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BSF Construction, Inc.

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stole deposit from me and never did any work. provided me with bogus architectual plan. I received from the [redacted] for the disabled. The loan was for the construction of a dormer upstairs in my home at [redacted] for a bathroom for a medical issue. The full loan amount was for $27,198.00. The contract was signed on 10/20/10. A check for $6,606.56 was delivered on 10/21/10. The check was signed by both myself and BSF construction. This $6,606.56 was given to BSF construction, less $1500.00 for the electrician whom I had hired to replace my electrical panel. Since then, a final, unfinished plan had been delivered to me, but nothing else was forthcoming. Out of that installment $600.00 was for the unfinished architectural drawing, and $1500.00 went towards the replacement of the electrical panel. $4506.56 is the remaining amount. I want this $4506.56 returned to me, as well as $600.00 for the architectural plans that I have been told by 2 other architects, is useless. I will need to hire someone else to re-do these plans, so I feel that he should be responsible for this amount as well. The [redacted] told me that they spoke with [redacted]nce, and that he told them that he had every intention of paying me back, and that he had never begun my project because he was busy doing work on the tornado victims' rebuilding(6/1/2011). He proceeded to tell the [redacted] that (even though he apparently had SO much work $$$$...) he could not afford to pay me back right now because he had a lien on someone's house, and until that came through he could not give me my money back. He has paid me only 250.00. I took him to court but he never showed up the last date when he swore in court in front of the judge, that he would bring in all of his financial statements and assets for the next court date. Since he neve showed up, they said they would seize his assets. When I went to the [redacted] the clerk told me he had NUMEROUS liens of thousands of dollars placed on his property by various businesses and individuals whom he has scammed. I do not knopw why the law has allowed this to happen. This man needs to be stopped. His License has been revoked by the state,but he has not been stopped. He purposely steals from people/businesses, but no one is doing any investigation into this. PLEASE HELP STOP THIS MAN. Even the courts do not seem to care what he is doing. Desired SettlementI want 5106.56 (minus 250.00 paid in court)returned to me. I also want the interest that the court requires him to pay me which began to accrue the the first day that I filed my court documents...which I believe was back in January, 2012. Finally, in Sept 2012, The court ordered him to pay me back $500.00 a month. He never paid me back anything except for $250.00 at the second to the last court proceeding, when he swore before the judge that he would return for the next court date with all of his financial documents. he never showed up in court for that last court date. That's when they said they would seize his property. Business Response First of all, let me make this perfectly clear, I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING from this individual, and AM NOT A THIEF! Circumstances beyond my control as I will describe next unfortunately caused this to happen. Let me say also, I feel awful that this happened, not only to these people, but everyone else that has been affected by the tragic events that led to this. I was contacted by this individual, to provide an estimate for them for a second floor bathroom addition. Based on the estimate I provided them, they selected me to build their addition and commence with a deign and plans for their bathroom which we did. Plans were drawn and reviewed with the client, upon which different options were discussed as they wanted to know if certain sizes would fit, and layouts would work. I went to look at addresses where they had seen something they liked and tried to see if it would work in their project. I didn't mind doing it for them, as it was my goal to build them what they wanted. This process took several months to facilitate, but a design was agreed upon, and plans were completed and submitted for a permit. When I went to pull the permit for the job, I was told by the building inspector, that the client had told them not to issue one to me. When I asked why, he said he wasn't sure of the reason, but that he couldn't issue one. I called them upon leaving the building department, and no response from them until I received a notice to appear in court to discuss this matter. Now unfortunately for all parties, I had several jobs going at once, and was on a very tight budget at the time. I got stiffed on a progress payment for one of the jobs, and it crippled my ability to continue my jobs, which in turn, has put me out of business, with massive amounts of debt, almost to the brink of bankruptcy. I had to look for another source of employment which took almost 14 months during this tough economy. But I'm glad to say I have, and am now trying to pay back everyone I owe, including this individual. I know I need to pay them back the money their entitled to, but unfortunately, I only make so much. There's a lot of places to go, but I'm doing my best to repay everyone as I can. There's been a lot that has happened to me during this time, and will not go into details and make a case of it. They should know I'm aware of the fact I owe them their money, and as I can, I will pay them back! I'd be willing to setup a monthly payment arrangement with them, if their so willing. Final Consumer Response the court did not address the fact that the archetectual plans were not usable. I want the entire 600.00 that I was initially charged, back. I also want it known that this contractor has been found to be scamming people for quite some time. as I mentioned before, his deed shows that he has numerous liens on his home due to scamming numerous companies and individuals out of THOUSANDS of dollars. the court keeps allowing this to go on. something HAS to be done about this company. he HAS to be stopped.

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Description: Contractors-General, Construction & Remodeling Services, Home Improvements

Address: 18 Glendale View Drive, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States, 01036-9517


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