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Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals LLC

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The client requested that items be delivered the day prior to the event, which we said we would accommodate. The bride then requested the week of the event that we deliver items for 9AM that morning. We said that we would do our best to deliver items as early as possible on that day, but...

the items were paid for a one day rental and the day early arrival was a convenience for the customer. We arrived at 1PM to deliver items and before the drivers even opened the back door, a relative was telling our delivery drivers that we could expect a lawsuit. Obviously they were terribly concerned and called me to ask why they might be being told this and if they should still deliver the rental items. I was caught off guard as well and asked them to please continue delivering the rental items.I later learned that the items were being delivered just prior to the rehearsal dinner and that the rentals were being used for the rehearsal dinner as well - something that was not paid for, as they should've requested a 2-day rental. People were sitting on the tables and benches faster than the guys were setting them up. We ended up not delivering 2 chairs, priced at $24, which the client felt she was deserving of a $2,000 refund because of this. I've attempted to communicate directly with the client and resolve the issue, however, we refused to refund $2,000 for two missing chairs. She also states that the dance floor "fell apart" during the wedding, which we've never had a complaint of before and we found screws that were taken out with a drill when we returned for clean-up. I do not want to accuse anyone of anything but it seems the screws were removed after installation, and possibly after the wedding in order to take pictures and make a case. Thank You,[redacted]BRWR[redacted]

[redacted],It was an honest mistake - I have no problem sending the additional amount. If you feel that you would like to proceed to small claims then let me know, however, I've done nothing but respond to all of your communications and requests. I will stop payment on the check tomorrow if that's how you would like to proceed. Thank You,[redacted]

In response to [redacted]'s complaint I would like to provide the following information: 1. [redacted] originally requested delivery the morning of the event and one week before the event changed the delivery date to the night before which we accommodated the best we could given the delivery...

schedule that was already in place weeks before for other orders on that day. We gave a window for delivery and notified the wedding planner several hours in advance that we were running 1-2 hours behind schedule. It is not a requirement of ours to have someone on-site for delivery and this was also told to the wedding planner. We do not pay Wedding Planners to be on-site while we deliver. If this is the clients wishes, then the client is responsible for paying their wedding coordinator to do this. We simply ask where the items are to be placed and we put them in that location - again, something that can be told to us well in advance.We will not be refunding any cost of a wedding coordinator, as again, providing rental items does not require a wedding coordinator, nor are we involved with any sort of contract between the client and wedding coordinator, nor did we ever request the time of the wedding coordinator at any point. Client also states that the wedding coordinator has sent us multiple e-mails that have gone unanswered since the event and this is untrue. She should double check the e-mail address she has used, the correct one is [email protected]  2. We notified the client that we had a problem with some of the linens on her order. As a solution, we offered our walnut farm tables, a $45 rental, to be used in place of her linens, a $9 rental. The client agreed to this and the wedding planner documented that "the client absolutely loved the tables." We will not offer a refund for other tables she may have not used, as we offered a solution of our walnut table that acted in place of the table and linens and the client liked this option.If she wanted to proceed with linens, she could've let us know this and we could've sub-rented them from another company. She seemed thrilled about the idea of having the $45 walnut farm table in place of a $9 linen. 3. The client did remove a few items before the event and we refunded the difference back onto her card. If for some reason she did not receive the refund back on her card, this is the first time I have been notified of this. I will check on the $89 refund on my end. We will still honor this refund if it did not already get put back on the card.  4. We were also never notified of any missing items on the rental order, again, the first I am hearing of this. Since the delivery did take place the day before, if there were in fact missing items, the client should've contacted us, as we would've made sure to get any missing items to her that morning for her event. If we are not contacted about potential missing items, there is not way we can fix the problem, and again, this is the first documentation I am receiving in regards to this. When rental items were checked back in, the items she is stating were missing were accounted for with the rentals, so perhaps someone misplaced them while setting up.  We will assure the $89 difference of the final reservation cost is refunded back to the customer.
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. You would be incorrect in stating that placing a deposit constitutes a contract with a business. A contract with a business is not official until it is signed by both the customer and the business. As we were never provided a written contract, we were never able to finalize an agreement. Additionally, it is not our responsibility to know all of the terms and conditions of your business. It is your responsibility as a business to disclose all terms and conditions to your customer including refund policies. As for having no direct experience with your company, we personally witnessed an event on October 3rd,2015 in Florida, MA in which you failed to deliver the goods that were rented from your business. Due to this, in addition to the fact that we have been unable to contact you after several attempts which can be proven by our phone records, a full refund is warranted. Should you fail to provide a full refund of $442.39, we will be forced to file a lawsuit against your business. Regards,

We have already explained to [redacted] multiple times that the 30% deposit is non-refundable, which is stated both in our contract and on our website in our Terms and Conditions. The deposit is used to guarantee business and to hold items for the date so they cannot be rented by other clients. [redacted]...

stated that her caterer would be supplying some of the items she had on her contract and we were more than willing to remove those items from the reservation without penalty and allow her to use just her deposit amount towards the unique items on her reservation that her caterer would not be supplying, such as the yard games and hand built wooden ceremony benches she ordered. We are still willing to work with her in this way so she can receive product for her deposit amount. When [redacted] was told that the deposit was non-refundable, she did follow-up with a phone message using extremely vulgar language and threatening us if the deposit wasn't returned. We have not received any e-mail or phone messages from her since then trying to resolve the problem or we would have followed up and addressed her attempts to contact us, as we are here. She has since left reviews on multiple sites claiming that we stole her credit card information and processed the deposit without her permission, which is not the case and and is considered defamation of business. We would like to resolve this issue, however, the client has been extremely difficult to work with and has even threatened us as owners of Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals.

The credit card payment of $771 has been refunded back to the customer on their card (I have documentation) and the initial deposit amount has been mailed by a certified bank check. All payments should be cleared and back on the card and in hand in the next few days.
I have...

reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. 
The company has made no clear effort to refund any of the money owed.  The $771 sum was refunded, through no action on part of the company, because we were forced to do a charge back on our credit card through our bank.  Unfortunately, we can not do a charge back on the initial deposit that was done back in February as too much time has transpired.Through email, the company claims to have sent us a check on 10/5/2015.  It's 22 days later and we've yet to receive a check.  Two weeks ago, the company said that they would send another check out, this time with tracking information, in order to ensure that we receive our refund.  We've sent numerous emails to the company and left several voicemails with the company since then.  We have received no response and no refund check.Until I have the refund check and the check clears, I consider this matter unresolved and my complaint outstanding.
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. After reading your response this really upsets me.  How can you lie and say I have never tried to contact you? I was angered when you started ignoring my phone calls when we had agreed upon a scheduled phone call where we could discuss the situation. From that point on I have left several voicemails asking you to call me back and you have yet to do so. Once again, I have NO signed contract, nor did you ever send me one, or tell me that my deposit is non-refundable. In that case, if this is not settled I will be taking you to small claims court. I have given you multiple chances to get in contact with me and it has now been 5 months. What kind of company does that to their client? Not to mention that you don't show up to half of the weddings you book with. I have left honest reviews on websites because people need to know the truth and shouldn't be wondering where their rental items are while walking down the isle. The fact that you have so many complaints shows that there is a flaw within your company,not within the clients. Just like you I would like this to be settled but I won't stop until the $442.39 is refunded to me due to your lack of communication of the policy's.
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. 
I have gotten a phone call from [redacted] and although we do not agree about the email, she has agreed to give me a refund. After I get my refund of my deposit I will be satisfied.

Hi,When you enter this tracking number at [redacted].com it says it is not found.  Unless it was mailed today and is not yet in the system (which I hope is not the case because in your previous email you said it was already mailed) I imagine you typed the number incorrectly.Please provide accurate information so we can track the mailing.Thank you,[redacted]

Hello,This letter is meant to provide the tracking number for the check that was sent via certified mail: [redacted].Thank You,[redacted]

Hello,I am writing to update that one month ago (August 14th, 2015) we received a return receipt that [redacted] of Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals had received the certified letter we'd sent her accepting her offer of a partial refund.  We have not received a check, a credit or any further communication from [redacted] despite her documented promise to provide such a refund.  I request that you reopen the case as [redacted] has failed to follow through on her promise of a refund just as she failed to follow through on the rental contract for which we paid her in full.   If this matter is not resolved immediately we will need to take her to court.Sincerely,[redacted]

This was the last e-mail correspondence sent to this customer on 10/18/15 (which I assume was not received, as she's stating she did not hear back from us after her last e-mail):Dear [redacted],After reviewing all of the items sent and money paid, we have come to the following:1. In place of the...

mahogany chairs on the reservation, you agreed to receive the 8ft benches in place of the chairs. This was confirmed prior to delivery. The cost of 80 mahogany chairs was $300 and the cost of 20 8ft benches that were brought instead is $500 ($25 each). We are willing to excuse the $200 difference in charge since we were not able to provide the items you originally ordered.The cost of the benches was not originally factored in when I sent my initial e-mail, my mistake. 2. We delivered a larger 16x16 dance floor and a 12x16 dance floor is what you paid for. Again, we are willing to excuse the extra cost of the larger dance floor since we were later than originally expected with our delivery, as I've already offered you.3. We were unable to deliver the 14 French Dining Chairs on the reservation, for a total of $168. We are still willing to send you a refund for the $168, please just send us the best address to where to send it if this is satisfactory to you. Thank You,[redacted]BRWR[redacted]

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