___Internet Only Business Start Date- Month: Day: Year: Reliability Report # of Customers on an annual basis: ___1- ___500-49, ___50,000-99, ___100,000-999, ___1,000,or more Internal Use Only Gross Annual Revenue: Internal Use Only Local - Location-The business has only one location Local - Multiple Locations -The business has more than one location in the State Regional - more than one location, in more than one State, but not in all of the USA National - The business has more than one location in all or most of the USA International - has a location both inside the USAand a location in at least one other foreign country Internet Only - The business only does business on the internet and has no store locations DISCLAIMER: By signing this document your company attests that this is true and accurate information The reserves the right to request validation of the above information at any time Please notify the immediately if any of the information changes in the future Submitted by Name: Submitted by Title Date: Please complete this form and fax to the a

Tell us why here[redacted] Please accept our condolences on the passing of your fatherLosing a parent is never easyWe apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you've experienced with the [redacted] you ordered on your father's sampleWe understand how frustrating the wait must beUnfortunately, the sample has failed multiple timesBy this point we would normally have asked for fresh sample, but as you've noted, your father is deceased and cannot provide any further sample so we're trying to get the test completed from what's availableAs much as we'd like to be able to deliver the results, we're unable to do so if we can't complete the sequencing [redacted] requires a more robust sample than other types of testing, such as the Family Finder autosomal test, so even though we were able to deliver Family Finder results in about four weeks from the time you ordered, and [redacted] results in less than six weeks from the time you ordered that test, the [redacted] is proving to be much more difficultWe will do our best to complete the test for you as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a scientific process using a biological sample and we are limited by the suitability of that sample for sequencingPlease feel free to contact me directly with any further questions or concerns you may haveBest regards, Janine C***Group Projects Manager [redacted]

Hello ***,I'm sorry that we could not connect on the phoneI will do my best to help you with your tests We received your biological sample on February 11, Testing started thenWe expect our [redacted] tests to be completed in the time that we postI apologize that yours is not done in that amount of timeWhen a sample does not pass our Quality Control it can add time to the completion of the testUnfortunately, we do not know ahead of time if a sample will pass all out tests We are only able to go forward with the information we have on hand In our efforts to keep you notified, our people who post expected wait times to your kit had information that was, at the time, unavailable to our Information Specialists on the phone No one here is deliberately telling you anything untrue Communication between the lab and the rest of the business is clearly not up to the standard you expect We are continuing to test your sample and it is still in the labI am hoping tht this test will pass our Quality Control but I can not make promises We hope to have your test done in 3-weeks from today We do not charge extra for continued testing until we get your results If we have to ask for more sample, we will pay the shipping both waysI'm sorry but the lab will not publish your results until they are certain that they have the right resultsI wish I could get your results but until we know we are right we will not be able to produce any results I have looked at the order of events for you and I can see where you might believe you were overcharged You were not overchargedThe order in which you bought your tests defined the costs On Aug 26, you bought the [redacted] for $69On Jan 26, you bought the [redacted] for $+$shippingYou also bought the [redacted] for $ Then you cancelled the [redacted] and we refunded your $for this test on Jan 28, Please check your account for that date to see the refund was put into your account.On Jan you ordered the [redacted] again for $139.If you would like I will refund the $for the [redacted] and we will continue to work to get your results through the test and Quality Control.Thank you

Dear Ms [redacted] , We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you've experience with your purchaseIn viewing your initial inquiry regarding the test, you stated that you didn't receive anything for your money, which is why the person who answered gave you instructions on accessing the resultsIt seemed that you believed you didn't get results, not that you were unsatisfied with the results you receivedI'm not sure exactly where you saw the test advertised, but I have gone to the [redacted] site and copied the description of the test from there and attached a screenshotIt says, "About the mtDNAPlus testReach into the past through mtDNA testing to uncover the deep ancestral origin of your direct maternal line (your mother, your mother's mother, etc.) and connect with genetic cousins." That description does say deep ancestral originsThe attachment also indicates that the more DNA you compare, the closer the relationships it can show, and the more refined the haplogroup will beAgain, without knowing exactly where you saw the test advertised, it's difficult to say what you expected to get from the test, but we did deliver what the website stated we wouldDeep ancestral origins in the form of a maternal haplogroup, and matches along your direct maternal lineThe instructions about contacting [redacted] for any refund request are accurateThey bought the test from us and then sold it to you, so they are liable for any refunds that may be issuedHowever, because we do want to ensure that your experience is a positive one, we will be happy to offer you a Family Finder autosomal test at no chargeWe can use the sample you've already submitted to process the test, we simply need your agreement to do soPlease feel free to contact me directly Janine ***Family Tree DNA [email protected]

Thank you for speaking with me today, [redacted] I understand that you feel you did not get treated well on the phoneI apologize that we left you with that feelingI have taken that agent our of the queue for retraining today so we could discuss exactly what could have been done better and how your type of call needs to be handled in the future.As I advised on the phone, the first vial for kit [redacted] did not complete the testing process because we could not get it through quality control We then started with the second vial and it it in testing with our highest priorityI have spoken to the lab manager for the autosomal DNA line and he is well aware of your sample I will monitor it with him Should we have problems getting this sample through the process, I will contact you and we will work on how to get more sample from the test subject.I sent you and email so you cen reply and have a conduit directly to meI also refunded all your costs on this test including the shipping.Thank you [redacted] Customer Support Manager

Dear [redacted] ***, We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience you may have experiencedI've requested a refund of your $39, which should be received by your financial institution within 5-business daysJust a note: we did receive your email regarding this issue - at 1:am today, May While we strive to answer emails in as timely a manner as possible, generally within hours, we do get several hundred per day so it's rare we're able to answer within hoursI've replied to your email in addition to this replyPlease let us know if you need further assistanceJanine [redacted] ***

Dear Ms [redacted] , We apologize for any frustration or inconvenience you experienced with your DNA testWe did have a large number of tests arrive in the mail about the same time yours did, and while we added extra staff, it did still take longer than for a kit scanned as delivered by the [redacted] to be checked in to the labOnce in the lab, it took longer than for the sample to be extracted and run, and once completed in the lab, took longer to upload than normalEach of those delays have generated a higher-than-call and email volumeI will discuss your concerns with the Customer Service manager so that he can use your feedback for trainingYour results have posted now so you should be able to view your matches and ancestral origins, and use all the features of our sitePlease contact me directly at janine* if you need further assistance Best Regards, Janine [redacted] Group Projects ManagerFamily Tree DNA

Hello Mr***,I'm sorry you feel this wayWe have been honest and working in good faith to get your result but the lab has been unable to produce a result with the samples we have received, so farThe Lab is currently working with the latest sample to try to get you a result If necessary, we will send for more sample but we are hoping we can get you something with the test we are running now Your sample has failed several times and we have requested more sample several timesWe do so at our cost for shipping and testing Attached you will see the transaction number and receipt for the refund of the $ The refund was processed on April I did say that we will refund your cost and continue testing We have given the refund and we are continuing to test We must push buttons in the administrative portion of our computer system to give refunds and what you saw is that your test was cancelledThe test is not cancelled and we are working on it.I'm sorry but the Lab will not publish results until they are certainThey will go back and test again when Quality Audits requireThat is the process that is happening with your sampleWe are making a good faith effort to get you the result of your test.Thank youTom R [redacted] Customer Support Manager

Hello ***,I'm sorry you are having this experienceWhen you took the test you elected not to sign the [redacted] Due to our privacy policy we are unable to show you any matches without your signature on that formWe offer an electronic version of the release form for your convenience Due to our strict privacy policy, you will not see others information until you sign the [redacted] The privacy policy states:"If the matching program finds a genetic match between you and another person in the database, and you have each signed the [redacted] *** Family Tree DNA will notify you via e-mail.If a genetic match is found between you and another individual who enters the library at some time in the future, both will be given the information that a potential match is in the database provided that BOTH of you have signed the [redacted] Only where both parties have signed the release form will we release contact information concerning the separate parties to the other partyIn this way, all persons in the database will have the right to decide if they want to contact their genetic match(es)."We have a learning center provided free of charge for you to learn about your results and how to use them in your genealogy searches provide your online dashboard free of charge We do have advertisements for our tests that help individuals learn about our offerings If you would like to call during business hours we will be glad to have one of our Information Specialists help you understand how to use the tools in your dashboard Our phone number is [redacted] Thank youTom [redacted] Customer Support ManagerFamily Tree DNA

Dear Ms [redacted] , We apologize that you've had such difficulty in getting your matches from your Genographic Project transferI am investigating to see what the issue is and how quickly we can get it resolvedWhile I do not know specifically what's preventing your kit from displaying matches, I believe that we've had some similar issues before and it's something in the pipeline rather than in your data that's causing the glitchRegardless, I will get back to you within hours with a followupIf you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at janine* Best regards,Janine ***Family Tree DNA I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me Sent: Friday, [redacted] **Subject: Re: You have a New Message from Regarding Complaint # [redacted] I did click on accept

Mr [redacted] , I will apply the upgrade to markers for youI cannot make any guarantees about when your current results will be complete because we can't give results if the sample doesn't yield them, and we won't give results if we can't be confident that they're accurateWe give expected completion dates, not guarantees and we're quiet clear about that in our refund policy, which is linked at the point of purchase"Delays in testing do not entitle customers to a refund since scientific procedures may be delayed for a variety of reasonsTesting times vary between products and may vary depending on lab volume and biological sample qualityExpected result dates are predictions and not a guarantee of deliveryWe will make every effort to ensure that results are delivered for every order, but we do not offer any assurances that we will be able to provide specific results."Still, I completely understand how frustrating it is - I'm a customer as well as an employee, and I have had to wait on results, tooIt's never fun, and I'm sorry you've had to go through it Regards, Janine ***FTDNA I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. From: [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2016 2:06 PM To: drteam <[email protected]> Subject: Re: You have a New Message from BBB Regarding Complaint # [redacted] This issue is still unsolved. To this date I have not received the promised test results.

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