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Bluemel's Garden & Landscape Center

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Good Afternoon, Upon receipt of complaint, Bluemel's sent a crew to pull weeds and spray planting beds.   Work was completed on June 30th.  Bluemel's apologies for the delay in services and appreciates consumer's patience.    Bluemel's now considers this matter...


Review: Company was contracted last fall to remove vegetation around the perimeter of the home we had just purchased, and then install mulch beds around the house and plant several new bushes. The work was completed in a timely manner, but this spring, the old vegetation grew out through the new mulch beds again. In addition. the number of weeds and grass growing through the new mulch beds is much more than should normally be expected.

Repeated calls and voicemails were made to our landscaping contact, both at the business location and through his cell phone. Most calls and voicemails were not returned. On 2 different occasions, the contact said he agreed with our assessment and they would come by to do some spraying, but that has not been done yet. I have expressed my disappointment and frustration with the quality of work that they did in removing the old vegetation, since it is now growing back, and the weeds are out of control. It seems that their original removal process done last fall was not sufficient (they did not dig deep enough to remove the old vegetation). Also, I'm really disappointed with their lack of response to my repeated inquiries.

Work performed had a 1 year warranty that will expire this fall.Desired Settlement: I'd like them to remove the old vegetation that is continuing to grow in the newly installed mulch beds, since this was part of the original work that was not completed adequately. Also, for the excessive weeds and grasses growing now , I'd like them to do the spraying that they already committed to doing twice now.



Good Afternoon, Upon receipt of complaint, Bluemel's sent a crew to pull weeds and spray planting beds. Work was completed on June 30th. Bluemel's apologies for the delay in services and appreciates consumer's patience. Bluemel's now considers this matter closed.

Review: A contract was signed on 6/27/14 to have a drain tile installed along west side of property. There would be a swale cut to pitch towards the south with soil and sod installed after swale is completed. On 8/7/14, Bluemels started their work and had installed the tile and a catch basin at the north end. At the end of the day, they also had topsoil installed by the catch basin. Since the original area was low, the north end of the drain tile had to be raised up so there would be an adequate pitch for the tile to the south. When raising the original low area, it now had created the swale (low area) in my yard and not having the swale by the catch basin. So, I called my Sales Rep.([redacted]) from Bluemels on Thursday night to ask him to come over on Friday-8/8/14 to look at the problem. When [redacted] came over Friday morning, he noticed how the corner of my yard was now lower than the new installed topsoil which means I would have pooling in my yard. He told me that he would have the crew cut the sod out of an estimated area 10 x 15 area & install topsoil and sod pitched towards the catch basin. He never mentioned that this would cost extra money & I never asked because I thought it was moving the swale from my yard to the catch basin. The work was completed on Friday 8/8/14 with everything installed even though there is a small low point in my yard that does pool water. On Tuesday (8-12-14), we received the bill in the mail and our price had increased $360.00 without taxes. I went into Bluemels on Wed. (8-13-14) to talk to someone about this. I talked to a someone named Mike who said he would inform [redacted] (sales rep) about this. Later, on Wednesday, I talked to [redacted] about this. He told me that the price increase was for the additional 10 x 15 area that had to be built up. I mentioned to him that there was no price given on Friday and that this worked had to be done or the pooling would have been in my yard. He said he would talk to the crew and stop by to look at what I was talking about. He also mentioned he would get back to me. It is now Tuesday-8-19 and I have yet to hear from anyone from Bluemels. Our bill is due by Aug. 26 which I will not pay until next Monday.

One other concern is the lack of an one year warranty for the drain tile. [redacted] (sales rep) mentioned in June that this carries a one year warranty in case the drain tile does not work after the settling. I would think after spending $2000.00 a drain tile is covered under hardscaping. However, drain tiles are not listed.Desired Settlement: A bill adjust for the added fee due to the lack of communication that it was going to cost us extra money. If I pay the bill before this is settled, then a refund for the added fee. Also, a call explaining if the drain tile is covered under warranty or not. If not, why is not.



Consumer states that they received an adjusted bill in the mail and consider the issues resolved.

I recently wrote a negative review on this business.In hindsight I should have first contacted the owners directly to try to resolve negative concerns. I did stop in today and the owners were extremely nice and apologetic. They adjusted my bill to my satisfaction. I was so frustrated when I initially posted a review. Although the work this year was sub par I should not have written a negative review before reaching out the the owners. In the past their work was wonderful or they corrected things immediately. This was not the typical experience with Bluemels by any means andI will say now that the adjustment met my satisfaction.

Review: We hired this company in 2007 to install a new tan Keystone garden wall for our large flower bed. They did a beautiful job and we are very happy with it. We had recently found out that the garden was over our lot line (which was no fault to them) so we hired them back and paid them to remove and re-install the wall so it now stands on our property. The issue we have with them is they took all the brick with them (12) in all, these where the very large brick. It was 4 brick high and they took at least 3 rows. We did not tell them to take them which we feel they shouldn't because we paid for them in the first place. We called them back the day they came out to do the job and asked what happened to the brick and [redacted] said they mistakenly brought them to the company and threw them away in the dump and they would bring us new ones. He said they would replace them in 2 days. We waited a week and I called [redacted] back and he said they would come with them in 2 days. I called back every week for 4 weeks and talked to [redacted] and he always said he would replace them within 2 days every time I called. I gave up on [redacted] and called [redacted] which I had to leave a voice message to explain the problem. I called [redacted] twice and left a voice message and he never called us back either. We want the brick back, which we paid for in the first place. We don't feel they care now that the job is done. The sad part of all this is we live not 3 minutes from them so they could have dropped them off on the way to do other jobs. We just want the brick back!Desired Settlement: Just replace the 12 brick with ones of the same size and same color.



On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM, [redacted] wrote:

Yes, we have heard from Bluemel's and they did finally bring us our bricks, and yes we are satisfied with the results. I do not feel this company is customer friendly or they would try to resolve problems in a timely matter. Unfortunately due to the problems we had we are never going to use this company again or refer them to anyone.

I have been trying to get some work done by Bluemel's but can't get a response from them. I got a quote about a week after I requested it, then called the same day I got the quote to set up the service. After waiting for over 3 weeks I called again to cancel the request but still haven't heard from anyone. I've heard Bluemel's only deals with large contracts but didn't believe it. I really believe it now. I drive by their location every day for work but will not stop in anymore due to the total lack of professionalism.

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Description: Landscape Contractors, Snow Removal Equipment, Landscaping Services (NAICS: 561730)

Address: 4930 W Loomis Rd, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53220


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