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I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. Hello,  I am rejecting the business response that was submitted. I have several work orders that were created from "Boch New to You"  Service department. I had contacted the Consumer affairs and business . I was assigned to [redacted]. She received my complaints and reached out to [redacted]{service director} regarding my vehicle.  On 12/16/16, [redacted] and I had a conversation to go back again to let the service department to recheck my vehicle again. Upon arrival, I waited a period of time before [redacted] came out to me. Finally, [redacted] came out of the office, he stated he wanted to test drive the vehicle. [redacted] and I went for a test drive and  heard the noises coming from the steering wheel and the brakes went all the way to the floor. [redacted] said he was going to put the car on the lift to see why the steering wheel continued to make noise and he was going to adjust the brakes.  I went back to the common area to wait for my vehicle. Within 10 minutes the car was right back in the front ready to go.I was told by [redacted] once again that there nothing wrong with the car. I mentioned to [redacted] that I have got a second opinion from another mechanic from a different shop. [redacted] snatched the paper out of my hands and made a copy of it. [redacted] said he wanted to see who created this work order invoice.  [redacted] and I kept on going back & forth regarding the vehicle and findings. I also stated to him about my experiences  with service department. [redacted] jumped out of his seat and said " do you think we treat you different" . I replied, " each time I come here , "there is no interactions",  “I have to go up the front several times and asked can someone help me". I was told " I don't know who is working on this car".  [redacted] yelled so loud and said get out of this office or I'll call the police. As I was leaving the office I met the police outside of the service department. I told the police I'm the one that they called the 911 on. I told the police what happened and provided my paper works. One of the service tech came out side and said he needed me to leave the premises now. There were no mention about I grabbing [redacted]’s arm , or attempted  to grab nor being inappropriate in the office. The service tech also told the police that I had only 30 days warranty on the car. I had  provided the 90 days warranty to the police.  I was suggested by them to go to the civil court, since this is an ongoing matter. As mention above, I read the Business response and find that the information that was submitted isn't true. I called [redacted] police station this morning. There were never mentioned in the police report that I grabbed or attempted to grab [redacted]'s arm.   In addition above , the salesman who sold me the vehicle was also there as well other customers. I have several email conversations  & documentations regarding this vehicle. 

We have heard from the customer who admitted to causing the damage to the car which is not related in any way to the sale of the vehicle . Apparently this is a pre-owned car.  an after market body side bolding was added to the car by its previous owner.  The after market molding on...

will buckle if the front door and the back door is opened simultaneously.  This is a design flaw that is not the responsibility of the manufacturer or the dealership.  To correct the condition, an entire molding replaceent package for the car must be purchased at $200.00 and then installed.  We are willing to install the package at no charge.  We are also willing to contribute $100.00 toward the cost of the molding package which is more than fair for something that is not the responsibility of the dealership.  We have put our best foot forward here to make the customer happy and look forard to your and the customer's response.  Thank you.

The customer understands that we are trying to locate a bumper for her car and trying to match the color.  This complaint has been administratively closed and it should be left open until we locate a solution for the customer.  We have been upfront with the customer and we are doing our best to satisfy her concerns.

The customer purchased a car from Boch New To You in Norwood, MA and as part of the purchase, was the cost of a registration and inspection sticker."  THe company ahs agreed  to reimburse the customer for the cost of these items.   We apologize for any...

inconvenience experienced by the customer.

The company is not going to change its position with tis matter.  Mr. [redacted] was given a rental car for two days and he was fortunate to get the two free days because he was not entitled to that or any other benefit.  Mr. [redacted]was not present when Mr. [redacted] agreed to provide the two day rental at no charge.

This office has addressed this particular complaint with Ms. [redacted] from the Consumer affairs Office at Boston City Hall.  On December 16, 2015, Ms [redacted] was informed as follows: We have provided to your office copies of three separate repair orders for Ms. [redacted]’s...

vehicle for the three occasions/dates she returned her vehicle to New to You Service.  We have test driven Ms. [redacted]’s car after the work was performed on the vehicle and find nothing out of the ordinary to support Ms. [redacted]’s claims.  We are satisfied that the vehicle is safe and that the noise emanating from the steering shaft is characteristic with that model year vehicle due to the way the shaft is manufactured.  We are willing to re-inspect the vehicle for Ms. [redacted]’s issues.  That re-inspection means putting the vehicle on a lift and checking the vehicle’s braking system, exhaust system, and ventilation system at no charge.  Any work to be performed to the vehicle that is outside of what has been reported will fall to the customer as the vehicle is no longer covered under a warranty.  On December 16th, Ms. [redacted] came to New to You Service at 2:45 PM this date to have us look at her car relative to a consumer complaint she filed against the company with the CIty of Boston Consumer Affairs Office.  It was arranged that she bring her car in for a noise she is experiencing when steering, what she considered to be a low brake pedal and an exhaust issue.  She also stated a concern with the way the car would rock slightly when she put it in park and then removed her foot from the brake.  Ms. [redacted] and the NTY SErvice Director drove the car on the lot.  Ms. [redacted] stated the noise only happens when turning the steering wheel to the left.  At a stop or very slow movement, a very faint noise like a creaking sound could be heard.  The car was brought into the shop so it could be placed on a left to check for any loose parts or a noise from the brake rotors.  When driving, the brakes appeared to be operating without any issue.  On the lift, the pads appeared to be better than half worn, the emergency brake was at a 50% pull and held fine.  No other issues could be observed. There are no safety concerns with the car at the time and no repairs were recommended.  The brake pedal is even with the gas at a full stop and no excessive travel is noted at this time.  A slight rocking is to be considered normal condition when putting the selector into park.  After finishing up in the shop, Ms. [redacted] came into the Service Director's office. Ms. [redacted] that started asking about what had been found.  The inspection process that transpired was reviewed with her at which time she then asked if the service director wanted to see the receipt from a garage she had brought the car previously.  She was told "yes" and then was asked if it was OK to copy the receipt.  Ms. [redacted] then lunged forward and started to grab the service director's arm, raising her voice saying the receipt was her property. THe receipt was given back to her and proceeded raise her voice stating she ws not being treated fairly due to her race.  Ms. [redacted] would not leave the premises and wanted the police called.  The police were called and upon arrival told her that the matter was a civil issue not a police matter and that is when she left the premises.  The Boston Consumer Affairs Office was apprised of these matters.  The COmpany has done all in its power to treat Ms. [redacted] fairly and address her concerns.  Even as a precautionary measure the steering column of her car was replaced at no charge to her and there appears to be no problem with her vehilcle.  We have apparently failed in Ms. [redacted]'s eyes to meet her expectations and consider this matter closed as no issues exiist with her vehicle.

this is the correspondence i set to the complainant. Happy New Year. As I look back into your email what I told you was I would look into what we showed you about the car you bought. I asked you if you remembered seeing the Auto I packet on your car which would of showed you exactly what...

we did to it and what the condition was before we fixed it. As I look back in our records we also sent you the I Packet on 5/1/2017 at 6:48am as well. I am attaching the whole I packet for your review. The only thing I could see happening is that the tires were almost new and that was said to you.Your other issue about the way it was registered as a Corolla, we were able to get the title amended by the DMV and correctly changed to a Matrix.   I hope this helps to put this behind us. [redacted]
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted].  

The reason we had a little bit of a hard time with his registration was because itwasn't in his name it was in his wife’s name which is different. My salesmanager [redacted] called him and emailed him. As far as the Trade in Marketplace goes we are the eyes for them. We verify the condition and...

edit what he put in the auto trader assessment and then [redacted] sends an adjusted price and then the promotion we have running is 1000.00 over the [redacted] offer. I am very sorry we kept his registration and he feels the way he does but we did do everything we said we were going to.[redacted]

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