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Dear *** *** of the,
This is a rebuttal to *** ***’s response to my original complaint (ID ***) from 2/10/
*** *** is twisting my words, continues to refuse me a refund and is now accusing me of slander
In my original email to him (and in the conversation with his employee *** and in subsequent emails by me to him and in my complaints to the, Angie’s List and in my Facebook review), I have consistently asked for a refund because yellow roses were delivered to the funeral home completely opened and starting to wiltThese were not fresh roses and others at the funeral home commented on that fact and were surprisedThe memorial service for which the roses were ordered only lasted a few hours at the funeral homeThey were wilted when I arrivedHow wilted do flowers have to be before they are old? They shouldn’t have been wilted at allI ordered and paid for fresh flowers and did not receive themWhether he uses the term “wilted” or “old” or some other floral term, does not matterThe product I ordered was clearly not freshThey were much closer to dead than fresh--nearly dead, did not serve the purpose they were supposed to because of this, and I want my money back
The comments I made to *** about the color of the carnations and the other flowers at the funeral home have been twisted as wellI did not rave about the other flowers at the funeral homeI simply compared the wilted roses in my order to those of the beautiful flowers around themMine should have been beautiful as wellThe reason *** and I discussed the color of the carnations over the phone was because she wanted to know whether her personal service to me had been adequateI originally placed the order in person in Breitinger’s shop and was there when *** called the other floristShe and I had a discussion that day about how we both thought the roses would be best set off not with yellow carnations as that florist suggested but with a contrasting colorIn that subsequent phone call, *** asked me about the colors and contrastsI didn’t think they were wonderful, I told her and certainly not what she and I planned together, but that was not the reason I requested the refundIn my original email, I described the colors to remind her of our conversation in the floral shop and to try to show *** *** that there was one thing about his service that I did value and that was his employee and the care she tookWhile the colors were dismaying, it was the roses that were wilted and the reason I requested a refund for the orderI did not just call them up and complain that my carnations were not peachy enough as he suggests
*** *** also claims I was offered options for refunds and this is twisted as wellHe said there was an option for flowers to be redone and delivered to the cemetery, but this doesn’t make sense given that my mother was cremated and there never was and never will be a cemetery involvedAlso, it was noted in a Facebook response that *** didn’t have authorization to make refunds
Small businesses DO rely on their reputations for growth, prosperity and repeat customersSolid reputations are achieved by word of mouth by happy customersWhen customers aren’t happy, they should complainWord of mouth can be between friendsIt can be through reviews on places like FacebookIt can also be through complaint processes like here with the and Angie’s ListBusinesses who want happy customers take care of issues customers have when something goes wrongSomething clearly went wrong between the time I ordered the flowers and when they were delivered*** *** did not take care of my complaints placed directly with his businessI chose to complain more broadly, as is my rightDoes he have a Facebook page with a review area expecting that only good reviews will be placed there?
I am his customer saying I was wronged and unhappy with his productThis is the truth of what happenedThe definition of slander is about defaming someone with liesI have not liedI have complained to his business and in appropriate venuesIf he has felt “undue damage” as he claims, it is because he did not take care of this customer appropriatelyHe took my money and didn’t deliver the product we agreed uponThen he twisted my words to try to make it seem like I simply wanted “peachier” flowers and that I had refused refund optionsHe is the one presenting untruthsWho is slandering whom?
In absence of a refund, perhaps my complaints will be followed up again on FacebookI should tell others there that my advice to them would be to only order flowers from Breitinger's with a credit cardThat way there is some chance of an independent refundOr perhaps I should consider small claims court?
Also, Mr***, we spoke about my sending you the email I sent to Breitinger's in February, approximately a day or two before my complaint to the, Angie's List and my Facebook reviewI remember now that I sent that email via Breitinger's website, so I do not think any copy would have remained on my computerBut wouldn't that email be available through them?
Gwendelyn ***

Reply to customer’s statement: Her claim was that the roses were wilted, she spent $on the flowers & the carnations were not Contrasting enoughShe has since sent numerous posts to our face book pageOne of her posts states that the roses were not wilted, but openThe florist
filling the order in Greensburg did not have yellow roses on hand & ordered them fresh for herThey were as fresh as they could beYellow roses often open quick but open does not mean dead???She raved about all the other flowers at the funeral home., the same florist that filled her order did most of themShe requested yellow roses; peach & white carnations; wheat & cattailsThe price was $She claims she did not get what she orderedThe carnations were not “peachy” enoughThey were peach & white as requested, don’t know how to determine if they were? peachy enoughTo the best of my knowledge, which shade of peach was never discussed when she placed the orderWhen she called with the complaint she again talked to the same sales personWe offered her two of options - a partial credit or we could make her some flowers that she could take to the cemeteryHer response was, “I’ll let you know”I did not chase her down to ask her decision & she never contacted us again until mid February (original order was December 15t), When she did respond she did so very publicly with multiple face book posts, and contacting & Angie’s ListI feel that she has inflicted undue damage to our business & reputationI have no intention of negotiating with her nowSome of her posts on face book~ have beenslanderousHer last post on face book states that we giveher a full refund she will let EBB & Angie’s List knowAnd also make a note on our face book pageTo a small business your reputation is everything & a new post on face book wilt not un post the damage

Dear *** ***,
Regarding complaint number ***, please ask *** *** to donate his small, partial refund to the local Red CrossI have spoken with a woman named *** who has agreed to let me know when the donation is madeHer direct line is *** *** ***He can give them credit card info over the phone or mail a check to Red Cross, Attn ***, *** *** ** *** *** *** ** ***
While I will be glad when this issue is put to rest, I am dismayed that a local business owner has been so anti-customer service orientedBelieve me, no one spends this kind of time trying to right a situation unless they have been ripped offPerhaps *** *** will learn from this situation as well and future customers of his will benefit
Thank you for your patience in this back-and-forth effort

ID: ***
Order was placed in our store on Ii/29/13’to be delivered on 12/1/The flowers were
to be sent to a funeral home in Greensburg which is out of our delivery areaWhile the
customer was in the store we called a florist in that area because she wanted specific
flowers & colors that they may not have in stockThe florist did not have the requested
flowers, but would be able to order them in for the next dayWe placed the order with
themThe customer called with a complaint on 12/2/stating that the colors were not as
she ordered & the roses were openWe talked to the fifing florist & were assured that
the carnations were indeed peach & white and the roses were brought in for her order &
were the freshest available in the marketWe talked again to the sender & offered her a
couple options, one of whichwas a partial refundShe stated that she would let us know
we never heard form her again until approx February whenshe began posting on our face
book page & we received a letter from the Revdex.comAfter a period of’ about days I will
not go after the filling florist for a credit, I would have had more negotiating power back
in DecemberI believe that the flowers were as she ordered & the yellow roses were
fresh, they do tend to open quickly, That florist is very reputable & has been there for
more than yearsOur share of the order as the sending florist was $I will
refund that amount to her if she agreesI believe this is more than generous for an order
that was just as she ordered it

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