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Bloodhound Inspection Team

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Review: [redacted] the inspector was nice to deal although the secretary from the beginning was not friendly to my wife or I. He did miss a major problem on a support column that was missing under a main beam of the house. The was beam sagging .75" -1". This 8" I-beam was covering as span of 27' which it is not designed to without the use of a column according to specs which was evident to see. This caused a big problem because had he found this like he should have we would have been able to ask the seller to cover the expense of having it fixed. I had to find out on my own about a week after settling on the house after wondering why door jambs were crooked and not latching right. We had to take on the problem on ourselves and jack the house, as a result we now have many cracks to repair in the drywall which is expected when jacking a house. We called to try to work something out with bloodhounds about discounting us $100 dollars off the bill or something since it we paid them around $750 for the inspection, still no return call back. In the grand scheme of things $100 would have been nothing to settle the problem. Lesson learned, make sure you chose your inspectors wisely and be sure they really do stand behind there work. Many times websites will say how great a company is etc. etc. but the true test stands when you see how one handles the problem and if they truly stand behind their work.Desired Settlement: $100



address is:


Response: of Metro Washington DC and Eastern Pennsylvania 1337 North Front Street Harrisburg, PA 17202

Dear [redacted]:

This letter is in response to the complaint ID # [redacted].

! received an initial phone call on July 6th from the customer related to his concern about a beam sagging. I immediately called a professional building contractor, [redacted], who specialize in building and remodeling homes. I arranged a meeting at the customer's home, with the [redacted] and myself for July 9th, at 5:30.

After inspection of the beam, [redacted], from the [redacted], did not see a problem in the steel beam and said it was structurally sound and integrity was good.

The seller was contacted and stated they had no problems since the home was built in 1995. The real estate agent called the builder of this home and he said that the span of the beam he installed was satisfactory.

In closing, I would like to highlight that I responded to the customer's concern within 24 hours. I brought a qualified contractor to inspect the beam, at my expense and on my time. The contractor's findings reflect my home inspection report, indicating the beam is satisfactory, structurally sound.

The customer was given a quality home inspection, just as I provide to all my clients.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: A steel beam is not designed to span 27 foot without a column. LOL .. It really concerns me that a qualified contractor should think think this and he really needs to learn his code. I have the specs on this beam and talked to a structure engineer to show it is not designed for this type of span. How could one say this when he say the beam sagging .75 of a inch and how come a beam of the same size is in the basement with a column. This is completely false. If structural loads on this beam need to be submitted please let us know and we can provide this.

Also, may I inform you there is a conflict of interest here because the contractor was his friend and of course he is going to say what he has to in order to help his friend.

I'm hanging the contractors response on my wall so my fellow contractors and I can get a good laugh once in a while as with the engineers.



Response: of Metro DC and Eastern PA

8:27 AM (12 minutes ago)

to me

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: [redacted] <[redacted]>

Date: Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:24 PM

Subject: complaint id# [redacted]

To: [email protected]

hi, I would like to add something very important I forgot to include in my complaint from yesterday. I called your office and they said to send a email adding it.

please see below:

"The real estate agent called the builder of this home and he said that the span of the beam he installed was satisfactory" is incorrect. The real estate agent only found out who the builder's name was ([redacted]) BUT NO INFORMATION was found on this builder, therefore, he WAS NOT contacted.........there was no listing for him to be contacted.

In regards to your comment "The contractor's finding reflect my home inspection, indicating the beam in satisfactory, structurally sound" is off as well. Your contractor specifically made the comment that I was "one in a million to find something like this and it looked like this was covered up". When he made this comment, my wife asked him if he meant that someone tried to hide this. He came back with, he didn't think someone tried to hide this but just that a beam should have been there and that I ([redacted]) have a good eye for catching this.

Also in reference to them following up in 24 hours. this is not true either no calls were returned and we had to call 3 times before anything was done.

With this being said Bloodhounds response is totally inaccurate to what we were told. of Metro DC and Eastern PA

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