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C & A Drain Busters

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[redacted] didn't resolve plumbing system issues as paid for; careless & incomplete repair attempts caused additional damage; hired separate plumber.

Hired [redacted] to properly resolve plumbing system slow &/or clogged drain & fixture connection issues, basement laundry room/floor drain/sewer lines, basement bathroom toilet, main floor bathroom bathtub & sink. Paid $800 by check in-full at first appointment. He didn't properly complete all repairs, & subsequently caused additional damage to plumbing fixtures, piping, floor & cabinetry surfaces, etc. He hasn't replied to my messages or followed through. Have hired separate plumbing contractor at additional expense to repair damage that [redacted] caused. Issues [redacted] was paid to resolve: Basement laundry room: washing machine discharge into vertical sewer-line stand-pipe resulted in backwater overflow from standpipe, up through adjacent sink drain, & up through floor drain due to clogged basement sewer line downstream from floor drain beneath concrete floor. Basement bathroom: Sewer drain line at toilet clogged. Main floor bathroom: Drains at bathtub & sink slow-draining. Faulty or incomplete repairs, some which caused additional damage: 10/15/2012: Basement laundry room: marked lines on floor with permanent marker; scored unnecessarily long, uneven lines in concrete floor; resolved washing machine standpipe backflow by jack-hammering in-between lines to remove pre-existing concrete flooring, by removing floor drain, P-trap, straight pipe, "y"-fitting, by running auger & water hose/blow bag through pre-existing pipe, & by joining new piping to pre-existing piping with neoprene couplers & hose clamps. Roughly patched concrete floor. Didn't install floor drain properly at center of floor recess. Didn't properly level & smooth patched concrete surface to match surrounding pre-existing floor surface. Didn't fill-in scored lines on floor with concrete. Didn't remove permanent marker lines from floor. Didn't resolve floor drain backflow from washing machine discharge. Basement bathroom: removed toilet from floor to inspect toilet trap/sewer line for debris; didn't find clog, but didn't feed camera into sewer line to search. Didn't replace wax ring on floor. Didn't properly bolt toilet to floor. Didn't check seals at bolted connections between toilet tank/stool. Shouldn't have refilled tank. Main floor bathroom: bathtub: resolved slow drain by cleaning drain/overflow drain; sink: removed existing P-trap & under-sink piping to inspect for debris before checking sink stopper adjustment; accidentally tore hole in pre-existing wall pipe; replaced P-trap; sink still drained slowly without improvement; adjusted sink stopper by removing bracket & raising up sink stopper; sink then drained freely. Didn't replace stopper bracket, thereby disabling stopper function. New leak created at torn hole in pre-existing wall pipe. 11/02/2012: Basement laundry room: moved floor drain to center of floor recess by jack-hammering concrete; installed 22.5-degree elbow, & straight pipe; patched floor with different kind of concrete with darker color than originally used; didn't level the floor drain; didn't re-surface concrete-patched flooring; didn't thoroughly fill scored lines in concrete floor; didn't remove permanent marker lines. Resolved backwater issue through floor drain from washing machine discharge with installation of floor drain "flood guard". Main floor bathroom: sink: resolved drain stopper function; created more damage with faulty repair attempt of hole in wall pipe that he originally caused; instead of replacing pipe at tee fitting (leaving original tee intact inside wall), filled hole with plumbers putty & Flex Seal which didn't stop the leak; didn't clean-up permanent black Flex Seal from vanity cabinet walls & floor; additional leak discovered after "repair"; can't use sink due to multiple leaks that he caused. 11/12/2012: Basement bathroom: discovered flooded basement & water-damage due to faulty re-installation/re-filling of pre-existing toilet/tank on 10/15/2012; now water leaks through tank bolts; shut-off inoperable.

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Description: Drain and Sewer Cleaners

Address: 725 3rd Street Ct, Kersey, Colorado, United States, 80644-9768


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