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On 1//2020 I visited Red Lobsters (***.) There was a sign posted in the parking lot stating that if you park on the yellow line , your vehicle will be towed from this location. I Did not park on the yellow line at all ; however when I came out of the restaurant there was a boot on my vehicle along with an empty (not filled out) warning sign from B&M Towing Inc. The manager of Red Lobsters went to speak with the tow truck driver stating that I did not violate any parking rules and that they have been targeting their customers. The tow truck driver refused to release my vehicle & remove the boot unless I paid him $200.00 cash. The tow truck driver also stated that the check cashing place (Payomatic) across the street hired him. I contacted the towing company the next day for a refund because they illegally placed a boot on my vehicle ; however they did not get back to me. I have photos of my parked vehicle which was not on the yellow line on 1//2020 at approximately 9pm.

B&M towing Response • Mar 10, 2020

In regards to this complaint:First and foremost: no signs displayed on this property state "No parking on the yellow line", Our signs simply state that vehicles not following proper rules and regulations will be towed or booted upon the properties request.Red Lobster is adjacent to another business in which we are contracted with. Red Lobster has no say in who is and isn't illegally parked, and cannot intervene with anything transpiring on their neighboring businesses property. Every night Red Lobster customers and employees park in the adjacent businesses parking lot and disregard the rear parking strictly for the restaurant. These vehicles are often even blocking the entrances to both of these businesses every night.The "yellow line" stated in this complaint is a property line in which surrounds the neighboring business. Whether a car is parked on the line, or inside the line they are still on private property not abiding by rules and regulations.We are not targeting anyone in particular; we were hired by a business whose parking lot is constantly being taken advantage of. For over a year we have been enforcing that next door is private property, but sadly every night there are still dozens of vehicles not abiding by these warning signs and property rules.As for the complaint made to my office: I work 6 days a week 8 am-8 pm, and this individual by this name, with this complaint, never reached out to discuss what had happened. Whenever there is a complaint made to this office it is handled with the utmost respect and all circumstances are investigated before drawing any decisions.

Customer Response • Mar 15, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

This response is false information . This is a scam . On 1//2020 there was a sign posted on the Red Lobster’s side of the parking lot specifically stating do not park on the yellow line, and you must have removed it after I made a complaint to your office via telephone on 1//2020, I have the phone records so I do not understand why you are denying that I called and made a complaint to your office . Your company illegally booted my vehicle and I am requesting a refund of $200. This was an illegal /fraudulent act.

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B&M towing Response • Mar 31, 2020

Good Afternoon, I received a letter via mail that this complaint was not closed for multiple reasons. First and foremost, I attached our phone records below showing that this individual has never called this business. This app is our phone service hub, I can search calls from a year ago or more, and this individual has never once reached out to my office in regards to this matter. Secondly, our business is not a "scam", or "fraudulent" we are a licensed towing and booting coming in New York, and our services were retained for the check cashing business adjacent to red lobster. That being said, I do not have anything to do with any signs Red Lobster posts, they are not our signs and not the rules of their neighboring business.I understand the frustration with the matter, but I manage this company and if a complaint came in via phone I would have been the first person notified, and based on our phone records there is no incoming call from this number ever. I take complaints with regard, and immediately attempt to handle them in the best ability, but another business not in connection with mine whatsoever posting signs is not something we are even a part of. I can assure you as well we don't remove signs from other businesses because of complaints coming in, we have multiple posted on the adjacent property stating the consequences if your car is left on their property. I hope I addressed everything necessary, again I apologize that this event has troubled you or caused any inconvenience. We were hired by the adjacent property because there are issues with Red Lobster customers violating parking rules. Best, B&M Towing

This company is a bunch of scammers. They towed my car then kept piling on made-up charges. Extra money for "after hours" pick up of towed car. How is it "after hours" if they are still open and someone is there. Also they claimed their credit card machine was down and they would only take cash, but there was another extra surcharge for cash. I've never even heard of such a thing. When I got the car, the under carriage plastic shield protecting the bottom of the car from rust and water/snow/road hazards was cracked and broken and was dragging along the ground. They damaged my car and kept piling up made up charges. If I weren't so busy I would have fought this in court even, unfortunately I had to take it in stride as I'm not sure it was worth my time, but at least I can write about it here.

On 6/*** I parked my car in the parking lot of Rockaway Commons to do errands, ending with a shopping trip to ***. I left the parking lot for a short time and returned to find that the car had been towed. Locals told us that B&M Towing stations employees at the entrance to the parking lot and if anyone leaves it, they call for the tow truck. (The manager at *** says that this is an arrangement that the landlord of the Commons has with the towing company and they have many complaints of this kind.) B&M says that there is posted notice saying that the lot is for use only by people at the plaza but I
WAS going to shop at the Plaza--and the notice cannot be seen as one enters the lot and is not posted elsewhere. There is TINY print that no driver could see, and the sign is partly folded in on itself so that the driver is looking at the back of the sign when entering. (I have photos.)
Additionally, the $125. fee--cash only--turned into $180 because it was a weekend--which isn't clear even when one scrutinizes the sign.

B&M towing Response • Jul 24, 2019

In this complaint the customer states that she parked her car in Rockaway Commons, went shopping in the facility and then left the parking lot for a short time.
The reason her car was towed is because once the customer leaves off of the property and parking lot they are no longer patronizing the facility and can be towed after such time.

We were contracted by the property manager to eradicate the illegally parked cars situation because there are numerous amount of people do as what the complainant said and leave there vehicles there to shop other places or to go to the beach and such. Unfortunately that is what happens but we are only upholding what the property manager wants fairly so.

As far as the signs are concerned they are Bold with Red lettering which and are posted up at ALL entrances and exits.
And as far as the price of the tow $125.00 plus tax which is a state regulated price.
$180.00 is what we charge on the weekends And while the customer is being serviced they are told that the $180.00 is the price to release the cars on the weekend. The normal business hours of operation is Monday through Friday 10am-4pm. After or before those hours when the cars are being released it is called a consensual tow. The customer can come back during normal business hour to pick up their vehicle at the rate of $125.00 plus tax.

Customer Response • Jul 25, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved

the business simply restates the things we were told at the time. The signage is inadequate (I would argue intentionally inadequate because it cannot be read as you drive into the parking lot and is not posted after you enter the parking lot or as you leave it. I have a photo of the sign. If the policy was clear we would have completed our errands and then found street parking.

The manager of the supermarket says that many people come to them. It truly seems less a reasonable policy than a sting operation. If the owners concern is that people not use the lot as all-day beach parking (fair enough), then there can be clearly posted limits to how long customers can park there. Or meters. Or an attendant.

This needs to be investigated as a deliberately deceptive business practice, please.

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B&M towing Response • Aug 09, 2019

Good afternoonI am responding again to the complaint #*** I've attached pictures of the property which shows that we have signs posted on all exits and entrances. And the reason why we were contracted to tow from that lot is because of the parking problems. Once the patron stops patronizing the stores in the area the vehicles are to be towed. So very sorry for this persons experience, but we are just doing our job.Thank you so very much.

Customer Response • Aug 12, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

The photos shown by business may be there but the only one we could have seen was driving into the parking lot, in tiny letters, bent in a way that blocked the writing. The sign has been replaced since then.
This is a scam and I want the to check it out please. MANY people have had this problem and I believe that it is designed to make money and so the company doesn’t want it clearly posted. Have been towed NEVER in Manhattan or Brooklyn because the sign are clear and I read them.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


My vehicle was parked in the parking lot of where I reside I am authorized to park there and have a parking permit to park there. When I came outside to take my daughter to school my vehicle was removed from the parking lot. When I went to retrieve my vehicle from B&M Towing company I explained to the gentleman that towed my vehicle that I am authorized to park in the parking lot of where I reside and I have paper work to show that I can park there. The gentleman told me that I would have to pay a payment for $136.00 due to the fact that it was towed from the parking lot. I explained to him that I have to get my daughter to school and I have the paperwork to show that I live there and is suppose to park there and he had no compassion at all he asked me where does my daughter go to school at as if he was going to give me back my vehicle or drive us there. We had to stand in the cold and he had no remorse he asked me how do I want to pay cash or charge and said I can take a picture of your registration and leave it for the girl in the office mind you when I arrived at the Office it was 8:10a.m because the business hours which open At 9:00a.m I Asked him why should I have to pay for an illegal tow and he walked away from the gate saying then you can wait for the Office to open but he was willing to take the money before normal business hours. I spoke with the girl in the trailer and I asked her who authorized this tow and she informed me that wavecrest management office has a designated person that stays on the premise after hours and call B&M tow to come and get the car from the parking lot so I informed her that if this is possible then that designated pe son would have on file all the information to the tenants that are suppose to park in the lot. I also Asked her do she want me to call the management office to comfirm and she said you can call who you want but you still have to pay for your car to get it out.

B&M towing Response • Apr 05, 2019

Good Afternoon, In regards to this complaint; yes we were hired by the management company to provide services when cars are parked illegally on the premises. This vehicle in particular did not have a valid permit for the property displayed. When she told me she had her permit in her glove compartment I responded that it has to be displayed. This property is strict with enforcing parking rules, and all tenants are made aware of the rules. Multiple signs are displayed with the consequences. As for the hours. On all of our signs release of vehicles is 10am-4pm. The office does not open until 9am. This consumer got here early, and I cannot speak on behalf of the driver present when she arrived, but the consumer did wait for my arrival. It was out of courtesy the car was released an hour before the allowed time, but her daughter did need to go to school. As for the management; I cannot speak on their behalf either, but all management companies elect towing companies to handle their parking issues, some appoint an agent to monitor properties. All information regarding management company contracts and details is not at liberty for us to disclose to tenants. That is why I instructed her to call management. My position is to release vehicles to the registered owner; which I did for this consumer. I understand the frustrations, but private properties have rules, and in this case the consumer was violating the buildings rules to display your parking permit when a vehicle is left on the premises. Thank you for your time, Breana

My car was illegally towed from a private parking lot located at *** on December *** 2018 . My vehicle was towed to ***. I was informed upon arrival at thee tow company that they received several complaints of my vehicle taking up two spots so they were authourized by Juan R to tow it. They refused to release my vehicle without a payment of $136.09, so I paid it.I went to the management office at Ocean Bay housing where I live and spoke with a manager named Carlos who repeatedly informed me that they did not authorize a tow for my vehicle.Someone has to take ownership of this illegal tow and I want to be reimbursed the full amount. I will also be filing a complaint with DCA and with the small claims court if this is not rectified.

Customer Response • Jan 05, 2019 this time, I have not been contacted by B&M towing regarding complaint ID.Sincerely this time, I have not been contacted by B&M towing regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

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