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We (my wife and I) Purchased a kirby home cleaning system from a door to door salesman on 5-8-2013. During the demo process, I noticed that [redacted] (the salesman) was meticulous in wiping each piece which I at the time, did not pay much attention to. Before signing the contract, my wife asked if there was any small print that we should know about involving the return process and [redacted] replied no you just have to contact us and you have until midnight Saturday. That Friday I attempted to change a part on the cleaner in order to shampoo but it would and still does not engage correctly. I called the Richmond office for assistance at 12:45 p.m. 5-10-13 and the receptionist stated that someone was working in my area and that they would be in touch. By 4:00 p.m. I had not heard from anyone so I called the Richmond office again and received an automated and at that time and stated in my message that if we could not receive better service that they could come and get their machine. The next morning, I did not here from anyone so I again initiated contact and at 9:30 a.m and again received an automated. (Saturday hours 9-11a.) At this time I stated that I do not do business this way and that I do not want this product and for someone to come and get it. I then called the parent company which is Kirby Company out of Cleveland Ohio and explained the situation to a voice machine. Meanwhile, I did not here from anyone from Richmond for hours so I left home frustrated to take care of other matters. When I returned at approximatley 4:30 p.m. I noticed a piece of paper stuck in my door about an hour or so later. It was from [redacted] stating that he was here to help with the machine and to call the number(s) on the note. By this time am I not only frustrated because I did not again receive service because [redacted] or someone did not call to inform me that someone was coming and he just showed up, but just as important, leaving notes in the door is a sure sign that someone may not be home opening the possibilities for criminal activity. For all I know, this could be a way to mark my house by [redacted] for a break in. Probably not likely, but you never know these days so much is going on. At this time, I had simply had enough. There is no way that from 12:45 p.m. Friday to 11:00 am Saturday, that not one person from that company could have contacted me by phone to say Mr. [redacted] we received your message and are sorry for not contacting you and how can we help. This would have resolved the issue right then as you will see further. I thought By Monday I will get to the bottom of this but not to my surprise no one attempted to call m then so again I called the Richmond office at 9:30 a.m and received the same receptionist as on Firday and expressed my displeasure with this situation. She apologized for what happened and that they got busy Friday and that someone would call me as soon as they were out of the meetings. I told the receptionist that we should have been a part of their busyness Friday and the conversation ended. I left the house shortly after to go to Lowes store 2 miles from my home with my cell phone and did here from anyone an hour later so went to take care of other business. At approximately 11:45 a.m. [redacted] called and stated that he/they had been at my house but left and I then stated my displeasure with this whole situation and that I did not want the product and to come and get it. [redacted] offered free sweeper bags but stated that he could not do that because the time to return it had expired. The contract states that we must ...mail deliver a signed dated copy of the contract or send a telegram... The cancellation period was from the time we signed the contract 5/8/2013 tru midnight Saturday 5/11/2013. I told [redacted] that by the time we waited patiently for you guys to call and resolve the matter time went by and that when my mind was made up that I did not want to do business your his company, it was late and the post office was closed Saturday evening. I told [redacted] this is a technicality and that this kind of business is a very shady the way to do business and with all involved, if he/ they had contacted us by phone we would have inquired about a return. I believe that they knew this and by late Saturday we probably would not know what to do which is the reason no one attempted to call us until Monday morning. Again the only attempt of contact was for him/ them to come by Saturday unannounced leaving a note. The conversation ended with [redacted] after telling him I would be home at 1:00 p.m. for pick up. He never showed and I have not heard from him as of this writing. I again called the Richmond office and spoke to the same receptionist and told her that he ([redacted]) showed without a call and reminded her that she stated that someone would call first. She stated "I told them not to just show up at peoples homes" and that she was just the receptionist who relayed information as it came in. She offered free product and I said I did not care about free product but that I do not do business with people have poor customer service and now questionable ethics because If someone had called we could not be here. She said well I forgot to give them your cell phone number Friday which is why they did not contact you then and that she is human too and I should stop busting her chops and that it was Monday morning. I stated that I do not want the machine and to come and get it she refused and told me to get a lawyer. I then again called the parent company Kirby in Cleveland and She stated that Cap Solutions of Richmond is an independent company. I said they represent your name and product do you condone these kind of practices and she said no but she is a mediator but that I knew that the post office closed early Saturday and that I should have taken action before then. I said how could you say that when if what the people that represent your name and product do is essentially disrespect us as customers and avoid using the immediate means of contact (by cell phone) to resolve the issue even if it meant telling us that we will come and get the machine if you are unhappy or take these steps because you cannot cancel verbally over the phone which [redacted] did not mention, when my wife asked earlier about small print. I understand that we obviously did not totally understand the return polic.y In my opinion, they knew that which is why I believe we received not contact, again from 12:45 Friday 5/10/13 (when I called Richmond) thru Monday Morning 5/13/13. I then told her that I felt we may have a good chance of winning a court settlement but did not want to necessarily want to take that route and that we would take the product that Richmond offered but that we wanted a new machine because we do not trust that this machine was not a demo and that it is not functioning properly. I asked would she send a new machine from Cleveland and she said emphatically "absolutely not". I explained that he [redacted] was very careful to wipe down this machine which as I thought about i,t why be so meticulous with a demo machine? You want it to be presentable for the next demo but he was very careful and detailed. It appeared that the machine was new when he came in and opened it but, if I could do it over again, I would have asked to inspect or smell the machine for shampoo but our minds did not go that way. She said she would forward the request to Richmond but it would be up to them if they would give the product and the machine. She said give them two days to respond to her and that she would contact us with their answer. As of this writing, I have not received a call from Kirby Cleveland, but on this past Friday, 5/17/13 a package arrived in the mail from Cap Solutions with 3 belts, 3 bags and a bottle of shampoo. Not one has called to take care of the original problem of attaching the part for shampooing and to insure that the machine is working properly which as of this writing it is not. My other concern is that if I take this machine to examined, I am in total acceptance of it and if it was damaged as a result of earlier demos, we have not only received terrible customer service, a level of deception and a damaged machine but will be paying $1500.00 plus finance cost for the privilege. I understand the economy and all have families and financial responsibilities but this is not the way to make money by displaying poor and underhanded practices. Cap Solutions of Richmond had ample opportunity's to contact us as in a timely manner to help us with service or a return. That is what reputable companies do, not take advantage.

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