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unauthorized charges on my credit cardI joined Impact Fitness in February 2012 for a duration of one year. During the month of February 2013 I confirmed with the front desk of the gym that my membership was expiring at the end of the month. I was unhappy to discover that my credit card was charged again at the end of March. When I contacted the gym to complain they said they would not credit me, and they were going to charge me again in April. During the year that I was a member of Impact Fitness, I was never notified of a change in ownership, nor a change in policy. Boost Fitness fraudulently charged my credit card for two months of gym membership that I did not want or use. I am currently working with my credit card company to see if I can receive credit for these charges.Desired Settlement29.95 x 2 months = $59.90Business' Initial Response Correction on location: Worcester, MA[redacted] is a current member of Boost Fitness Worcester with a pending cancellation status. As with most health club memberships written into the agreement is a transfer of membership clause if the health club should be sold or closed. In this case Impact Fitness was sold to Boost Fitness in December 2012. Her plan, as well as all the others of Impact Fitness, was transferred to Boost Fitness with her rate and terms honored from her agreement. Her agreement was never an annual membership; Impact Fitness either sold a Paid In Full plan for 12 months or an Open Ended plan that a member could cancel at anytime provided a 30 day notice of their monthly billing date. Her plan was an Open Ended plan that required her to provide 30 day notice to the club to close out her membership. [redacted] brought the complaint to our attention on April 26, 2013 and the membership cancellation request was processed without any issues, and 30 day notice of her final monthly bill was processed on April 28th her regularly scheduled due date. The transfer of her membership, as well as the other Impact Fitness plans, was processed legally and within the rights of each membership agreement. On the part of [redacted] I believe there might be a slight misunderstanding to what she signed and agreed to when she originally joined Impact Fitness. Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)On the last day that I was at Boost Fitness in February I confirmed with the front desk that my membership would be cancelled as of the end of that month. So to say that I cancelled on April 26 is not correct. The employee at the desk confirmed my cancelled membership. The only misunderstanding was that I trusted the employee with my cancellation.

Did not give permission to take out membership fee of [redacted] after only 6 months when I joined in [redacted] I am very upset because when I joined the club I was told thatI was going to pay [redacted] per month. I was not told that 6 months later they would take out [redacted] membership fee. The special was advertised for a year and that it would automatically renew in [redacted] but that If I wanted to cancel it, I would need to write their head quarters to cancel it which is what I intend to do. Because they took out the monies without my permission, I was charged a [redacted] overdraft fee and then they took it out again. If you advertise that its only a certain fee a month, they should not take out another one 6 months later., To me this is false advertising and I would like my [redacted] back plus the [redacted] fee the bank charged me. I feel this is a way the clubs trick you into joining and then not train their employees to tell you everything, which I wasn't and that is not right. I work hard for my money and am a single mom and watch every penny. I signed up thinking it was one price and ended up being another. I think they should make it right.Thank youDesired SettlementI would like the [redacted] back in my account along with the [redacted] the back charged me for over drafting my account. I also want to cancel my membership with Boost, I feel I was wronged. thank youBusiness Response The member, [redacted], entered into a 12 month agreement on [redacted] 2014. The agreement is on file and available for an account manager of the in necessary. The agreement shows that the member, [redacted], did agree with her initials to the terms of the annual fee of [redacted] processed on [redacted] 2015. Our staff is trained to discuss this portion of the agreement as it isn't hidden within fine print of the membership, but visible on the face of the agreement. A member does hold the right to cancel a membership after the 12 month agreement provided a 30 day notice of monthly billing cycle. Permission to process regular monthly payments, as well as the annual fee was granted at the time of enrollment at Boost Fitness.If the member, [redacted], and/or the case manager from require the membership document for review please feel free to contact.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I did sign the contract for [redacted] a month until [redacted] I was not told about the annual fee 6 months into the membership. I was not told that at the time. They are just covering up. I feel it is unfair and it should of been out there before someone signs the contract. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I still do not agree, how can you say that a membership is [redacted] month for 12 months and then charge a membership fee 6 months later of more money. I feel this is collecting double because you pay the [redacted] fee for 12 months, was told that you can cancel it after 12 months by writing to the main office (which I have done already). I feel this is very miss leading and they should tell the person up front when they sign up and let them make the choice. If I was told this in the beginning, I would of not signed up!!!!! I feel this is wrong no matter how they put it. Final Business Response The annual fee isn't a portion of the membership that fulls under the umbrella of the membership 12 month agreement with the signature. The annual fee requires a separate set of initials where it outlines the fee and the date it is processed. As previously mentioned the annual fee isn't hidden without fine print, but visible as a bold portion on the face of the membership agreement. If needed the copy of the member's membership agreement can be provided to show the separate parts of the document and signatures/initials from the member.All points of reference for membership pricing at Boost Fitness whether it be online or at the club lists the [redacted] annual fee as a part of membership. These documents can either be viewed on our website, or I can provide as well.

sending me to collections for a membership that has not been in use since 2011. Was cancelled [redacted] called me 11/1/13from Boost to tell me my account was overdue from 8/13.This all started in 2011 when I was doing chemo and stopped membership.Boost re instated my membership 6 mths later charging my credit cardthis was not what I requested.tried to deal with Boost without successcontacted credit card company and they got refund from Boost and blocked Boost from chargingmy credit cardNow nov 1 2013 get a call from [redacted] telling my account is overdue 64 days. [redacted] tells me membership was reinstated Jan 2013 and was paid till 08/13 with a credit card.I checked with my credit card co no such chargesNow [redacted] is telling she will send me to collections.I was not happy to say the least Nothing she said made sense she states that my account was paid this year from 1/31-8/13 was not me or my credit cardshe said that I did not cancelAfter much heated discussion she said she would cancel membership which originally she said could not be done over phoneDesired SettlementI don't want others to have to deal with this issue.Could they at least have the correct info when they call people.ex what credit card company supposedly paid my membership form 1/13-8/13.I felt this whole thing was a ploy to get money from me. Especially when in 2011/early 2012 this had already been adressed with by the credit card company and me.In this economy people should not be calling clients with bogus information.I would never recommend this place to anyone after the lies they tried to sell meBusiness Response [redacted] submitted a request to Freeze her membership back in 2011 due to medical reasons. Our normal Freeze procedure is for 3 months - how ever due to the circumstances, she requested a 6 month freeze which we granted. She was offered the opportunity to cancel her membership at the time, but asked to freeze it instead since she had plans to return to the club when healthy. The Freeze policy that [redacted] filled out clearly states that at the end of the freeze period, the membership will turn on and billing will resume. Starting in January, her membership automatically came off of freeze - and her billing resumed. Over the next few months we tried to reach [redacted] to speak with her about the account and how she wanted to proceed. [redacted] was finally able to speak with her approximately 60 days past due. Our standard policy is that when an account gets to 75 days past due - it is turned over to collections. [redacted] just let her know that this needed to be resolved before it was turned over to a 3rd party. After speaking to her and getting a better understanding of her situation - the decision was made to cancel her account out immediately and waive any past due invoices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, however - without being notified of her intention to cancel our staff was just following procedure to collect on a past due invoice.

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