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9380 Station St Ste 500, Lone Tree, Colorado, United States, 80124-6829

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This review will begin with QUOTES from the Bradbury Companies website: *** and then detail the actual events.
“Commitment to family and community are top priorities of our business mission. And commitment is best shown by serving our tenants, buyers and business partners in a way where they know and can trust our honesty and good work ethic.”
“My Dad and Grandpa were wonderful examples of men with integrity.” Without integrity, no other values matter.” Thomas ***, President.
“Our commitment to family, community, quality, integrity, and being a good neighbor is central to everything we do.”
The following is our documented experience with “Integrity” doing business with Thomas ***/Bradbury Company.
The documented events that took place:
In August 2018, we made an offer to purchase *** in cash. Thomas ***, Bradbury CO-- *** accepted the offer. The final contract had been completed, approved and sent by Stephanie ***/Bradbury in house attorney and provided to us. Bradbury companies in house designer-Shauna *** was already working with us on the semi-custom design items (kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops, etc.) of the home. Our main residence is not located in Colorado and we were scheduled to meet with Bradbury CO. designer—Shauna *** on Monday, September 24, to meet with a company on kitchen cabinets and meet onsite with the builder—Brad. Stephanie ***—Bradbury in house attorney was aware that we would be providing a check at that time. We arranged to fly to Denver on September 23, 2018 for the September 24rth Bradbury Companies appointments and walk thru of the home.
On Saturday night, September 22 after 9pm ET. we were notified by e-mail that Thomas *** was no longer willing to sell us the home---with no explanation provided. Since it was received late on a Saturday night, we did not view the email until we arrived in Denver the next day. We had been communicating directly with Bradbury CO personnel for all the design decisions, appointments, etc. To inform us of the decision not to sell us the home, Thomas *** reverted back to his real estate agent that notified our real estate agent. Bradbury CO. did not have the professionalism, courtesy, INTEGRITY or courage to call or notify us directly.
On Monday, September 24,2018---We sent Thomas *** and Stephanie *** an email requesting an explanation on their sudden notification on a Saturday night not to sell us the home. This decision was weeks after working on design and having received a final contract. Thomas H Bradbury *** responded to the email and stated. “ We just decided it would be best decision to not presell the home at this time”.
Then Thomas *** presold the home to someone else.
This situation was reported to the ACLU and Denver Metro Fair Housing. After their investigation and testing the determination was made to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
HUD did a thorough investigation with a data request, which included Bradbury records, interviews, emails and interviewed and requested documents from previous buyers/customers.
What the investigation revealed---in a sworn affidavit, Thomas *** provided a different reason to HUD than he sent to us in an email about his changed decision to not sell us the home--weeks after accepting an offer and us working on design. The investigation also revealed he has done this to others.
We should note that Thomas *** sworn reason to HUD was related to us as property purchasers reviewing their contract and soils reports and negotiating a warranty. During this process they never indicated any sticking points and this went smoothly and very quickly. Why would Bradbury CO. not want a purchaser of a property to complete standard due diligence?
According to the quotes on the Bradbury CO. website, --- Did Thomas *** and Bradbury personnel act with ‘INTEGRITY” give 51% and build long-term relationships?
Final Result---Our purpose was accountability for the public good.
The complaint has been resolved with the execution of a HUD conciliation agreement. Section 103.330 (b) of HUD’s regulations provides that the agreement shall be made public.
Conciliation Agreement Monitoring
Marshall v. NCM Wilder Lane, LLC
HUD Case Number: ***
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
The people involved and possessing knowledge that ***. —owned by Bradbury CO.--- accepted our offer and was working with us on the details, include:
Thomas Bradbury *** –Managing Partner
Hugh ***—Chief Financial Officer
Stephanie ***- In house--Bradbury Attorney
Jason ***—Real Estate Agent, representing Bradbury CO.—***.
Shauna ***—in house—Bradbury designer
The HUD conciliation agreement includes:
Relief for the complainants:
The complainants donated the small monetary relief to a non profit that protects everyone’s civil liberties and a non profit inclusive lender—providing support and low interest loans to small businesses, women and minorities that historically have been impacted by redlining and discrimination.
Relief in the public interest:
Within 6 months Thomas *** agrees to attend two hours of federal fair housing training conducted by an appropriate agency approved by HUD. Bradbury Companies is responsible for all costs associated with attending the training.
During the terms of the agreement—HUD may review compliance with the agreement by examining witnesses, conducting tests and copying pertinent records.
Reporting and Record Keeping
Within 20 days of having mailed the check—Bradbury company was required to send a copy to HUD.
Within 20 days of completion of the training---Thomas *** Is required to submit a copy of compliance to HUD.
Any breach of this agreement may be referred to the Attorney General of the United States to commence a civil action.
Neither of these reasons may be the TRUTH; however, we do know that Thomas *** did not keep his word, gave us one reason and HUD a different reason for his reversed decision to not sell us the home. He was caught not acting with “INTEGRITY”.
Hopefully this process will help protect the public.
Accountability includes self-reflection, repair, apology, and changed behavior.

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Address: 9380 Station St Ste 500, Lone Tree, Colorado, United States, 80124-6829


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