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I had brought in my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer for repairs on August, 29th 2013 for repairs for Cars of Summer in Auburn Ma. I had told them I need a new wheel bearing, had them inspect it a week prior actually, and they agreed. On August 29th, I went in and told them I only had $210 to work with and they told me that the wheel bearing would not cost that much. After having the car on the lift for a hour, they claimed the wheel bearing froze to the hub and I needed a whole new assembly. In sort, they claimed no one had the part and they went to a junk yard and got a use hub and wheel assembly. They let the car sit on the lift for 6 hours charging me for 6 hours of labor resulting in my bill being $462 and would not let the car move until it was paid in full and would start charging storage. I had it paid and later that day I noticed the wheel bearing was still making noise. Sunday Sept 8th, I brought the car to Monro Muffler in Southbridge mass, and told them what happened, they were able to find that my wheel bearing was shot, so bad it was splitting in a form of a V, causing the tire to lock up in the same spot when it was stopped. Also the mechanic noticed both serial numbers matched on the hubs, showing that the wheel bearing wasn't changed, and that if the hub was changed, the serial numbers would be different. Cars of Summer didn't do a thing to my car. Sept 11th, my wheel bearing let go and I struck a Utility Pole on the side the wheel bearing let go, this is all on the right front. This accident resulting in my car being totaled. Now I have no car, insurance will not cover it, no job, no way to find a job with no car. Cars of Summer stole from me, DID NOT DO THE WORK THEY CLAIMED THEY DID, and this resulted in my car being totaled. I have a receipt from both places.Product_Or_Service: Wheel bearing, Hub AssemblyDesired SettlementI want cars of summer to give me my money back for the work they never did, and pay for a new car for me, and pain and suffering and time with out a car. If this is not resolved, I will sue them in court for triple damages, ie the money for the work they never did, the triple value of my car, pain and suffering from the accident, because I am still sore to this day, time with out a car, and what ever else a legal adviser says I can get.Business Response We are replying to the complaint we received on Sept 17th regarding [redacted] and 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer. Due to numerous discrepancies in his original complaint, we will be investigating this matter further. We are requesting from the complainant: 1) copy of police report and accident reconstruction photos (2) copy of[redacted] repair and evaluation documents (3) copies of any other documents from any other garages (4) locate of the vehicle so that an independent evaluation can be done 5) copies of all medical documents from treatment received on scene and/or as a result of the accident. Please be advised that we still have the original hub and ceased bearing that was removed from Mr.[redacted]'s vehicle and will also be submitting that for evidence along with proof of part receipts showing replacement parts were used in repairing this vehicle. We will submit our detail findings once the documents we have requested have been provided to us. Respectfully submitted, Cars of Summer Garage / Brook MotorsBusiness Response We are responding to the rebuttal of 12/11/13. As mentioned previously, we still have the original part that Mr. [redacted] is claiming we did not replace. It physically could not have been put back on the vehicle do the condition he brought it in. A used hub was used per the customer's request as he could not afford a new hub and could not wait the delivery time to obtain one from the dealer. We purchased a second hand hub and a new wheel bearing. It was installed accordingly. The Monroe quote he provided did not state the wheel bearing was bad. In fact, they advised him that a tie rod end needed to be replaced and a wheel alignment after that part was replaced, as is needed when a tie rod is replaced. He failed to have these repairs done at Monroe. The poor condition of the tie rod end, which is noted by the second repair garage, could have failed. Again, we stand behind that facts that we did in fact replace the part on the vehicle, that Mr. [redacted] claims that we did not replace. Mr. [redacted] did not repair additional work noted by another garage that was needed in the normal maintenance of his vehicle. In addition, there are no notes by the second garage that the work we completed was defective. We were not the last garage to touch Mr.[redacted]'s vehicle prior to the accident. We also have not received (1) copy of the police report and accident reconstruction report (2) location of the vehicle so an independent evaluation can be done (3) copies of any medical documents from treatment received on scene and/or as a result of the accident. Mr.[redacted] did not repair a safety concern addressed by Monroe for the passenger [redacted] tie rod, which was the side that the accident occurred on. Respectfully submitted, Brook Motors / Cars of Summer GarageConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)There was no new wheel bearing replaced. They went to a junk yard which is illegal to get me so called "hub assembly" with a wheel bearing. So the statement claiming the wheel bearing is new is false. Also they claimed before going to the junk yard they called around ever auto parts store and all these stores didn't have my part. That is why they went to the junk yard. Also the serial numbers on the hub assembly matched. They were stock numbers. If you change a hub assembly, even a stock one from a junk yard, the serial number would be different. But they weren't. They were a perfect match. I do know about cars. Also there is no need for a police report for a re payment of work they needed to do because this is not small claims court. Also the vehicle was in a junk hard and all the parts were gone. This company knew for a fact I would sell the car to a junk yard that is why they waited so long jn the first place to to ro teply. And also any company is horrible as this one waiting so long to reply will have forged receipts and go get a random hub. No garage keeps parts for more then a month because garage sell parts to scrap yards to help make money. My uncle who is a master mechanic told me and my best friend. Business Response We were notified of the alleged concerns on the 02 Lancer when we first received on 9/16/13. On 10/1/13, We requested the location of the vehicle for inspection. Mr. [redacted] failed to respond to our request and the closed the case on 10/10. We did not receive any addition notification on this complaint from Mr. [redacted] until 12/11/13, three months after the initial complaint. We have been diligent in responding to the accusations made against our company. We again stand by our work. A new wheel bearing was placed in the vehicle and charged accordingly. Should this case go to court, we will be brining copies of the Auto Parts Store receipts along with Mr. [redacted]'s original wheel bearing and hub. We in fact kept this hub due to the open complaint against our company. In addition, we in fact hold our scrap at our business. The fact Mr. [redacted] has sold his vehicle and does not allow us to properly inspect the vehicle to see if the wheel bearing or the tie-rod was an issue, we can not conclude we had which part failed on the vehicle. We are prepared to stand by our work in this case. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Vehicle was sold to the garage that had towed it due to the fact of me having no money because of the money I spent on the work Cars Of Summer claimed they did, which the garage (Lake Street Auto) then sold to a Junk yard, Here is the car at the junk yard.Business Response In looking at the pictures the customer provided, based on our experience, it appears the right side lower ball joint let go on this vehicle. This part was not an item we replaced. Again, we stand by the work that we completed in regards to the wheel bearing.

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