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C & C Machinery, Inc.

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To whom it may concern,
Bad As Academy since the start of our business has taken customer
satisfaction very seriously. Since day
one we have always outlined and carefully listed all details to our agreement. When joining Bad As Academy there are no surprises
just results [redacted] has called the office several times and several times we
have tried to explain that her daughter has signed up for a yearly
membership. [redacted] has done
everything but listen, she has called and used inappropriate language,
threatened & ridiculed our staff.
Even thru all this we have still tried to assist her even tho [redacted] is not even the member her daughter [redacted] is. [redacted] is years of age, she has signed a
yearly agreement at a discounted price of $ Our rate for yearly is and our month to month is Her contract started on 9/**/and is set
[redacted] received a contract on the day she signed up and can also
access it on her online profile. All our members receive a free online profile to review contracts, payments, attendance, purchases and more Our
cancellation policy is listed on both and I have attached it below to prove how
fair it is. We never received a letter
just horrific phone calls, which were all answered. Till today [redacted] has a negative balance
of $818.91. Her contract has been suspend
because of lack of payment. Bad As
Academy is willing to settle for $409.45, this offer is valid for days [redacted] should also be aware that the emails were only attempts to
receive payments. Only payments for
were ever made, at this time Bad As Academy stands by its decision of
not releasing [redacted] of its financial and contractual obligation and we
will seek legal judgment against her for money owed. We also will file legal actions against
[redacted] if she continues with the degrading and threating phone calls.
At Bad As we have one goal is to change peoples lives in a positive
way, not steal from them.
Cancelation Policy:
I understand that I may cancel my membership
days prior to the first anniversary of the contract start dateIf I do not
cancel my membership, it will continue month to month until I cancel it by (1)
giving Bad As Fitness, Incthirty (30) days written notice to the address set
forth above or to Bad As Fitness, IncDepartment Of Member Services [redacted] giving full payment of any unpaid or
indebtednessI (i) have no medical or physical condition or history which
would prevent me from using all or any of the facilities, equipment and/or
services and/or endanger myself or others, and (ii) have not been instructed by
any physician not to use any of the facilities, equipment and/or services
Subject to the following cancellation rights provided under Article of the
New York General Business Law, this application shall become a binding
agreement when signed by me and accepted by Bad As Fitness, INCCONSUMER's
to:Bad As Fitness, IncDepartment Of Member Services [redacted] or to the address stated above by certified or registered
mail.ADDITIONAL RIGHTS TO CANCELLATION: You may also cancel this contract for
any of the following reasons: • If upon a doctor's written order, you cannot
physically receive the services because of significant physical disability for
a period of six (6) months• If you die, your estate shall be relieved of any
further obligations for payment under this contract not then due and owing•
If you move your residence more than twenty-five (25) miles from any health
club operated by seller• If the services cease to be offered as stated in
this contractIf you cancel this agreement before your commitment period
expires for reasons other than stated above, you will be charged a cancellation
fee of $I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this
Membership Agreement
P.S. Please provide certified
letter tracking number and bank statements for proof this complaint is even

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Address: 444 Western Ave, Lynn, MA, 01904-3315


(718) 759-9870
(781) 599-8040

Website: https://www.badassacademy.com/

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