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Blue Bear Made

2118 Wilshire Blvd STE 1080, Santa Monica, California, United States, 90403-5704

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Never received the product item. No email follow-up whatsoever. No working phone number- it is still "undergoing maintenance". Complaints here are consistent with this experience.

May 29, 2020

Order on Jan 3 2020 # XXXXXX; credit card charged immediately *** I have e-mailed asking about my order; no response
order placed Jan 3, 2020; e-mail confirmation for order #XXXXXX; Mastercard charged on Jan 3, 2020; said it would take 7-9 business days; order for orthopedic bunion corrector to wear at night as well as a day-time bunion corrector; received additional e-mails urging me to buy more; they do not answer my e-mails asking about where is my order; their most recent e-mail thanks me for my purchase and asks me to make another order;

Desired Outcome

Best resolution = receive the bunion protector but at this point I would settle for having my money back *** they say they have 100% money-back guarantee but I have received nothing (no product; no refund to date; no answer to e-mails.

Customer Response time Jun 01, 2020

For now I would like to withdraw this complaint.

I order a blue bear posture on April 22nd and did not receive an email regarding a truck number or confirmation . I would please like a refund ASAP
I order a blue bear posture on April 22nd and did not receive an email regarding a truck number or confirmation . I would please like a refund ASAP

Desired Outcome

Refund please

Purchased 2 posture correctors on 4/16/20. I paid them via PayPal. I emailed them today also. I want a refund. Thank you for your help,

I never received 2 posture correctors from this company, I paid them via PayPal *** On 4/1620.I want a refund and will purchase a similar product via Amazon. The company who received the money is performance Ignited Inc. at PayPal.

Desired Outcome

I basically wanted you to know that I am another customer who did not receive the product that was paid for via my PayPal account regarding this Little Shop vendor. I emailed them today and hope that they will contact me.

Customer Response time Jun 08, 2020

I did receive the item I ordered. The company was cooperative and made sure that I was able to track my item via US postal service. Please end this complaint.
Thank you

Takes your money and never delivered the product. Blames the postal service, the tracking number is actually made up.

I ordered 2 items online and paid with a credit card which amount has been taken from my bank. The product hasn't even begun the shipment process.
They took my money and confirmed the order was to be shipped

The order has not been shipped even 3 weeks later and they do not respond with any dates as when it will be shipped and do not respond to email directly to my questions

Attempts to call the company have not been returned and it appears they have no intention of shipping product or communicating with me

I have asked for a refund and cancellation of the product which have attempted to do by phone and email and they have not responded

They are ignoring all requests for information about shipping status and anything regarding cancelling the order and refunding my money

It is clear to me their conduct is designed to defraud customers out of their money and ignore any efforts the customer has to get a refund or product shipped

They have stolen money from me in a fraudulent scheme

Desired Outcome

The company needs to refund my credit card and confirm they have done so, which is consistent with my last three requests of them by email and phone

I ordered 3 items and only received 1 item.
On April 2, 2020, I ordered 3 items from Blue Bear on-line. The foot support brace was delivered with in a few weeks to my home in SF. The other two items have not shown up. When I track the order, it is still awaiting shipment. I contacted their help desk three times to no avail. I would like my money returned for the two items that they can not seem to locate nor deliver.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund for the two items that were never delivered.

SCAM WARNING! Red flags all over the place with this company "Little Style Shop" (created in 2018) aka "Blue Bear Made" (created in 2020). Online reviews show the same issues over and over. The five star online reviews are obviously fake. Their two Facebook pages are a joke with no content related to what they are selling. They blame the coronavirus for their inability to fulfill orders however reviews show this company has been having issues months before the pandemic. They don't answer emails though they claim to within 24-48 hours. Their main "help" email address bounces. Their phone answering system has said it's "undergoing maintenance" for more than six months and to contact them by email. The address given is the one that bounces. Products they sell are available on Amazon, so DO NOT buy from this company!

Ordered and charged $25.95 for bunion corrector on Apr. 2. No receipt. Not able to contact by phone or email as of May 1. Want complete refund.
The only info. I have is their phone # ***.

Desired Outcome

I want refund of $ 25.95 and cancellation of order. Others should be aware of the company's shoddy practices. I should have been able to contact Little Style Shop but the phone line was always busy and the email address was not found when I tried that approach.

Apr 30, 2020

SCAM Company. I placed order and paid by credit card. Given a bogus USPS number and never received by product. Can't reach anyone at this company. Email address returns demon mail. No one answers phone. Just a ripoff! Stay away!

Apr 07, 2020

I haven't received my package and I get no answers from them either by phone or email but they charged $42.90 to my credit card.
I placed an order on March 16th for 2 posture correctors and they immediately charged my credit card $42.90 but they never sent me an email confirming my purchase or with a tracking number. I never received my package either. I have sent them two emails and have gotten no answers and when I call their number a recording says they are working on the phone lines. I can see that this company has many complaints and I am not interested in waiting for their product, I want a refund ASAP.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund, this is not a serious company and I am not interested in dealing with them

Failed to deliver Order number ***. Invalid USPS number
Billed my account $42.90

Desired Outcome

Refund $42.90

This order placed on February 2 2020 and has been in a holding pattern Awaiting USPS for several weeks. I contacted merchant who refused to refund.
I contacted the merchant and stated that I wished to not wait any longer because it stated that I would receive my order in 10-12 days from date of order and it is now the 6th of March. And when I emailed the merchant he stated that this is all because of the virus outbreak and that I will receive my order but yet he can't tell me when this will happen because of the post office there . Which is *** because I ordered the same things from Amazon and had them within 2 days from California and he refuses to issue a refund until I receive the order from him . I have filed a claim with my bank and he keeps sending me emails with different dates that his 3rd party shipping service has excepted the order but is still waiting on the USPS system to pick them up. The merchants name is*** and he continues to state that the order is still in the timeframe of shipping but yet he continues to change the shipping dates.

Desired Outcome

I would like my money back and this order to be canceled because I have absolutely no use for his products as of now ! This has been the worst case of poor customer service that I have ever had to tolerate from a merchant. I would also like for his business to be shut down so that nobody else has to go through this fraudulent transaction process again.

Blue Bear Made Response time Mar 09, 2020

The customer was informed the date of the delivery. Our refund policy , which can be check on the website, states that if the customer wants a refund, he/she should return the item. We cannot process the refund if the item is still in transit.

Customer Response time Mar 10, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This guy has consistently sent text messages to my phone on a daily basis changing the delivery dates and up until I posted a complaint with you all in regards to his business practices it had been the same nonsense your package is in transit but yet not picked up by the USPS for 3 weeks. And then 2 or 3 days after filing a complaint with the I then get a text stating that it is on its way and then the next day it has arrived in my state and awaiting delivery to my local post office. It should never take a consumer contacting the to get a business to deliver a purchase that is a month old . That is poor business and as we can all see this is not this guy's first complaint against him for this same issue. If you are going to take my money and then hold off on shipping the order for what ever reason you can pull out of your rear end and then turn around and refuse to issue a refund when it hasn't even left your town let alone your supposed 3rd party shipper then issue the consumer their refund and take your garbage products back to what ever building you are conjuring them up in. Because you have wasted my time and my money and you should be ashamed of yourself!

I didn't receive my order, purchased on January 3, 2020, in the amount of $48.85, order #XXXXXX.
I need a refund.
I made a purchased on January 3, 2020 for 2 pairs of bunion correctors, during the the purchased it stated express shipping 7-10 business days after the purchased was completed it said 9-13 days, to this day I haven't received my order.
Each time I called, no answer or the phones are being worked on.
I need a refund to my original form of purchase.
I also emailed them on 03/06/2020.

Desired Outcome

I need a refund to my original form of purchase.

Customer Response time Mar 27, 2020

They refunded me on 03/23/2020.
Thank you for help.

Worst experience ever! Do not order from this place. Ordered on February 2nd said it would take 7-9 business days waited and never got shipping email. Company came back with ridiculous excuse that employees were on holiday break. Who's in retail and takes a break and doesn't staff properly. Maybe you shouldn't be in retail. Then claimed that there was a ban on international shipping. We're both in the USA. A company that can't take accountability should be out of business. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Blue Bear Made Response time Feb 27, 2020

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our supplies got affected by the Corona Virus issue. Most of our supplies need to undergo rescan and review from customs, which took a long time for us to be able to ship products. Customs will not allow packages to be imported to the respective countries or locations for delivery if they haven't scanned the items yet. Anyway, if you need any tracking information or you need further assistance with your order, please contact us directly ***

Customer Response time Feb 28, 2020

I appreciate this comment I only wish the company would have been upfront and honest about this from the start. I would have understood instead I was given ridiculous excuses! Thanks for your comment

Little Style Shop sent my package with a tracking number linked to my address but put a California address on the package. Not delivered.
Order placed December 29, 2019
Payment through PayPal for $41.52
Product ordered: Orthopedic Bunion Corrector x2

Tracking number was linked to my address but the actual address on the package had a Tustin, CA address. I have confirmed this with my local postmaster. Tracking showed it made its way to my post office but left because of this problem.

This company has no working phone to contact them. The email I received in response to asking what address they put on the package replied with, "Upon checking, however, I see that your package was already delivered by USPS to an individual at the address at 5:00 pm on January 21, 2020 in Tustin, CA ***." There was also a screenshot of the tracking followed with this statement: "If you are still not in receipt of your package, please reach out to USPS at *** to get more information about the delivery and see if they can still retrieve your package. You may also check your mailbox or ask your neighbors if they have received your package by mistake."

The shipping address they have on file for my order is a Tennessee address.

Desired Outcome

Refund my PayPal account.

Blue Bear Made Response time Jan 26, 2020

The customer was refunded already per request.

Customer Response time Jan 27, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Paypal account refunded in full and I also received the products I ordered in the mail today. I appreciate Little Style Shop making this right! If a better response to my email had been made instead of telling me to contact the USPS to retrieve my incorrectly addressed package, I would not have filed this complaint. Thank you for making this right!

Terrible customer service, could not track package., Took over 2 weeks to find out where package was.

Blue Bear Made Response time Jan 26, 2020

The item was delivered right away successfully via USPS Tracking Number: ***. You might be referring to a different store and different product.

Customer Response time Jan 27, 2020

Product was delivered eight away it took 3 weeks and several emails to get this product. They kept referring to a tracking # that always said package was on way to USPS vis 3ed party and then one day just magically showed up after a complaint was filed.

Blue Bear Made Response time Feb 02, 2020

As stated on our website, due to extreme demand for the product, it will take 14-17 business days to receive. However, if you paid the express shipping, it will only take 9-13 business days.

I bought a posture corrector for 15 dollars. But just a month later, when I opened up my credit card report, I was charged over 180 dollars. When I contacted customer service, they were just plain rude. They threatened to take me to court, saying that "I didn't have any evidence". These people simply don't know how to handle customers. At this point, I am weary that I will even get a useful response from these people, since all they do on their complaints page is dismiss and lie, saying that none of us have any evidence. If this many people are saying the same thing, it's gotta be true. WILL NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE AGAIN.

Desired Outcome

I simply want them to acknowledge their sham practices and give me, along with all the other people who have complained about this, their FULL REFUNDS.

Blue Bear Made Response time Jan 13, 2020

The customer ordered from us last Oct. 25, 2018. That was more than a year ago already. The item was delivered successfully. We did not receive any complaints receive from the customer. Attached are proofs :

I made a purchase on December 12th and my items have yet to be shipped.
I made a purchase on December 12th for 2 items totaling up to $49.39 USD. The site indicated priority shipping takes 7-9 days. My order was confirmed and on December 13th at 4:41 am a shipping label was created with FedEx. As of right now it still says expected delivery date pending. I contacted FedEx and they informed me that the items haven't been sent to them as of yet. I've sent the site several emails explaining that if the items were not to arrive by Christmas that I would like to cancel the order and order the items somewhere else. The site claims to respond to emails within 24-48 hours. It is now December 26th. I sent another email this morning stating that I would contact the and dispute the purchase through my bank and I immediately got a response claiming someone would contact me in another 24-48 hours.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund if my items do not arrive within the next 48-72 hours.

Blue Bear Made Response time Dec 30, 2019

As stated on our website, it will take 14-17 business days to receive. Due to holiday season, postal office are experiencing delays. Anyway, as stated on FedEx website, it says that the item will be out for delivery:

Scheduled delivery:Saturday 1/04/2020 by end of day

Tracking # ***
Reference : ***

Also, stated on our Refund Policy, the refund can be process once the item was received by the customer already.

Within warranty period I asked for a refund. The company prolonged the process to exceed the warranty period in order to not issue a refund.
I ordered a BodyWellnessTM Posture Corrector from this company for $25.45 and did not like the product or find it effective.

I received the product on 9/4/2019. I requested to return it for a refund on 9/24/2019 within the 30 day warranty period.

The company advertises a no questions asked. their policy states:
"If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!"

Here is the response I received from the company asking me questions and demanding documentation in order to process a refund:

"Thank you for your email.

Is this because of the size as you have ordered a small size? Was it too small even if you have adjusted it to your size? We actually do have a larger size available.

Small: For kids or small adults 90 lbs - 140 lbs (40 kg - 64 kg)

Medium: For adults up to 150 lbs - 180 lbs (70 - 82 kg) .

Large: For adults between to 181-225 lbs (83 kg - 102 kg).

XL(Extra Large): For adults between to 226-265 lbs (103 kg - 120kg).

We are sorry to hear that you`re not satisfied with your purchase and I understand that you want your money back.

Before we can process a refund/ replacement, kindly submit the following document:

1. Please attach 3 images of the product on hand to this email for validation.

The main reason for this is to save time and money as our valued customer since we are receiving invalid returns or product not purchased from us. Invalid returns will be sent back to the customer plus shipping cost. Kindly understand that it's for documentation purposes and will serve as a reference for this transaction. Also once pictures is sent, this will allow to skip shipping the product back to us and we can issue a refund directly.

On the other hand, as a valued customer we would like to offer you a 50% refund if you opt to keep it and no need for you to go through our return process. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response and understanding.

Best Regards,


I did not have time to process all of the unwarranted request prior to leaving town. When I did figure out how to send them what they requested on 10/14/2019. They told me that I was now past the 30 day warranty period and they would not be issuing a refund.

They then continued to ask me more questions as to why I took 20 days to reply to their email. I answered their questions and they still wouldn't refund my purchase.

I then called them out on their own policy of "No questions asked" and they said that that part of the policy is not literal.

I let them know that if parts of their advertising and policies are not literal then no one will know when to take them at their word.

I have since given up on getting a refund. I will attach the email correspondence.

I would just like everyone to know this is how the handle their "Valued Clients"

Thank you

Desired Outcome

A refund would be nice, but mainly I just want the public to know how this business operates and prays on the public. The product was only $25.45 USD

Blue Bear Made Response time Oct 18, 2019

Good day!

It is part of our company policy to offer replacement first before issuing a refund. Most of the time, our customers just want to ask refund because of the wrong size sent to them that is why we usually offer FREE replacement if they want to. Since the customer doesnt want a replacement, the agent ask him for pictures as part of our policy for refund procediure. The customer refused to provide the required details. It was clearly stated on our website, Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can't offer you a refund or exchange ( Reference : *** ) . This was agreed by the customer upon purchase.

Attaced are proofs in regards to customers order details.

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Address: 2118 Wilshire Blvd STE 1080, Santa Monica, California, United States, 90403-5704


+1 (800) 401-4816
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