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1010 N 77th St, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68114-3006

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We were TRULY going to "sign on" with this guy at By Seller VMP Tulsa in order to sell our 4H trailer, but upon him hearing I was leery and that there were not too many good reviews - and then not getting back to him at his timing because I work - well, he got impatient, *** and downright arrogant.

I do not deal with that in person or in my business life, so why should I commit to that when I'm paying some business person to do a job? Aren't they SUPPOSED to be interested, willing and working for you (so they say)?

SO in the end, we chose to NOT sign on, to NOT pay $500 to list our trailer and to NOT go with this guy due to his great big change in attitude. ALL was well when he was selling it but when I was putting things on our terms, asking questions, I received inexcusable rudeness.

We might have missed a good deal, an easier way to sell, and then, we might not have but this guy in Tulsa will never gain our vote or trust due to what I feel is misconduct in running a business. In these times? You want to come across as a ***? Impatient? Condescending? Well, sure go ahead but you lost a customer and I won't go quietly.

People be wary of BySeller Tulsa.

I did read other reviews and for that I'm thankful but like anything, I do wish we had a better outcome and could have signed on

There is no way that we can recommend By Seller VMP Tulsa (they don't seem to be listed like the Nebraska one is). This business NOT accredited by the is sign enough I think.

Let's hope these people that work at BySeller VMP Tulsa will start to treat people with a little bit of respect, patience and kindness as this place certainly could not do that with me.

If you need anything sold these are the guys to get done.told me they would stay with until my truck was sold and they did.Best money I ever spent thanks guys

I just want to thank this company for their hard work... when they called me and told me they could sell my semi truck that I have been trying to sell on my own in to weeks I was to say the least wary...But I went with them and very Happy that I did, Sold!!!! I recommend this company to everyone ....

Seller Beware - Scam Business Model

So this looks like a pretty good deal on the surface, you pay $500, they set up a web page for your RV, place an auction on ***, and market your RV across the web. They make their money by financing the RV for the buyer when it sells. Anyway that's the story.

Here's what happens in actuality:
1. Big sales pitch: We can sell that unit for you, no problem. Well also have a 100% positive rating by the Sounds good, right? (I even checked at the time and there was no negative feedback here, yelp, or elsewhere). Not that way now tho...
2. They take your money
3. They set up an ad on their site
4. They placed an ad - not an auction - on *** and run it for 30 days. They say that costs them $500.
5. After that, radio silence.....

So five weeks go by. I check their web site regularly. I'm not seeing any inventory movement at all (months later, there's no sign they've sold ANY travel trailer off their site). Not mine, not anyone else's either. So I send an e-mail. A sales guy calls me back a couple of days later. What I find out is:
1. They don't track statistics for your unit on their web site. They have no clue if their ad is even driving traffic to your unit unless the phone rings.
2. The *** ad was supposed to be an auction according to the pitch man. It wasn't. It was just an *** ad. I can't manage an auction, but I can place an ad and wait for the phone to ring all by myself!
3. The *** ad generated a lot of traffic and 11 followers. When I asked why they didn't contact the followers to see if they could close a sale, he said, they'd have to list it on an *** Auction to get their names, etc. Here's the catch: when I mention the auction the sales guy says well for an ADDITIONAL $500 I can set that up for you, Then we can contact the bidders and try to get a sale made for you. I saw another review on a different site and the seller had paid these clowns over $4,000, $500 at a time trying to sell his plane.

So what did my $500 get me? An ad on their useless web site that they may spread around the industry a little, but they don't monitor the activity for those ads, and an *** ad that they can't collect prospect data from. So this business model is about collecting $500, throwing some crap on the web (to meet their obligation) then, waiting for a follow up call so they can hit the seller up for $500 more. This is a scam in my opinion. I do NOT recommend that you use this company to sell your RV, or walk your dog,or bury your dead pet hamster. They suck.

Wanted to make sure I got this right, it's not often I feel like thanking a company, but in this case it was justified. BySeller helped me sell my RV when I was about to give up. Chris *** was courteous, helpful, professional and got great results in only 12 days! Would recommend them to anyone who wants a profitable, hassle free experience with quick results. Thanks again for job well done BySeller!

BySellerVMP is an awesome company. They sold the fifth wheel I listed with them within 14 days. The transaction was easy and it was completely hassle free! Would highly recommend doing business with this company, especially with Rebecka

I believe this company to be a fraud company. I trusted this company to help sell my *** F150 Truck. They were going to list on *** and market the vehicle for me. Initially I asked how they were going to get paid and the rep said they get paid off of the financing. Seemed fine, but I am not a banker or in finance. After going back and forth with the company because they never emailed me a link to the listing as told in the terms and conditions, I called the bank in which they list on their website (***) which is a great company. I talked to a loan representative to ask about how selling the truck would work and he ran a check on the address and company name and they have never done business with ***! *** does not even know who these guys are! After I showed the loan representative at *** the website, he told me to be very cautious if I were to purchase the vehicle, but that *** would send someone to verify the VIN and then give the buyer the check to give to me directly. Knowing this information, I called BySellerVMP and asked them how they will receive payment from a buyer, and then how I would receive the payment from them. They said that the buyer will give them a cashiers check that they will then give to me. This is exactly what ***, who is referred to on their website, told me would not happen! *** will only give the Buyer the check to then give to the seller directly! BySellerVMP is fraud, and has not provided any services to me, and all who look at this should be warned. The address on this Site (***) does not even match the address on their own site (*** on google is registered to ***. Very Suspicious Again.

they are true to there word got my trailer sold very quickly

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Address: 1010 N 77th St, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68114-3006


+1 (800) 484-6977
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