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Buckridge Akitas

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We bought an Akita puppy in 2011....
Mr Osborne may have many years of breeding experience and in owning Akitas but he is neither a truthful nor a transparent businessman. Our Buckridge Akita is alive and well and almost 9 yrs old now. I am grateful she came into our lives bc she is a part of our family and we love her. Back in 2010, we lost our Akita who was 10 yrs old. I reached out to the AKC for a list of Akita breeders whom they could recommend. Buckridge was on that list. I spoke to Mr Osborne a few times through email and a few times on the phone. We were interested in one of his new puppies but in the middle of the conversation he turned to the subject of a 4 mos old puppy in his possession who he was “going to keep to show but was too small”. He told me she was very social and very good around people bc he took her to work every day with him. He said she loved Kong toys with peanut butter in it. He said she loved riding on the tractor with him too. Sounded perfect for our very busy household with people coming in and out all the time. Our puppy arrived by plane and her papers revealed that she was actually 6 mos old, not 4. Mr Osborne claimed he had “so many puppies, he probably confused her age”. Seriously? In addition, almost immediately her lack of social skills presented themselves. She was terrified of all men (and still is) and does NOT appreciate children even at a distance. She ate her own poop for the first 2 yrs and she didn’t know how to play at all, much less what a Kong toy was. She melted down every time we tried to take her for a walk or for a car ride (that has gotten better over the yrs). I spoke with Dave about it and he offered to talk by phone to help us through it. Unfortunately, this was the least of her problems. Our dog had serious anxiety and a dysfunctional thyroid, for which she takes a couple medications every day. In addition, she has struggled with allergies and constant forms of dermatitis and demodectic mange. When I told him she needed to go on meds, he became angry and told me to “send her back” to him. Again, we love her and would never send her back but her health and emotional/disposition problems didn’t come from nowhere. He never accepted responsibility for anything - not even for lying to us about her backstory or about her age. He is not an honest person and I would never trust him with a potential family member again. While everything has turned out fine for us - it hasn’t been easy. I realize how fortunate we’ve been that we have the situation and the means to keep her and take care of her. She is who she is and she is a part of this family. But I really just want people to know our experience with Buckridge Akitas bc I don’t want this to potentially happen to someone else. It really really stinks to be lied to.

Reading this is like a Dejavu. We experienced a very similar journey female Akita. I will write a complaint and post it here. This business needs to be shut down!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. I would like to rebut some of MrOsborn's comments in his letter to the In regards to Mr*** comments about not neutering Rocco within the days, I have provided the email chains which shows that we spoke of the neuteringIn the chains there is no where that he mentions that the neutering must be done in days. Also I have highlighted where he states he will send the papers (AKC/contract) which we never received. This was dated July 8th, 2015. I still have not received those as of today February 6, 2016. Also Mr*** stated that he never spoke to us again after we bought the puppy. Again the email strands show that we were in contact with him monthly. We also texted him. Once we mentioned that Rocko was having stomach issues and we would not be purchasing food per the vet's request to change his food, Mr*** no longer answered us or replied. We took that as he was no longer making money off of us, therefore he did not want anymore contact. Again we fulfilled our part of having him neutered and did not receive the AKC papers or the contract that we signed. We are requesting our $refunded for his negligence of not providing us the signed contract and AKC papers to prove all that he stated in his response to the I have done research on breeders contracts and all reputable breeders keep in touch with the owner after the sale and also back up the health on their dogs. I have spoken to many who stated that Mr*** was negligent to not assist us with the health problems nor when he passed awayI do not want this to happen to another family who purchases their dog(family member) from Buckridge Akitas
Dr*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.As stated in my previous email and the evidence that I provided Mr*** did not send the papers that he was required to send once the neutering was complete. I do not accept his responseHe did not keep his end of the contract by providing the papers for the puppy. He has been negligent on his part and I will not recommend him to anyone as his sales and breeding is not done ethically. I continue to ask for my request of providing the papers and refund the $for his negligence
*** ***

The AKC Registration papers were sent to the customerThe dog did not die because the customer misplaced the registration papers

"The dog did not die because the customer misplaced the registration papers"? No, sounds like the dog died because the breeder sold a sick puppy to unsuspecting people who trusted him to be an ethical breeder, which he clearly isn't.

I recently had instance to communicate with Mr. Osborne @ Buckridge Akitas myself in response to puppies he presented on the internet. He claimed these puppies were not for sale and were ones he had chosen to keep for himself from previous litters, but that he had another litter so my timing was lucky. He sent me an application, which is generally accompanied with a nonrefundable deposit request. I filled out his application but told him I would not be sending any money prior to knowing how he structured his waiting lists and after providing still and video of this current litter. I never heard from him again, despite contacting him several more times to request this information and finally to tell him I believe he intended to defraud by accepting nonrefundable deposits for waiting lists for phantom litters that did not in fact exist. He still chose not to reply to correct this notion of him, which supports it as accurate imo since any honest, ethical and reputable breeder would rush to protect their reputation and to brag on their litter(s) and line. This man is a snake oil salesman who shouldn't be taken seriously.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to me.  Please let me review our procedures, which we follow with each and every prequalified family that arrives to pick up their puppy.   We greet you and introduce you to your new family member.  After we chat for a few minutes we then sit...

down and review training procedures. We give detailed outlines as to the proper training, care and grooming, outlining suggested grooming needs and diet and exercise expectations. We take special care to answer each and every question, and help you to understand the best ways to care for your new family member.  After, all questions are answered and review complete, we then proceed to the paperwork. We provide at this time the feeding and water instructions, a detailed outline of the shots that have been given, as well as the suggested outline of futures shots, as well as the timing of those shots. Included on this page is the outline of all of the parasite prevention that has been given.  We also give a Handout called “Canine Vaccine Information” as well as “Canine Parasite Information”.  These pages describe the various health concerns and give a reference for the customer to have, as when questions arise, we can both quickly refer to these pages. We also provide, two pages called “Vaccinology”. This was written by a leading Doctor, who sets Veterinary protocols, for Veterinarians thought out the USA.    Additionally, we provide another handout, concerning Vaccines and timing of those vaccines. We take the time to answer questions, as well as describe that we have this puppy’s health in mind. We always offer our help, throughout this puppy’s lifetime that we want what is best for the long term health and well-being.   We provide a full contract.  We take time to explain and answer any questions about the contract.  We allow time for the customer to read and complete the needed information, complete with signatures.  We explain that; if for any reason, what so ever, that you cannot keep this puppy, it must be returned to us. There is even a special place to sign that the customer understands this agreement. The puppy cannot be sold, given away, rehomed or any other terms used to say that this puppy does not live with you. We do not have very many puppies, as we do not breed to sell puppies.  Instead, we only breed when we want to continue with a very special breeding that we expect will produce only the very best, for ourselves. Our limited preapproved families get to benefit from our years of dedication to this breed. It is after all of this is complete that we accept the payment that was previously agreed to. We assure each and every person in the family that we are there to provide assistance whenever needed. Mrs. and Mr. [redacted] were given every one of these documents, before they left on May 11, 2015.  Our contract, clearly states that there is a health guarantee extending from the time of sale for one week in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. We do not and have never given a two year guarantee, on any contract.  On this day; May 11, 2015,  Mrs. and Mr. [redacted] agreed to have this puppy neutered within 30 days. This was placed into writing on this contract.  This did not occur, as required, as the neutering took place on June 26, 2015.  The AKC Limited Registration was sent to the customer, despite the nonconformance.  In this case with Mrs. and Mr. [redacted], they purchased a five month old puppy. This puppy was of the highest quality and health.  There were no health problems at all with this puppy, during the first 5 plus months of his life. The [redacted]s never made a mention of any health problems with this puppy, until we were notified that this; over two year old, had passed away.  We were devastated to hear about this. In summary, the [redacted]s did receive the contract, with all other documentation on May 11, 2015. There was never a two year guarantee or warranty, which was given, nor implied, nor stated at any time.   I feel very badly that this young adult has passed away.  My Sympathy to you and your family. Sincerely, Buckridge Akitas

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Address: 6786 Parkview Rd, Denmark, Wisconsin, United States, 54208


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