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Ordered a [redacted] dress was told was delayed, heard it arrive. Company not returning phone calls regarding authenticity of dress.I ordered [redacted] dress [redacted] on 5/20/13 for $199.00 for an October 12, 2013 wedding. It was paid with a check, number [redacted]. Invoice number is XXXXXX. Was told should take about 6-7 weeks. Also that she gets dresses cheaper since she is a small company and can order directly to the manufacturer. Checked with BusyMom's Bridal in July, was told delayed, should be in a few weeks. Bride went to try her dress on that was also ordered thru BusyMom's and it was not the correct dress nor was it the [redacted] that she ordered, no designer label in dress. I contacted Busymom's on the eve of 8/11/13 to question the authenticity of my dress, was told if not happy I could have my money back. She was to check on 08/12/13 status of my dress and what happened with the Brides dress. Linda of Busymom's stated that she orders the dress thru [redacted]. On 8/12/13 I placed 2 calls to Linda, asking for update. No calls returned. On 08/13/13, I placed another call asking for update and stated if no response I may need to take this further. On 08/13/13, I called another Bridal store in [redacted] to see if I have time to order the dress and have it be here before the October 12th wedding date.I was told it would not be here in time. On 08/13 I called [redacted] to see if an order truly was placed, the customer service person could not locate an order by name Linda Yarney or by business phone number of XXXXXXXXXX. The Customer service person said that they do not usually sell to other bridal shops. On 08/14, still no response from Busymom's, I started calling bridal stores that carried the [redacted] line to find a dress. I found one in my size at a store in [redacted]. On 8/15, still no response from Busymom's, I went to [redacted] to purchase the dress. On 08/17/13, I received email from the Bride stating that my dress was in. I received no notification from BusyMom's. I sent Busymom's an email stating that since the dress is in, I want to be sure that it was an authentic [redacted] and that I had, since I had not heard from her, to go get another dress. The email also stated that she would be on vacation from 08/17 thru 08/24. On 08/26/13 I left another voicemail for Busymom's for a followup. On 08/28 I left messages again. No response, but I have noticed that the Busymom's Bridal facebook page was updated today (08/28) with new information.Desired SettlementI would like my refund of $199.00. In addition, it would be nice if I could get reimbursed for the gas that I had to spend to go get the dress elsewhere. I got the dress that was originally ordered but not in the color that was originally wanted and it was the one on the rack. As that is only way I could get it. The dress off the rack cost was $270.00. Which was what most shops were charging for the dress. The cost of the same dress thru [redacted] lists as 278.00.Business' Initial Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] ownerContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@aol.comYes on 5/20.13 The Complainant ordered a gown style [redacted] from my business. I sell this gown on my website. She said she saw the dress on my site and really liked it. There is no designer name on this dress. I order them from wholesaler. I have sold this dress 2 other times with Mother of the Brides thrilled with there gowns. NO mention of a designer was asked. After meeting with her step daughter, I spent 4 days looking for the right gown. I ordered her gown even though she never fully paid for it, just a deposit, because she was out of town at collage and didn't have the full amount. When we met, she like it, but [redacted] said there was not tag in the dress and wanted a refund of deposit. When Brides asked me if I carried this gown I said I did not. I said I could look for one in her price range. When I ordered her gown the company said they were Authorized dealers. There was no tag in the dress when I received it. Live and learn. I spent 4 days calling Bridal shops from Albany to Boston looking for the dress she wanted and for the best price. I found one in [redacted] for $850.00. It was $300 dollars more than her budget, but I could drive there and pick it up. I emailed the bride. She responded that since I didn't get back to her sooner, she found the same exact dress in [redacted] and wanted her deposit back. The Complainant called not happy her gown was not in yet and was not happy about the step daughter. I said if she was not happy with her gown, I would refund her. She has yet to see the gown and has filed this report. I am going to refund them both. I will not give her extra money for gas. She doesn't even know what her gown looks like. As for her calling the bridal shop website, Because of the Privicy Act, the store can not give information out about me or my orders. Also she gave them the wrong order number.I am dealing with a dieing parent right now and don't need the extra drama of a couple [redacted] I have been in business since 11-1-09. I have had many success stories. I wish all my customers would let you know how well I took care of them instead of 3 this year who do not give me a chance to fix the problem, just file complaints with you or file lawsuits.Because of these 3, I have changed my business. I have written permission from a Original designer, who's gowns will be only gowns I will order. I also have bought several gowns from Bridal shops who have gone or going out of business.If you need more information, Please feel free to call. Thank you. [redacted]Consumer Response I am contacting you regarding case #XXXXXX. It was agreed upon by both parties that the business BusyMom's Bridal would refund the $199.The case was closed on 9/6/13, it is now 10/14/13 and I have not yet received my refund. What are my next steps to assure that I can obtain my refund. [redacted]XXX-XXX-XXXXBusiness Response Hello, Sorry for not getting back sooner. I closed my business for a month to deal with the death of my Mother. I need to have a clear head, and watching my Mother die over several weeks took a toll on my health and mental well being. I was not on any state of mind to make reasonable decisions. As for the complaint. I am standing with my store policy. Ms. [redacted] never saw the dress. She just cancelled the order. I have a policy that there is no refund on custom made dresses. This is the dress I sell and this the dress she ordered. She cancelled her dress before it was delivered to her. So I will not refund. Her family has also started a Social media campaign on Facebook and my website call me a lair and a thief, and to rust me. I will not stand for this. As for her step daughter who ordered a wedding gown, she made a deposit and had 3 months to pay for the rest of the dress before it was ordered. She did not even make a attempt to pay. I ordered her a gown with the money I received with her deposit. I am not refunding the deposit money. I do not give refunds for custom made dresses. I have checked with several other bridal shops and they said they do not refund also. I stand by my refund policy which I have had in effect since I open my store. Thank you. LINDA YARMEY[redacted] [redacted]

Received a dress that was not the dress ordered. Sent it back and got another dress that is also wrong and poorly made.The bride, [redacted], had a dress in mind that had gotten discontinued. She found it being sold on the busy mom's bridal web site. She called and confirmed with the [redacted], [redacted], that the dress was the exact model she was looking for. Payment of $550.00 (including shipping) was given Feb. 13th. When the dress was received it was completely different than what was ordered. [redacted] called [redacted] again, was informed that there may have been a mix up in shipping, and sent the dress back. [redacted] was out of town for the summer, so the new dress was not sent to us until early august. It is also not the dress ordered and looks poorly put together. Lace is not secured, the lines of stitching are uneven. [redacted], already fed up with this mess and planning a destination wedding, asked me to try to work with [redacted]. I called and left six messages over the course about a week and received no replies. Original payment was a visa, used online on Feb. 15th at 5:52 pm. The order number is [redacted]. Desired SettlementAt this point, all I want to do is send the dress back and get a full refund. We are on a tight budget and need that money to get her a dress. Business Response Hello, [redacted] ordered the gown onFeb 15, 2013.When the dress came in, I shipped it to her. I mailed out 3 gowns that day and one bride said she had the wrong dress. I asked [redacted] to ship it back so I could check to make sure it was right. It was. I shipped it back. [redacted] said the only thing wrong was the tulle. I had her send it back and I refunded the shipping cost. I ordered her a new gown from the company with no extra charge. She was out of town for the Summer, and I did not want the dress laying around in the post office for months. I waited till she came home, then shipped it to her. I did not get a reply from [redacted]. As I have said before, [redacted] so I am not around alot and have put my business on a part time basis. I had explained that on social media. I have caller Id, and a message machine, and there are no calls from this woman. I looking at the gown before I shipped, it was fine. I have a no refund policy on my website for Custom made gowns. I have not received the gown back, and it has been several months since was first bought. I bought this girl a second dress and now she wants a full refund. I feel I have given good service. People are sue happy these days. This is the dress I sell and this is the dress she bought. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)When I left messages I specifically said I was calling about [redacted] dress. I left about six messages and never got a response. And the dress that was ordered looks nothing like the one that was sent. I am more than happy to return the dress, but I want the money back. I'm sorry that this woman has sick family, but as a business owner she needs to take responsibility for her mistakes.

ordered wedding gown, the gown that arrived was wrong size, wrong style, poorly made, not the designer gown ordered.waiting for refund.ordered [redacted] wedding gown style [redacted] February 2013. Tried to make appointment for fitting in summer but [redacted] always had some excuse and postponed showing us gown. Aug 12 2013went for fitting, gown was not [redacted] was not right size or style.The dress was poor quality , obviously a knockoff. Linda (owner) was supposed to get back to us about getting correct gown but waited a week before even returning call. Went to [redacted] showroom and was told could not get dress in time for wedding,October XX XXXX, soonest is November 2013.Still waiting for call and refund.Now have paid for dress and dont have dress for wedding.Buyer Beware do not get taken by this woman [redacted].Desired SettlementfULL REFUND OF dEPOSIT $295.00Business' Initial Response Busymom's Bridal Shop [redacted] Ma XXXXXAug 26, 2013.[redacted]6 [redacted] Ma XXXXXRE: # XXXXXXHello, This is response to a claim from Ms [redacted]. On February 26, 2013, [redacted] made a deposit on a wedding gown she wished to order. The deposit was for $295.00. Ms [redacted] was on a tight funds and did not't have much money. She wanted a [redacted] I checked out several companies looking for the best price. Hook at different stores to find the best price for brides. I also purchase store closeout for my inventory. I purchased the gown from a company who claimed to deliver original gowns. The bride still owed $325.00 on the balance of her gown. I paid the difference to order the gown. She was in collage and did not't have the money at the time. I had ordered 3 gowns from this company. I asked to meet with the bride on 2 other occasions, how ever she was living in [redacted] and once was going on vacation and could not met. She asked me for a date to meet, but at the time I could not, due to Mother dying. Complaint said I made up excuses. I won't appoligize for Mother dying and canceling.When I finally met with bride, Aug 13, 2013, She said dress was beautiful, but the skirt was off. I said I could fix dress. I give free alterations. Mother said no. I said I would take care of this and get back to them. On Aug 16, 2013, I mailed the bride( enclosed) and told her I would make phone calls and found her the same dress at a [redacted] store in [redacted] It was just a size bigger and it was in stock. However it would be more money. I did not get a reply. As I told the bride I would be out of town with my family and would contact her when I got back. I got back on Sunday the 25 of Aug. I received this letter this morning in the mail. I will give her her deposit back and take the lose. I was not given a chance to correct the dress. I have had problems with this company and have had to give the brides back there money, casing me to lose money myself. I am a small company and I work very hard to give great service. Unfortuntly only the people who have complanits seem contact the I have serviced 8 brides since January and 3 have complaints.If you have any more questions, Please feel free to email me at [redacted] [redacted] To: [redacted]>Subject: GownDate: Fri, Aug 16, XXXX XX:XX pmHI, I have been making lots of phone calls to companies. I can not return the gown due to me altering it. I have found a [redacted] Signature Store in [redacted] , Mass who has a dress in stock, but in a 10. I can fix that and also it has a gold band. It is $999, but they will give it to me for $550.00. Or, I can put the same material band on the dress that I have and I will give it to you for what you have already paid. I will also give- you the veil. Please let me know. I have to let them know to hold it. [redacted]'s dress came in also. I will be out of town till next Saturday. You can lease me a email. [redacted] Consumer Response still not resolved have not received refund.[redacted]Business Response Hello, As I stated I our last email, I am sticking to my store policey. I do not refund custum orders. Miss [redacted] did not pay for her gown. She just gave a deposit. I am not refunding [redacted] either. She never even looked at the dress. She just canceled the order. This was also a custom order. I am sick of people who want things for nothing. I have had 4 bridal parties this year who have treid to ruin me. Do what you have to. I am not being pushed around anymore. Please feel free to call. Thank you. Lindsa

An entire bridal party ordered bridesmaid dresses from this company ([redacted]). They were never delivered. When it became clear they would not arrive in time for the wedding, we attempted to cancel the order. We were told we would get our money back "as soon she got her money back from the company." The wedding has since past. We have still received neither dresses nor refund money. It seems as if there is not intention to return the stolen money.Product_Or_Service: Bridesmaid DressDesired SettlementI would like to receive the $135 refund as promised. The cancellation was made in May. This is entirely too long to wait and to continue to wait in good faith that the money will be repaid.Business' Initial Response Hello, This is a letter in response to Case # [redacted]. On April 14, 2013 [redacted] along with 6 other girls ordered there bridesmaids gowns for a Wedding. I placed the order on April 23, 2013 when the last girl paid for her dress. On May 30 The bride told everyone to cancel there order with me. I have a email to show Miss [redacted] told me to cancel the order. I have a No Return policy on Custom made dresses, due to the designers do not refund me. The Bridal party knew of this policy. I was told they did not want the dresses and wanted there money back. I explained the designer do not refund me. I cancelled the order and did not receive the gowns. The dresses would have been in on time for the wedding in July 4, 2013. The whole bridal party contacted their credit card companies and I was charged with $1315.00 in charge-backs, that I now have to pay back. They received their payments. I did not receive the dresses, and have nothing to sell to get my money back. I have received several nasty phone calls from this whole wedding party. My web site has received untrue statements from this group. Now I am being harassed still. This woman has reported me to you, and the . If you have anymore questions, Please feel free to contact me through a email. My store is closed for a few weeks. I am taking care of my Mother who is dying and in Hospice care. Thank you [redacted]

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