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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint They called me once on March to request a copy of the invoice from *** I called *** and they faxed it to Car-x Their assertion that they have made numerous attempts to contact me is false, I've not heard from them since March 30th I am not in control of how *** keeps invoice records, but my service advisor at *** called Car-X to report that shoddy workmanship was being done at their business and as a result, the technician who worked on my car was fired This would indicate that they had knowledge that their negligence caused the damage to my car
*** ***

The customer called and asked specifically for pads and rotors, his vehicle is only equipped with pads and rotors on the front brakesHe was quoted a price of and further was offered a free inspectionUpon arrival the customer requested pads and rotors and referred to a price quoted on phone prior to his arrival, he did not request a inspection prior to service. His specific request was typed into the estimate provided to the technician and was completed per requestAt the time of vehicle delivery the manager mentioned the condition of rear drum brakes which where inspected both as a courtesy and as a safety requirement per our internal proceduresAt that time we became aware of customers unrealized expectationsWe explained his request and how this occurred and customer spoke to the technician who fielded his callThe technician explained clearly what customer requested and what he quoted, he further stated that he would never quote pads and rotors for all wheels due to the fact that customers vehicle was equipped with rear drum brakesThe price he quoted $for the front rotors and pads is very competitive within the industry and can easily be verified by a 3rd party customer friendly source such as, "repair-pal"Our price for services rendered are extremely competitive and customer was not financially injured in any way for services performedI apologize for any part we may have played in this misunderstand and have attempted to allow the manager to offer some type of customer satisfaction remedy, but if customer is unwilling to allow that to occur I am not going to offer a refundWe are willing to concede some responsibility as a service provider, we always give our valued customers the benefit of any doubt, yet in this case the customer must be willing to first accept some responsibility for this situation and further allow the manager an opportunity to come to a mutually acceptable solutionWe are rated "A+" with the because we are both ethical and fair to our employees and to our customers when issues ariseAs a result we have very few customer complaints and many customer accolades*** looks forward to speaking with MrMallott and hopefully coming to a mutually beneficial solution to this unfortunate misunderstanding

Although the asstmanager violated our own internal policy regarding customer vehicle purchases, and has been disciplined, it does not change the material facts nor our expert diagnosis as to the needs of the vehicle in questionThe vehicle is years old and had mileage in excess of 200,
showing on the odometerBased on these parameters and the observed condition of the engine at time of inspection a "used', lower mileage engine was deemed as the most economical way to repair the vehicleThe reason that a repair via"head-gasket replacement", was not offered was due to the fact that not only did the existing engine have coolant in the combustion chamber, indicating a leaking head gasket it had coolant in the oil thus bringing into question the condition of the rod and main bearings within the engineCoolant dilution of the engine oil along with the wear that occurred over the previous 200,plus miles of use made it clear to us that replacing the cyllnder head-gasket was not a viable long term fix for the customerThe retail price of replacing the gasket and associated components,"timing belt and water pump", was approximately $and the used engine option was approximately $We could offer no warranty on the $repair and therefore would not recommend it to the customerIf there is a question/dispute about what vehicle needed to bring it to proper operation I would be interested to here those arguments. P.Swe allowed customers vehicle to remain at our facility and that is where, to my understanding, a used car lot made her an offer on vehicleAt that time in a misguided effort to improve customers position the asstoffered a higher price to customerI assume the used car lot has informed her that they have got the vehicle in running condition for their cost of repair, and that is the price she has cited in the complaintIf it was for a head gasket replacement only it was their true cost of parts only and does not reflect the retail value nor is it a repair that we could recommend based on conditions described aboveThe present owner, "used car lot"? does not operate under the same parameters that we where operating underTheirs is to maximize profit on the vehicle ours was to maximize service life of vehicle for our customer
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
*** *** See attached document

Below is the opening correspondence to this 3rd party complaintIt was followed by a number of emails and phone calls to our corporate office and to me The last offer I made to try and resolve this 3rd party complaint, included a full refund of disputed work at a different location from the
original installing store and to provide transportation to and from our storeI received no response to the offer that fulfilled their requestI have received threats to dispute credit card charge regarding this complaint and have been accused of operating a facility that practices deceit and poor ethicsWe our locally owned and have served the area for well over 25yearsWe are not perfect and admit when we make mistakes and attempt to resolve them in good faithIn spite of the fact our actual client has never contacted us with complaint or concern we have dealt with this punctually, fairly, and honestly. We stand behind our original diagnosis of the issue regarding the vehicle in question and where very transparent in the transaction with our clientWe went to the vehicle with her and explained our findings and showed the actual coolant leakage to her prior to her authorizing the repairOur responsibility and credibility was then established and she authorized the repairBench testing a radiator does not duplicate the real world environment a radiator is required to survive under in actual operationSignificant temperate fluctuations while operating along with road vibrations can cause seepage that may not manifest in a “bench” testOur manager offered to reinstall your old radiator as you requested and refund new radiator charge but will not refund the laborReinstalling your old radiator will require additional labor which we are not charging you for and is being done in good faith to honor your requestThat offer was never retracted and is still on the table in order to satisfy your requestWe are “A” rated with the and have run a reputable locally owned business in the greater Cincinnati area for over years making over 60,repair operations annually in our greater Cincinnati locationsI am disappointed you feel the need to assume the worst especially considering you were not present at the time of repairOur client has been at our facility in the past for service and returned this time I assume due to the fact she trusted us based on her last satisfactory repair serviceAlthough you may have paid for this repair the actual consenting adult and our client who entered into a business transaction with us, Janet Rousey, is not the source of this complaint I am answering your 3rd party complaint out of respect not obligationWes made a pragmatic offer in hopes of showing good faith, the offer still stands
I have reviewed the response made by the...

business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]

The store manager, [redacted], attempted to contact this customer the day I received the complaint. he left a message asking customer to call in an attempt to resolve this communication issue. As of today there has been no response.

[redacted] did call the store and alleged this complaint to the store manager in a very defiant manner, right after the date of service. Our manager Chris B[redacted] apologized for the possibility of our error and offered to re-inspect immediately. The customer refused, so Chris asked that he provide...

some written proof of our alleged error. He further contacted dealership to attempt resolution, the dealer was not cooperative.  Chris also called [redacted]'s number numerous times since the date of initial contact and has received no -response. As we asked from the very beginning please provide some type of documentation that our clutch repair that you requested, resulted in damage to your vehicle caused by our negligence. We had asked to allow us to inspect and offered to make right any error we may have made and where refused the opportunity. Thus far we have also been refused any cooperation in an attempt to resolve this issue.

I asked for new brakes front and back in the phone call, I am not a mechanic and did not realize this car has drums and shoes on the rear rather than rotors and pads, so when I was told I was getting all new rotors and pads I thought it was front and rear as I was wanting front and rear brakes done, it would have been nice if someone would have explained it to me up front so there would be no confusion. It's disappointing to come pick up the vehicle just to find out the rear brakes have 15% life left and nobody said anything to me about the rear brakes until I mentioned the mechanics note on the reciept saying they are at 15%, actually I was told that the rear brakes were good and after being given the reciept noticed what it said and came back in and asked about it and was told "oh they are fine thats another 30k miles". 15% isn't  fine in my book. I received a voicemail from the store manager and he said in the voicemail he would not refund me the desired settlement of $150 in the voicemail. I have yet to receive a settlement or offer of any settlement to resolve the issue.

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