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• Jan 13, 2022

This car lot is in for a big turmoil when s[censored] dies hit the fan!!!
These people might definitely be getting in over peoples money and treating them like crap. But there will come a time where they will be all out and used up of providing false documentation to the law just to save them... These ppl really said they wanted 17,000 dollars just to get a vehicle that I signed a contract only for 13,000 on because I didn't have insurance on it. Things do happen to ppl but 1day after being released from hospital bmg comes to pick up car. First and foremost this car was not worth all of about 4 to 5k ppl sign these contracts because they simply need transportation ppl have kids, jobs etc it's crazy for them to think they can do what they want... But all bad things must come to an end... Being good to ppl and having a legit business will get you all further in life... I'm sure all these guys that work here have a hell of a day at work then having to go home and worry about who threaten them or the bad business and lies they have to tell... Def not a way to live!

BMG Auto Group Inc sold Ms [redacted] a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vehicle with no credit check and a down payment of with an additional deferred down payment of (due on 1/21/and due again on 2/4/17)Ms [redacted] was told very clearly, that BMG Auto expects their payments to be made on time and how important being able to keep in contact with her is We tried many times (6+) contact Ms [redacted] by phone and email to contact BMG Auto Group Inc without any response to our office The very first payment that Ms [redacted] was to make was part of her deferred down payment which has no grace period and is part of the down payment Without any way to service our account by phone or email and Ms [redacted] not returning our phone calls and missing her very first commitment on her account, Ms [redacted] was repossessed with a strict foreclosure We are very sorry that Ms [redacted] is unhappy but she had an obligation to make her first deferred payment on 1/21/and completely disregarded her obligations.BMG Auto Group Inc will consider this matter closed with this response.Thank you

Customer purchased the car and signed AS IS No Warranty agreementIt seems very odd that the customer waited nearly months before filing a complaint with the

Auto dealer fraud law consists of state and federal rules designed to protect consumers shopping for vehicles, and to punish dealerships that take advantage of their customersThese laws deal with deception and unfair practices by dealers, as opposed to the sale of defective vehicles, which is the subject of a separate set of rules known as “lemon laws.” Primary sources of auto dealer fraud law include the FTC regulations found at CFR (the Used Car Rule), other federal and state consumer protection laws, and the common law tort of fraud The following statement made by BMG Auto Group is false, therefore, I would like to request for BMG Auto Group to bring forth any and all documents, records, and/or video recordings in order to substantiate the statement below."Mr [redacted] did bring the vehicle to BMG Auto Group Inc after purchasing his vehicle...BMG Auto Group Inc asked him to take to the shop (Ace Auto Center) and have them look at the vehicle to address his issues and to prevent any further problems and BMG Auto Group Inc would pay for the repairs needed." I was never informed that the vehicle had any problems before or after the purchaseAs a matter of fact, the only time I returned with the vehicle was when the vehicle unexpectedly stopped workingUpon returning the non-working vehicle, I was told that BMG Auto Group wouldn't repair the vehicle and that I would have to pay out of my pocket to have the repairs done but that they would refer me to a nearby repair shopThe following day I returned to BMG Auto Group to have my car towed to my mechanic to have my vehicle repaired but was unable to do so because the sales mans that were working at that time wouldn't allowed me to take possession of my vehicleBMG Auto Group allowed me to take the vehicle upon purchase prior to having a Texas state inspection conducted which obviously demonstrates the business' lack of concern for their customer's safety while on the roadWith that being said, I would like to request the most feasible explanation of why the state inspection was ignored if the oil was changed? Most of the time, the same shop that is changing the oil will also conduct a state inspection if needed BMG Auto Group claims that the vehicle was purchased on 3-08-2016, which is a true statementHowever, according to my credit report BMG Auto Group has reported to the credit bureaus that an auto loan was opened in January Therefore, I have reason to believe that BMG Auto Group has fraudulently reported to the credit bureaus inaccurate information so that the date the vehicle was repossessed coincides with the correct time-frame that would have to pass for the loan to go into default which would result in repossessionIt had only been days from the date of purchase when I received a notice of repossession in the mail from BMG Auto Group, which isn't enough time for the loan to be considered defaultThe vehicle was only in my possession the first 5-days of the days

I Have Contacted Customer and we together have resolved her complaint

BMG Auto received an impound notice on Oct 7, stating that the vehicle in this complaint had been impounded on 10/2/Since Mr [redacted] did not contact us with this information and provide an insurance claim #, in order to halt any further fees, BMG Auto retrieved the vehicle from the Impound Fee, paying $to get it out of impoundIt was towed to Ace Auto Center (our repair facility)Ms [redacted] and Mr [redacted] called and wanted the vehicle released to take to their repair facilityI contacted the Insurance Company to make sure that a check was made out to the [redacted] 's and BMG Auto which is standard practice to insure the vehicle (BMG Auto Collateral) was fixed to its original conditionThe [redacted] 's were upset about this and didn't want the insurance company to issue a check that included BMG AutoHowever, the Insurance did stop the payment on the original check and issued another check to The [redacted] 's and BMG Auto I informed the [redacted] 's (once the check was issued in both names) that they could have the vehicle taken to their preferred repair facility once the fee $was paid (the impound fee and the towing charge was paidI never heard back from them and they did not have the vehicle movedI then left both of them a message to find out what their plans were regarding the removal of the vehicle to their repair facility and when they would be making the payment that was due on their accountThe next day I received this complaint They are now behind on their payment and have not contacted BMG Auto BMG Auto will not refund $as Mr [redacted] signed a Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Contract and as of 11/5/still owes BMG Auto $21, Please close this complaintBMG Auto has only tried to protect their collateral BMG Auto will pursue the balance on the account by all legal means available to them in this matter [redacted] ***

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