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B.R.S Restoration and Appliance

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Refrigerator wasn't cooling, this company sent someone out and he said he fixed it. It still wasn't cooling so we requested he come back and make the repairs. He said he had to order parts and would arrive on a particular day. That day came and went, no phone call, didn't show up, forwarded my calls to voicemail. The following day he answered his phone, said he hadn't received the parts and was having them sent overnight. Continued to forward my calls to voicemail for 2 more days, then said received parts were damaged and was going to reorder them. 2 1/2 weeks of giving us the run around, continued to send our calls to voicemail, and never came back to complete the repairs. I'll be filing a complaint with the as well. He took our money and ranDesired Settlementwould like an apology and explanationBusiness Response When speaking with our technician division, the h/o, [redacted] gave the refrigerator's model & serial number. On 11/18/14 a new control board was installed at [redacted] The refrigerator was working accurately when the technician left the location. The h/o called back to us on 11/21. BRS specialist informed the [redacted] that they would have to call back to their warranty company, in order for us to go back out on a recall. The [redacted] called their warranty company for a recall. On 11/23/14 we informed Mr.& Mrs. [redacted] we had to order a replacement control board and a condenser fan motor. Unbeknown to us the first parts we installed were damaged. Mrs.. [redacted] wanted service on 11/27th..We Do Not Work on Thanksgiving Day. So therefore she requested 11/28th. The appointment was on a tentative basis. If we had received the parts by then service could have been completed, but we did not receive replacement parts until 12/02/14 at 4:44 pm. Mr. & Mrs. [redacted] on 12/03/14 am requested for the service order to be canceled. Unfortunately, due to the manufacturer's delay we were not able to acquire the parts any sooner. If the [redacted] feel we did not respond or repair their refrigerator in a timely fashion we regret the delay. Let it be noted, we, or any service company has no control on delivery times. We do the best we can at getting parts within a specified schedule, but it's up to the manufacturer. If they have the part on hand or if there is a wait. Policy holders/homeowners are required to pay a deductible. The minimal amount is set through the warranty company. A diagnosis and a install was performed on this order. Consumer Response The refrigerator was not working any differently when the technician left than it was when he arrived. He said "give it 24 hours." When we called back, we called both the technician and the warranty company. We were told that parts were being ordered as the technician said he knew what the problem was without having to come back out, and that he would call to advise us of a date that he would return. There was no call from the company on 11/23 as you claim in your response. You're saying the first parts you installed were damaged, but how would you know that as no one ever came back out to the house and the parts supposedly ordered were different parts? I did not ask for service on the 27th, I asked if it would be possible to have the repairs completed prior to the 27th as we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner and that is obviously difficult to do without a working refrigerator. I was informed that the technician would arrive on the 28th, but no specific time was given. Instead, the technician I spoke with on the phone said "I'll call you and let you know what time because I don't know yet what time it will be." So as for your claim of the appointment being tentative, the time may have been but the date was not. That being said, I called the morning of the 28th, at 8:07am, to inquire about what time the technician would be coming. There were actually 3 calls that morning, 8:07, 8:08, and 8:50. I left a message as I was repeatedly sent to voicemail. I then called the warranty company at 9:35 to update them. The warranty company called, got an answer, and informed me that the technician would arrive Monday 12/1. Again, the technician did not show up, did not call, did not answer calls or return my calls, and I waited all day. I called the warranty company and again they spoke with the technician as he did seem to answer their calls. They told me he had ordered parts again, this time for overnight delivery, and he would arrive the following morning. I called 12/2 at 9:27am, and when my call was again forwarded to voicemail I called the warranty company. I voiced my concerns about the technician not answering or returning my calls and that I felt he was giving me the run around and had no intention of showing up. They advised that the technician said he would definitely be there and we should give him the opportunity to complete the repairs. I called the technician back at 2:04 pm, again was sent to voicemail. I called the warranty company back at 3:01pm. They attempted to call the technician and were also sent to voicemail. They asked that I give the technician to the end of the business day and that if he did not arrive they would send another company out to repair the refrigerator. Needless to say, the technician did not arrive. For good measure I called the technician again the following morning at 8:33 prior to calling the warranty company. Again my call was forwarded to voicemail. Your response states that you received the parts 12/02/14 at 4:44 pm. If the parts were ordered a second time for overnight delivery why were my calls never returned to let me know? Why was I given specific dates, albeit via the warranty company, to expect the technicians arrival? Why did no one call to let me know that the parts were received on 12/2 at 4:44? Why did no one answer or return my call the morning of 12/3? The issue isn't delivery time, I understand the week of Thanksgiving isn't the ideal time to need a repair or to have to wait for delivery of parts, the issue is the communication from your company. And to your comment that the minimal amount paid is set through the warranty company, yes it is, yes I paid it, and yes, your company took my money and ran. I pay a considerable amount yearly to the warranty company as well and I'm sure you received a fair amount from them in addition to what I paid you. I wasn't asking for compensation of any sort, just an aknowledgement that your company made many mistakes and might just owe someone an apology.I have and will be happy to provide phone records and notes of conversations to/from myself and the technician and warranty company. I have also, and will continue to, provide a review of your company on business review sites on the web.

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Description: Major Appliance Repair Stores

Address: 4501 New Bern Ave STE 130-33, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27610-1549


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