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Butterfield Jewelers, Inc.

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In response to Mr***:
Butterfield Jewelers warranties our work for monthsWe will gladly take a look at the watch to verify what is causing the issue and, if it is due to our having worked on the watch, we will the work at no chargeWe would have to see the watch though and the customer is refusing to do thatHe is free to go to any shop in town or the state for that matter but he is going to incur additional chargesIt is far better to have the watch looked at by our shop and, if it is due to our having worked on the watch, the work will be done under warranty at no chargeIf the watch has other issues, however, it would need to go into *** for service as was first recommended
The watch was not purchased here and we did not guarantee water proof-ness of the watchThat can only be done with factory service, and the watch showed signs of wear beyond what one would expect for a watch of that age
Two stores with reputable service departments recommended to Mr*** that the watch should go into the *** Service Center for warranty work and the recommendations were refused both timesAll of this could have been avoided if the customer had heeded the advice of the two storesUnfortunately the customer refused

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I [redacted] refuse Butterfield statement- & thier service they had the chance to do a quality job the first time and they did not. I will be glad to send it out to another place of watch repair and have them "Butterfield Jewelry" pay 4 all repair's nesserary, and for all repair's too! Replacement of watch that's all. Butterfield's could not do the job Right the first (no 2nd time)
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason if he complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Date Sent: 9/16/2014 12:00:00 AM
Watch must be replaced Gone 2 weeks trying to-resolve bad workmanship, watch is now rusted in the dial movement This watch must be-replaced at this point. Going though all the right way’s of trying to solve this matter- with Butterfield Jewler’s -
Theirs no other way to make good on this watch but replace it.
[redacted] Butterfield examined the watch and replaced it, at this point customer is satisfied, sorry it had to go this far. Thank you Mr. Butterfield
Verbal Update 091914

In response to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint:
1. Watch was purchased July 2013 from ANOTHER JEWELER (new).
2. Watch has a 2 year warranty
Mr. [redacted] brought the watch back to the store they purchased it from very soon after purchasing complaining that the crystal was loose. It was pointed out...

that the watch has a bezel that turns and should turn but the crystal was fine. The customer was argumentative, insisting that the crystal was loose. He apparently tried to force the crystal to turn with his fingers in an effort to show that it was loose and was advised not to do that. He came back complaining about this 2-3 times. He was offered a refund on the watch but refused. It was then suggested that the watch should go back to the factory for warranty service but the advice was refused. Finally the customer was given $100, a warranty card and was told to send it in himself if he wanted the watch "fixed" whereupon he apparently then came to our store on suggestion by the other store as we sell [redacted] and that our watchmaker was a cousin to one of the owners of that store.
The watch was taken in by us 07/24/14 to replace the crystal, a new battery installed, new gasket etc. The charge for this was $85 plus tax. It was suggested at the time of take in that the watch should go back to [redacted] for factory warranty service but, again, the customer refused to have that done. We went ahead and repaired the watch and delivered it 08/13/14. The customer’s came back 08/25 (I believe) and started ranting to one of our employees about the shoddy work done, how he was going to take us to small claims court etc. Our employee brought the watch to me (she told the customer she did not appreciate the verbal harassment she was receiving). I tried to show one of watchmakers the watch but the customer demanded in no uncertain terms that our watchmaker was not to touch the watch, open it or work on it! All previous events were unknown to me and I tried to talk to the gentleman but could not get anywhere. He would not stop ranting. It took more than once, repeating a question, before I could get an answer. I asked him if the watch was purchased here: it was not. I finally found out where it was purchased from and asked him why he did not go back to the store to have the watch repaired there. After much more ranting I basically got from him that he didn't like the work done. At this point the ranting started again and now the demand was for a new watch! Since we did not sell the original watch I was not going to just give him a new watch. The watch had condensation under the dial but the instruction manual clearly states this can happen. I do not know what he did with his watch after picking it up; was it dropped, was it immersed in liquid etc. I wasn't given the opportunity to try to find out about the watch, whether or not our work was the cause of the complaint. The watch however, showed signs of wear when it was brought in: scratched crystal, and the marker at 12 o'clock missing (which we repaired at no charge). In short; for a watch less than a year old it showed more than average wear. These watches have a case tube gasket around the stem to prevent water leakage and that is something that we do not work on in the store. That is something that the factory would work on. I don't know if that was the cause. I wasn't allowed to have my watchmakers re-inspect the watch and, if it was due to our service, have the watch repair redone under our warranty (6 months). All that was going on was a demand for a new watch, how he would take us to small claims court if that wasn't done, how "this is how we do it in New York” etc. At this point I basically told the gentleman to leave the store as we were done here. I never said "Take me to court". That was in response to his threat that he would have the sheriff serve papers and that he would "see me in court". We warranty our service, have done so for over 86 years and do our very best to accommodate our customer's.
To summarize: virtually everyone in the store can verify the verbal harassment issued by the customer, the watch was not purchased here, we do not guarantee water proof-ness of a watch: only that can be done with factory service, and the watch showed signs of wear beyond what one would expect for a watch of that age. We will gladly take a look at the watch to verify what is causing the condensation and, if it is our work, re-do it at no charge. If the watch has other issues it would need to go into [redacted] for service (which should have been done in the first place). The demand for a new watch is totally without merit.

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Address: 2411 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, 87110-4101


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