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Review: On 8/31/2014 I submitted payment to Inc. in the amount of $99 for a premium account. Thus far, I have not received anything different from this blogging site than those who sign on for free. Often the site is down or simply does not provide me with the items I click on and I'm not able to view any of the premium themes I paid for. If all I get for $99 is the same thing others receive who pay nothing, what's the point of paying anything. Please refund me my money back. Thank you. I am not pleased with your services. There is no way to contact this company other than writing them or filing a complaint. Their website does not appear to be secure or stable. Please credit my account back for the full amount of $99 immediately. Desired Settlement: I'm requesting a full refund for $99.00 back into my account immediately.

Review: The site has been finicky on and off (not connecting) and now I cannot access the website at all. I've troubleshooted every way and tried to email support (I guessed it would be [redacted]) and this is what I got:"Hi there!This email address is no longer in use so if you're looking to get support or send an inquiry to's support team, please visit our documentation page at h[redacted].Thank youHi there!This email address is no longer in use so if you're looking to get support or send an inquiry to's support team, please visit our documentation page at [redacted]/.Thank you.Best regards, | Support Team"Seems as though they have discontinued website hosting and I can't get a hold of them. I had a few blogs with numerous blog entries and now they are all gone. I'm not sure if they just had a server issue but it concerns me and have no way of getting a hold of them.My info for [redacted]Desired Settlement: I'd like to get my blog entries back if at all possible. Thank you for your help in advance.

Review: I paid $99 dollars to BLOG.COM for a blog and they advertised that I could get a refund within 30days which I canceled that same day. I wrote from their site and can't get them and called to a repeated busy phone. Can't get

In touch with anyoneDesired Settlement: Refund and web information so no one else has this problem

Review: On 10/13/12, after maintaining a blog at for a number of years, suspended my account without explanation or notice. Currently, when trying to access my blog, I am greeted with's logo and the words, "This blog has been suspended due to the violation of the". I have utilized's customer service form provided on their website no less than four times and have yet to receive any response from them.Desired Settlement: I request that my blog be removed from suspension and reinstated promptly.

If reinstatement of my blog is not an option, then I request an explanation as to why my blog was suspended - including the exact TOU that I am accused of violating with quoted examples from the blog (if that is where a violation was determined to be). I also request admin. access to the blog so that I may retrieve any and all blog posts, comments, data, and information contained within.

Review:'s website is down and been down for two days. It keep saying "Bad Gateway 502" and I can not access my blog on There is no way to contact I worry about my blog and I want them to get their website up, so I can take it down. I even contact US-CERT about this, because I'm afraid about this site is being attack by hackers. Also, I found out website is down several times in the past. You can't email them a support ticket, because their website is down.Desired Settlement: They need to get their website back up as soon as possible and being down with "Bad Gateway 502" This is very upsetting and annoying to me that I can't access my blog, because their is down. been down days and not giving anybody no explanation on what's wrong or what they're doing about this. I wanna deactivate my blog on and go somewhere else.

Review: I have had a blog on for over 1 year. Over the last several months there have been periods of time where my blog was not accessible. I was frustrated but tried to be patient. For my blog, I purchased and paid to have a private domain with my blogs name as opposed to my This payment was confirmed on Oct 24, 2013 and is paid until Oct. 24, 2014. Since November 20th, I have been unable to connect to my private domain of I can only access my blog by going to published on their website that they were unable to directly reply to concerns and questions because they are a very small company. They have posted a FAQ to serve as their customer service. I finally found a way to file a "Help Request" and have filed 3 of them since November 20th with no resolution and no response.Desired Settlement: I want my private domain activated without the ending.I want a designated address and/or person I can contact if this happens again. My private domain is paid through Oct 2014, so I am hesitant to try moving companies until it's time to renew.If I do not receive assistance from I will change company's, transfer my domain, and forfeit the fee that I have paid to for that service. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received! Buy BEWARE!!

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