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Bretz RV and Marine

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I am very happy that Ms. [redacted] has been able to secure a loan and I wish her the best with her RV whenever she finds the right one.  There are times when personalities clash and it is better to move on. Dave B[redacted]

I have in my hand a receipt from Amazon showing a total credit of $518.49, $399.95+$118.54=$518.49 dated 5-2-17 (the date we received the product). Again all of this could/should have been avoided by either returning the product or filing a claim with UPS. As early as April our contact stated " Still I am willing to refund the money once I have received the product back"  I'm not aware of any company or business that issues $400.00 refunds without the merchandise being returned.  I sincerely hope that we can now close this matter to everyone's satisfaction.

Great staff. Thad, our sales rep, in his quiet manner and no pressure, sold us our Tiffin Bus. His knowledge and respectful manner in answering our questions provided excellent customer service. All the staff we interacted with were polite, respectful and aided us in whichever manner we required.
Very professional and friendly. We would recommend fellow Canadians (& our American friends) to visit MT and buy from Bretz.

Great sales people, wonderful staff. A pleasure to work with everyone on our new travel trailer

I am very close to filing a complaint with after many problems with service on our 2014 Montana. They just don't get it. You get stuck in the sale then they don't care.

I dealt with Bretz in Billings Mt, got hail estimate and left 5th wheel as instructed on Oct 28, with promised completion Dec 15. Called at that time & told factory on hiatus til Jan 1(no answer as to why parts not ordered before) & parts would be ordered then. Called in Jan and told again parts ordered. Called Feb 4 and got same story and told someone would call me back, called 2 days later because nobody did and again told parts are ordered, takes 4-6 wks. Went to business on Feb 18 and told parts would arrive Mar 25. Since we had trip planned for end of Mar, and I was tired of being lied to I picked up trailer the next day and cancelled the order. The replacement of sky light and countertop work that was done was substandard. I would not do business with these people again. I could not believe they could not make one phone call in almost 4 months.

I recently purchased a Little Guy [email protected] tear drop trailer from Bretz RV in Billings. I had searched and reviewed many teardrop trailers around the country and settled on the [email protected] Bretz is the only dealership in Billings that has these trailers and I wanted the support of a dealership so this is why I purchased the trailer at Bretz. The first issue occurred in February when I put $1000.00 down with a credit card. Evidently this transaction did not go through and in April when I paid the balance of the trailer in full nothing was said at the closing re: this. I got a call in May from the business office at Bretz stating that the $1000 dollar transaction did not go through and could I check my credit card records to make sure so they could resent the transaction through.
The second issue happened the day of the closing. The person who gave me the "walk through" of the trailer had never seen one of these units before. He had a check list and showed me where things were but not hands on how to use these things. Beings I have never owned or towed a trailer I wanted to test everything for myself; i.e. turn on the propane tank, turn on the stove fill the water tank, try the DVD player etc. The guy was just interested in getting things checked off his list and having me initial them that he showed me where they were.
He then proceeded to sell me items in their store with the lure that everything I bought today would be 10% off. Of course, I needed a hitch and pin, water purifier, and so forth. He showed me a Zamp solar panel that sold for $700.00. I told him I wanted to wait. I checked on Amazon and they were going for less than $500.00. A local RV dealership sells them for $615.00 Several days later, I called the dealership because I was wondering how to take of the garish advertising of Bretz on the front and back of my trailer. I was able to get the decals off but the person at Bretz said that it was my trailer now and I could do what I wanted. I didn't want those decals on my trailer at all.
The third party survey company Bretz has hired called me several weeks later. I told them what I thought and several weeks later the owner Dustin B[redacted] called me re: my review. He offered to come to my house and go over the trailer with me. And to his credit he was excellent at it. He was knowledgeable and interesting and a good teacher.
Recently, I decided to purchase a Yamaha generator. Bretz sells them for $1100.00. The other dealership had a sale and was selling the same thing for $899.00. I told Dustin and he said he wanted my business. Bretz was going to make a tray on the tongue of the trailer for the generator. I said OK, I will get the tray and generator at Bretz. But after thinking about it, I decided to purchase the generator at the other dealership. I called the shop foreman at Bretz to inform him that I would be bringing my own generator so I didn't want him to pull one from their inventory. When I went to pick up my trailer with the new tray soldered to the tongue and generator, Dustin said "I didn't see that you paid for the generator on the invoice". I told him that I brought my own from [redacted] And that they had filled the oil cavity. Dustin said no they did not. I had to add a lot of oil. and I quoted you a package deal. I told Dustin that I would be glad to give him the difference of the tray but he said No, if that is what they charged you that is what it will be. We are all about customer service. He was angry.
I went to [redacted]for a little tutorial on my generator and it was leaking oil. The person took it back to the shop and a service man took the back plate off and oil just spewed out. It had been overfilled at Bretz. The service man totally drained the oil and filled it with the right amount. I called Bretz and left a message on Dustin's voice mail informing him of the situation and that I was concerned. He called me back, left me a voice mail and said that I did not understand good customer service. He had been to my house to show me the trailer and bent over backwards and that I "felt" that the generator had been overfilled with oil, and that [redacted]"felt" that it had. So he stated that being's I wanted to work with [redacted]that I should continue to work with [redacted]and that he would no longer be taking my phone calls.
Needless to say, my trailer is still under warranty and I bought a 5 year service agreement. I have called the main office in the mid west re: the above to see what I need to do re: warranty. I have been very disappointed with this dealership and would not recommend them.

June 12th; left my trailer at Bretz to take care of two issues, broken lock and frig noise. Service Department said it would likely be done on June 16th and they would call me. No call the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st. I called service on the 22nd; was told my lock was fixed but they needed to order a switch for the frig and it would be in the 24th or 25th and they would call me. No call on the 25th, 26th 27th or 28th. I called them on the 29th and was told the switch was never ordered and they would order it delivered overnight and would call me. No call on the 30th, July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th. This is day 25 since I left my trailer with Bretz. I finally called the service manager and relayed all the above info to him and relayed how VERY upset I was. He said he would check things out and call me back which he did within 30 minutes. He said the switch was in and they would take care of it first thing the next day and I would be called. July 7th, the manager called at 2:30 PM and left a message saying my trailer was fixed and I could pick it up. I received another message from another service rep who told me the same thing and that there would be no charge for their service.I picked up the trailer on July 8th and was not charged. My issues are: 27 days to fix two issues that basically took one morning to accomplish? Was always told I would be called and never was until I complained to a manager? This was also the second time I had my trailer in to Bretz which I had just purchased from them in April. The first time for additional accessories but even then was never called when the work was finished. it has been incredibly frustrating and I will never take my trailer to them again nor ever purchase anything from them again. I will tell all my friends, family and acquaintances about the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

On January 25, 2016, my wife & I approached BRETZ, RV & MARINE in Missoula, Montana to inquire about a Airstream Travel Trailer. We were shown a couple of the vehicles they had in stock and then sat down to discuss some numbers. Upon agreeing about an initial price, we then sat down with the Business Manager who handed us a contract. In the contract it said that the $ 10,000.00 deposit we were considering putting down was NON-REFUNDABLE. When asked to define the meaning of our deposit being NON-REFUNDABLE, the Business Manager explained that that would only apply if upon delivery of the vehicle to us, we would decide that we no longer wanted it. We now no longer want the vehicle as we can't afford it and the vehicle hasn't been yet delivered to us, but BRETZ, RV & MARINE is refusing to cancel the transaction and returning us our deposit. They say that the Business Manager was never asked to define the NON-REFUNDABILITY of our deposit and the Co-Owner of the dealership himself, states having video tapped us (we were recorded without our consent which is ILLEGAL in Montana) and "nowhere in the video are we asking for a definition of the word NON-REFUNDABLE associated with our deposit". They way my wife & I see it, BRETZ, RV & MARINE is engaged in Predatory Sales Practices, and potential RV or boating customers in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho & Montana should be made aware of it.

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Address: 4800 Grant Creek Rd, Missoula, Montana, United States, 59808-1454


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