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Dear, He needs to contact the selling dealer for window sticker etcAccording to our records that is what the car had on it when the selling dealer drove it to their locationThere should not be an issue with the warranty
Best Regards,
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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Mr. [redacted], I will contact you directly when I have the information requested. Most likely the vehicle was driven to the dealer you purchased it from.

Review: When purchasing a car out of this dealership I worked with [redacted] as the [redacted] on this deal. [redacted] wrote up all of our paperwork, which she had 1 full week to do so. I signed paperwork for a payment on a car for $337.56. About 3 weeks later I still had not received any information regarding an account number to pay bill online. I asked [redacted] for my account number and only at this time did she inform me that there was a problem with my contract and we needed to resign. She let me know that my car payment needed to be raised an additional $17 a month because they had made a mistake when calculating taxes. I informed [redacted] that I would not agree to any additional charges on my payment and that I would be returning the car. She let me know that she worked it out with her manager, [redacted], to take "care" of this additional payment so that my payment would not be raised, but that I would need to sign an additional contract. I went in that same week and verified paperwork with [redacted], another [redacted], as [redacted] was not available that day, despite her knowing I would be in. I worked with [redacted] who let me know that they had failed to collect all of the taxes up front, instead they had keyed them as a monthly payment when they had done my paperwork and Hyundai had denied the deal. [redacted] guaranteed me that this would not happen again and that I was going to pay $338.92 a month now as my final car payment. Since they had delayed in letting me know about the issue with my account, it was too late to wait for an account number so I paid the dealership my first payment of $338.92. About 2 weeks before my payment was due again, I again had not received anything from Hyundai letting me know that I had an account number yet. I again asked [redacted] for this information and this time she gave me a phone number to call. After retrieving my account information from Hyundai, I logged on to pay my bill and I saw that my payment due was $366.02. I immediately notified [redacted] of this inquiring why the payment was inaccurate and she said I needed to call that same number again to ask them why my payment was not correct. The dealership refused to help me until I went back to [redacted] who I resigned my contract with. I reminded him that he guaranteed that my payment would not go up and that all taxes had been included in the price that I signed for. After talking to him he promised me a fix within 24-48 hours. 48 hours later, my account had not been corrected and I again contacted the [redacted] at the dealership. [redacted] let me know that I was to call Hyundai myself, again, to find out what the problem was. In doing this I was informed that the dealership had not calculated correctly the tax on my purchase and had missed a city tax to their calculations. This was the additional $28 that I was being charged for monthly. I called [redacted] back, again, and let him know what Hyundai had let me know. He told me again, that he would fix it and would work with a supervisor this time to adjust the payment. He promised he would be calling me for updates on the car payment. Two days later, I had heard nothing from [redacted] or Hyundai and I called [redacted], again. He stated he was still working with Hyundai to adjust the charge and was not sure how much longer it would be. I let [redacted] know that I had contacted them 2 weeks ago for this adjustment and my payment was now due in less than 2 days. [redacted] told me not to worry, "you have a 10 day grace period to pay your bill, so really I am not worried", is what he said. I let him know that for obvious reasons, I of course was worried. I did not want to be delinquent on my second payment. He again promised me that he was working on getting this adjusted with a supervisor and would have an answer for me soon, that he would call me later as well as Hyundai. He suggested I pay the $338.92 that was signed for and leave the rest out. Nobody called me back, ever to discuss anything that was going on with my account. Today, 11/20 the date my payment was due, I called [redacted], again, to find out why my account was still not adjusted, [redacted] said he had bad news for me. "It's a county tax that needs to be added on to your monthly payment" he said, he went on to try to explain that he had never heard anything or seen anything like this. He had no idea why my payment would go up AFTER we had a signed contract that my payment should only be $338.92, including all taxes. I let him know that I wasn't paying anything extra and that they were to refund me my $3,096.14 that I had given as a down payment on the car, since the signed upon contract had not been met, I was going to return the car. He said that he would work with his manager and give me a call back in 10-15 minutes to let me know when they would have a check for the amount. He called me back and let me know that I could not return the car, that I was stuck with it and the higher monthly payment that I did NOT sign for. He said there was nothing they could do to help me or fix anything. He insisted that it was not something left out of taxes, which is not what Hyundai let me know, and that this was a different kind of tax that they had no way of knowing needed to be added to the payment. I argued this with [redacted] letting him know that this was HIS job as an advisor and a dealership to know what prices need to be calculated and included in a monthly payment and nothing should be added after. He agreed that this was the case but there was nothing he could do since now Hyundai had accepted the deal. I asked to speak to his manager and I was put ont he phone with [redacted] the general manager of the dealership. I let him know about the problem that was going on and the incorrect calculation in the monthly pricing. [redacted] proceeded to talk to me with disrespect which I have never dealt with in my life. As a general manager of a company and the fact that I had just purchased a $20,000 car, I expected a lot nicer customer service from everyone at this dealership, and I did not receive it. He let me know that when they had originally messed up the tax calculations he had written a $2,000 check to adjust this error on their part. He said there would be nothing more he would do on this. I again let him know that it was their original mistake to fix and that they should have calculated ALL of the tax accordingly and fit it into the monthly payment. I let him know I would not have signed on for a higher payment as I had been very blunt with [redacted] that I was not raising my payment under any circumstances. [redacted] was no help to me, and suggested I call Hyundai to have them fix their problem. [redacted] and his team at Boucher Hyundai are the ones that should have been responsible for calculating ALL taxes on my vehicle prior to giving me a monthly payment. [redacted] and [redacted] have ALL mentioned that they had no way of knowing they missed a tax on my car payment. They are in the dealership business, not me. As a buying customer I expect that the place I am purchasing a car should know how to calculate all of the taxes on my car, and if they did not feel comfortable doing so, they should have never issued a contract. Therefore, I should not be held responsible for errors they did not catch when they calculated my monthly payment. They have made a mistake in their original calculations and want to roll that mistake over to me.Desired Settlement: My monthly car payment for the remainder of my lease should be $338.92 which is what I signed for, and [redacted] guaranteed me had all of my taxes and fees included.



Dear, This issue has been addressed with the consumer. Hyundai North America was also involved. The difference in the payment was due to new usage tax in the State of [redacted]. We have done everything we can.

Review: I purchased a 2007 Ford Taurus from Boucher Hyundai. Previously about three weeks before this, I had sold the vehicle to the dealership. When I sold the vehicle, they purchased it from me for $5,250.00. They said the vehicle was in perfect condition with no problems. When I went back to purchase another vehicle their salesperson stated to me because of my credit and what I was looking for in payments that would be the best vehicle to go back into and it also had low miles. I took her suggestion and repurchased my vehicle from this dealership. They stated there was no need to drive the vehicle as nobody had been in the vehicle prior to me repurchasing it and it had been fully inspected according to law. The salesperson went and talked to a [redacted] named [redacted] and said that the dealership agreed to sell me the vehicle back for $7500.00. She stated there was some work done on the vehicle and this was the price they would sell it for. I agreed to this and they proceeded to get me financing. They came back to me and said they got financing approved with 800.00 down after I had told them I only had 500.00 to put down. I stated I would put together the 800.00 and be back in a week. They agreed to this. A week later I went back and the original salesperson was not there so another individual by the name of [redacted] took over. He stated to me that everything was good to go and again brought up that the price of the car was 7500.00 plus tax, title, and licensing. When I met with the finance person named [redacted], she took my wife and I in her office so I could sign the papers. When I went into her office there was another woman sitting in there who identified herself as the finance woman's friend and she was just hanging out. The entire time I was in her office this woman who now knows everything about my credit situation and financing information sat there and socialized with the finance woman. She completely diverted her attention to talking to her friend about [redacted] and told me to sign, sign, sign, sign, and sign and then gave me copies of the papers. She explained a couple of the papers but that was it. As I left the dealership I realized that my car was making noise. I had my wife contact the dealership after the weekend and tell them and they said bring it in. They looked at it and said it was a belt and supposedly cleaned it off. Left the dealership again and the same noise was there. They said to bring it back again and they would replace the belt. Upon taking it back they said that it was not the belt only, but the exhaust was bad and needed a flex pipe, but they were not paying for it. I told them that they never let me test drive the car and that I had the window sticker stating they checked the exhaust and according to Wisconsin State Law it was legal with no problems. They refused to fix it. The next day the finance company called and went through the prices on the contract. At that point I was now informed that the dealership did not charge me 7500.00 for the vehicle but 7921.00 for the vehicle which I have a business card from their salesperson where she wrote the price of the car on the back in her own handwriting stating 7500.00. I have contacted the dealership and they refuse to do anything about this. I have now had to spend money to fix the flex pipe on the car and was ripped off for 421.00 and was lied to.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed for what I had to spend to have the exhaust fixed because they violated state law and sold a car with a bad exhaust after they supposedly inspected it. When I left the dealership the vehicle was immediately making noise which we brought to their attention and their standing was that it was my fault the exhaust was not working. They also gave me a price for a vehicle and used their finance woman to play with the numbers and divert my attention to gain 421.00 that they should not have. It was not until the finance company brought up the numbers to me was I informed of what the actual dealership price was. Their finance woman sat and socialized and violated my privacy by having some random friend in her office while I was there on personal business and getting told about my credit which is private.

I would like a refund for at least the 421.00 they overcharged me as I have proof of what the price of the car was and proof of what they actually charged me for the vehicle.




Review: To Whom it may Concern:

I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS (new) on 3/24/14. I had first visited the dealership on Saturday, 3/22/14. I was told that the only car for me, given my trade-in (value of which I only found out when I was signing paperwork) and financial state, was this particular vehicle, which happened to be silver. I was very adamant that I did not want a silver vehicle, so my salesperson told me that he would throw in a pinstripe and window tinting to make the vehicle more appealing. We agreed on a price, and I was told to come back later that afternoon for official delivery of my vehicle at 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

I left the dealership and received a call from my salesperson shortly thereafter saying that the financing individual who was completing the deal at the lender had gone home ill for the day, and the deal could not be completed until Monday, 3/24. This story seemed rather odd. I was told that I could still come to the dealership, to pick up my new car, which I did decide to do, at the initially agreed upon time that afternoon. Plates were not transferred, nothing was signed - I was given a dealer plate for the weekend.

On Monday afternoon 3/24 I arrived at the dealership for the actual closing. The Finance Manager I met with had no knowledge of the incentives my salesperson had promised while negotiating (pinstripe and window tinting) and said she would have to check with my salesperson. While I had the vehicle over the weekend, I also noticed that it did not come with a cargo net standard, and this is a very important feature to me. I was told I could purchase one and the dealership would install it. Upon completing the financing paperwork, etc, I asked for a manual to the vehicle and my second set of keys. I received my keys, but no manual. I was told I could come pick that up when I came in to have the cargo net installed.

At the direction of my salesperson, I called the service department and spoke to the service writer I was supposed to, to set up an appointment. The service writer seemed to have no idea what I was talking about and placed me on hold. After a period of time he came back and said he was familiar with the issue, and asked what time I wanted to bring the vehicle in. I informed him that only weekends would work for my schedule, and I was rudely told that if weekends were my only option I could be scheduled for Saturday April 12, with no particular time; I'd just have to wait in line until my vehicle was ready. I reluctantly kept the loose appointment for 4/12. (Please note that this is a simple install that I'd do myself, however it requires some light drilling into the vehicle, which I'd rather leave to a professional. On average, per the instructions, this should take no more than fifteen minutes. I was told that it takes an hour or more. To install a cargo net? He must be kidding.)

On Wednesday March 26, I received a letter from my lender, [redacted], advising that they could not extend credit to me under the terms presented to them, but rather under modified terms, and I had ten days to respond to them directly if I agreed. I immediately emailed the finance manager, enclosing a copy of the letter, asking her if this was something I needed to worry about or address. I have not received a reply. Obviously this was worrisome, so I contacted the lender directly and was told that the only reason I received the letter was because the dealership did not send the signed contract to them in a timely manner, which automatically generates the letter, and was assured that everything was okay. It would have been nice to hear that from my finance manager, instead of having to investigate it for myself.

Given the above, I emailed the general manager and advised him of my overall experience, reiterated that I was not looking for the items promised to me and that I liked the car and would do those add ons later if I so chose. I did this as I knew that my salesperson would have conveniently forgotten any mention of the incentives. Also, I advised that I would be canceling my April 12 appointment with the dealership, and would choose another dealership, one which provides firm appointment times. In conclusion, the only item I wanted was my "new vehicle jacket" which includes my manual, to be sent to me. I offered to pay postage. I had contacted my salesperson and asked if this could be done, but again, no reply.

To date I have not heard from the GM of the dealership. I find this lack of response unconscionable, especially to a customer who just purchased a new vehicle. The condition of my trade in or my financial situation should not affect my experience, and that is exactly how I feel.Desired Settlement: All I really want is to make sure that I get all of the necessary materials that should have been given to me upon actual delivery of the vehicle, ie the manuals and "new vehicle jacket," sent to me. An explanation of why I have not received a reply to any of my inquiries would also be appreciated. It completely devalues me as a customer and is not the way to start a new relationship.



Dear, apologize for the delay. A dealership representative contacted Mr. [redacted].

Review: I bought a car which I later found out was traded to another dealer. The originating dealer was Boucher Hyundai of Waukesha Wi. I have read the warranty on my car and need some information. I need to know how this car was transported to the other dealership, the distance or total miles it was transported, the milage on the vehicle before it left Boucher, and the milage when it was transferred to the other dealership. Also, I need to know the original Boucher sticker price. This information is necessary for my warranty. I called Boucher and was unable to get this necessary information.

The Vin: [redacted]Desired Settlement: Verified information requested in my problem description.



Mr. [redacted], I will contact you directly when I have the information requested. Most likely the vehicle was driven to the dealer you purchased it from.

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