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I received two rolls of carpet on Braun's Express delivery trucks. One was in January of 2014 and the other in June of 2014. Both rolls were special order for a customer's new house. Both of the rolls had freight damage to them and were refused and sent back on the truck. I explained to Braun's that it is next to impossible to reorder more carpet of the same dye lot and make it work. Much less put a seam in the carpet where there shouldn't be one and have a satisfied customer. They kept telling me that they are still processing the claims and my check will be sent soon. Finally in December, nearly a year later, the owners are refusing to pay the claims because I should have kept the carpets and only filed a claim for the damaged portions, and they would have paid for that. I explained why that was not an option in my previous statement. They went on to say they were going to return the refused rolls and only honor the damaged amount. However, Braun's Express lost both rolls and don't know where they are or what happened to them. I am out $3262.23 for these two rolls of carpet. I have repeatedly tried to talk to the owners of the company, but they never answer the phone or I am told they are unavailable. I also have emailed them and have never received a reply. I have been more than patient regarding this matter.Product_Or_Service: rolls of carpetDesired SettlementCost of two damaged and refused rolls of carpet $3262.23


It appears Braun's Express Picked up a roll of carpet in Black Plastic and delivered it in clear plastic. When it was unrolled it had concealed damageBruan's Express Picked up a J. Mish carpet from Cartersville,GA. It was packaged in Black Plastic with a pregenerated sticker on it from J.Mish.When it was delivered it was in clear plastic and with a piece of paper with the address for delivery and tracking numbers on it, plastic wrapped to the roll. 12 days later they unpackaged it to take out for installation. The clear plastic and core were undamaged. But the carpet had fork lift blade damage that had cut 4 foot long cuts in the carept threw multiple layers of caret making the entire piece useless. When we turned in the claim for concealed damage on day 12. They cameback saying we do not have material to repackage anything if its original wrapping is damaged so it could not of been us. Then this carpet was out of our possesion for 12 days so anything could of happened to it. But we have written proof from the reciever this carpet arrived in clear plastic. So it was shipped in Black plastic and arrived in Clear plastic, so we feel no one else could of damaged the carpet but Braun's Express. Carpet Connection in Lyndonville,VT XXXXX was the reciever and has provided us with written statement this did NOT arrive in Black plastic that it shipped in. Desired SettlementWe are requesting full payment for the damaged goods of $1,621.46 Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@braunsexpress.comIn response to Mike [redacted]/Distinctive Carpet complaint: Braun's Express, Inc. did pick up a roll from J. Mish for customer: The Carpet Connections in Lyndonville, VT. We were contacted by [redacted] at Distinctive Carpet on 11/21/13 at approx 11:00am. He stated to me that this roll was delivered in clear plastic and not the original wrapper from the shipper. I explained to Mike that I'm not sure how that could be as we do not have the equipment/material to rewrap/reroll freight. We are only a warehouse. After we spoke, I told him that we would have the roll inspected. The inspection was completed, and I sent over to Mike. The inspection report showed that this roll was brought to the install location, and that is when they found the damage to the carpet. Originally Mike [redacted] stated that there was core damage, now in this statement he is stating there was no damage. I explained to Mike [redacted], that we are only a warehouse. We do not have the means to rewrap a roll of carpet, we are not a carpet installer/store or warehouse. I further went to state that all of our freight is tagged with a Braun's Express sticker, along with the shippers tag. I asked him to please provide me with a picture of the Braun's sticker. Had we rewrapped this roll in our warehouse, that roll would have the Braun's Express sticker on it. I sent him an example of what that sticker would look like. They could not provide me that information. I also requested this information from The Carpet Connection - they also couldn't provide that evidence. Mike [redacted] went to accuse Braun's Express of creating labels, and insulting our warehouse workers. This is just one of the emails he sent along: (date 11/26/13 @ 5:01p.m.):"That sticker would of been attached to the black plastic you picked it up in. Obviously when the plastic was changed to clear plastic that label and the J.mish label were both removed because they were attached to the black plastic. Someone typed up the generic label (attached) that your company and driver used for tracking and delivery. Probably because they did not have access to another pregenerated Braun's label being a warehouse worker. Who uses a manifest # of XXXXXX Location 104? Because the shipper doesn't and the receiver doesn't. Only Braun's would of put those numbers on the attached generic label. Because they mean nothing to anyone but the freight carrier. Then we and the receiver would call that XXXXXX number the BOL not a Manifest #, ONLY the freight carrier calls it a Manifest #. We have proven to our satisfaction that it shipped in black plastic and arrived in clear plastic. So we will let the and courts decide. Mike [redacted]Denver, NC XXXXX(XXX)XXX-XXXX "I responded to Mike and stated that in fact that manifest number is the shippers bill of lading (BOL)number. I further responded that providing the and/or small claims is slander as he no sufficient evidence to prove his case. He was not, and is not part of this shipment. He is a 3rd party in this shipment. He never saw the freight, he is only going by what his customer is stating.Here are the facts:*This was received by Braun's Express, Inc. and delivered to the customer; customer signed off shipment free and clear of any descrepencies. No notations that it arrived in different wrapper than shipped in.*We were notified of damage 12 days after delivery. The customer, The Carpet Connection, never contacted Braun's Express regarding any damage.*Inspection was completed after initial contact between Mike [redacted] and myself. Inspection revealed that freight was moved from point of delivery to install location, where damage was noticed.*Pictures sent by Mike [redacted] show roll wrapped tight with original shipper label under clear plastic. No Braun's Express label attached.*Roll was moved from point of delivery to install location. It was then that the damage was noticed; after roll was unwrapped and unrolled. The Carpet Connection then brought back to their warehouse and notified Distinctive Carpet of concealed damage. If what Mike [redacted] is stating is true, how did the roll get rewrapped after being unwrapped/unrolled at install location and brought back from install location to the The Carpet Connection? According to Mike [redacted], The Carpet Connection does not have the means to rewrap a roll. We have provided Mike [redacted] with all evidence that contradicts any and all of his statements. He has provided no evidence that this freight was damaged by Braun's Express, Inc. Braun's Express stand firms in their decision that this roll was not damaged by Braun's Express, Inc. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I did not report this problem to the to argue with this lady over the claim. If I want to do that I will go to court. I have reported this to the so other companies that go to use this company will know to be warned to open and inspect the goods the moment they arrive because once they drop it off and drive away its your problem. No matter what freight damage was caused to your freight. I did not contact the to fight this lady again I have already been doing that for over a month. I have reported the problem and our proof as to what has happened. They have reported theirs. It is now up to the to warn other customers or not. I have done my part in warning the public to the fact. If they drive away and you have hidden damage your going to eat it. Because they could never do anything wrong because you did not show them the God sticker. Because if you do not have the God Sticker it could not possibly of been them that damaged your goods. I am done with this complaint do not contact me again. Warn the public or not thats up to the If I want to argue with this lady another month I will take them to court.Final Business Response In response to Mike [redacted]'s rebuttal, Braun's Express stands firm in their decision of denial on this claim. We did not, nor would we ever, rewrap a customers product in order to avoid paying a claim. We wouldn't attempt to reproduce a sticker in order to avoid fault. I have been handling freight claims with Braun's Express for 14 years, and have yet to come across a customer that is adamently unwilling to see or hear the other side of the story. I will state for the last time, we do not have the means to rewrap a roll in any type of wrapping. This roll was not damaged by Braun's Express. We delivered the roll to the customer in packaging in which we received from the carpet mill. We specialize in flooring delivery and at no point would Braun's Express utilize a fork lift to handle rolled goods. Fork lifts are utitlized for palletized goods only.I cannot, and will not, continue to go 'back and forth' with this customer. He is not willing to view the facts that have been presented to him. Mike [redacted] stated himself that the roll was completely undamaged at time of delivery. He has proven nothing as he states. Unless he can produce video showing that this roll came off our truck, in clear plastic at Carpet Connection, he can only base his claim on hearsay. If he can produce that evidence, I will gladly reopen the claim.Until that evidence can be produced, we consider this claim closed.

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