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Hi there,
We reshipped this order on 3/11/ The tracking number is:
USPS ***
The delivery address it was shipped to was:
Tina Weatherall
*** *** ***
San Bernardino CA
I've tracked the package and see that it was successfully
Anna H***
Director of Customer Service
CD Baby

Hi there,
We are very busy today and apologize for the longer wait times on the phone
We'll have someone reach out to the client today

I decided to take the CD Baby refund

Hi, here is the link that I received via email as the promotion from CD baby:***You'll see that no where on the email or the subsequent page that the link leads to is there any mention of any minimum order.Thanks

I am rejecting this response because: as I explained in extensive detail, neither the promotional email that I received from CD Baby, not the subsequent page that the link in said email led me to said anything about an order quantity requirement.My needs are for cds and their promotion led me to believe that they could provide this to meNow they say there is a limitThis is advertising and I feel that I should be compensated.I have provided screen shots to them alreadyI still have the promotional email that I can forward to anyone who wishes to see it
*** ***

Hi there,
This client did not adhere to our terms of service, and attempted to distribute content which didn't meet our criteria as far as established rights to distribute
As a courtesy we will refund the submission fee he paid to us, in the amount of $49, including the fee for submission and
Thank you,

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,*** ***
CD Baby did not specify termsI specifically stated that I have a music license to Cakewalk Music Creator which allows me to use their music for distributionThe claim against me that was made with CD Baby was a fraud because I came out with the music first then this artist came out with his music yet CD Baby took his sideI even told them that I have a copyright pending with the U.SCopyright Office and the copyright law states that new usage and making something into an art form is acceptable as a copyright work have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, *** ***

To whom it may concern,This account was flagged for fraudulent activityNo money is owed to this client, as they are in violation of our terms of service.Let me know if you have any other questions.Thanks,Anna H*** Director of customer serviceCD Baby

To whom it may concern,
We sent an email to the client on 11/9/explaining that the content was removed from our partner Spotify due to streaming abuse Here is an excerpt of that email:
"After looking at the streaming statistics associated with your albums, they have determined
that an excessive
amount of streaming was being done from the same individual or computersThis is sometimes done by artists or fans to increase the visibility of their musicUnfortunately this is also a violation of the terms of service of most digital music distributors
As a result of this, Spotify has decided to remove your content from their serviceWe will not be able to restore your
content to their service in the future"
We are not able to make this content live on Spotify at any point in the future, as streaming abuse is tantamount to fraudulent activity and that is a breach of our terms of service
I hope this helps to explain our position

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting
this response because: The sample clips for this CD, Timeless, at *** are worse than before; now they are all have a fuzzy distortionI have other CDs available from and none of the audio sample clips from any of those CDs are badCD Baby Inc DOES NOT STATE on any page where my CDs are offered, or any other artist's page that they represent, that the audio sample clips are of low resolution and do not represent the actual quality of the recordingThe low resolution bad audio clips that CD Baby Inc claims they can do nothing about gives the potential buyer the impression that the CD is of poor quality, thus potentially severely hurting salesThe poor quality audio clips are also damaging to my reputation as a multi national recording artist and year voting member of the Grammys in the Producers and Engineers WingIn addition, I have received no communication whatsoever directly from CD Baby addressing this problemIf CD Baby Inc does not fix this problem and provide clean undistorted audio samples on my page *** within the next business days, I will contact an attorneySincerely,*** *** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:We didn't do any thing fraudulentThey never showed proof they just cancelled my account and took my moneyWhat did I do that was fraud
*** ***

CD Baby considers this resolved If the client can provide a detailed description of what he would like us to do in addition to what we've already done to resolve this issue, we can consider additional actions.Thanks,AnnaAnna H***Director of Customer ServiceCD Baby

To whom it may concern,This person is not eligible for the promo, because what they wanted to order did not qualify. To get the deal, they needed to order or more units, but wanted to order units. This is not something we are willing to accommodate for this person

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:I did not resolve this! I have paid (under protest) in order  to have my account returned to where it was before the "mix-up" occurred. After patiently waiting a month, I contacted the in  order to have it resolved, requesting that my funds be credited to my account immediately. This has NOT been resolved. Instead, they intend to take another MONTH to credit my account?! No. I have paid  CD Baby to resolve this and  my account should have been restored immediately - not take two months! This is NOT acceptable. Where is the money I paid them and why haven't they credited me immediately?Sincerely,[redacted]

To whom it may concern,According to our records, this client signed up the release he's referencing in April of 2007.  We distributed his content to all partners he selected, as per our agreement. Currently, our minimum payout point for monies owed is $10.  We owe this client $6.55 for...

earned sales and royalties.  When the paypoint is met, we'll issue payment via the method he's selected in his account.   As far as CD Baby is concerned, we've held up our end of the agreement with this client and there aren't any actions we can take here.  Please let me know if you have additional questions or need further information.Thanks,Anna

To whom it may concern,CD Baby has updated the song clips, as requested by the client.  Our preview clips are low resolution, as to improve page load times etc. There is nothing else we can do at this time to change the sample clips.Thank you,Anna

To whom it may concern,
I have checked Spotify for this content and found it has been removed.
I've attached screenshots. (due to limits in your system, I'm not able to attach all of them.  Also removed are [redacted]
Please let me know if there is anything...

else I can help with.
Thank you,
Anna H[redacted]
Director of Customer Service 
CD Baby

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Anna, Before I accept CD Baby's offer to take down the page [redacted] and refund my money for this submission, I would like to make a request. Would you please try redoing the audio clips directly from the physical CD itself and not from the uploaded files that I sent with the submission process. I have 16 other CDs listed with CD Baby and none of those have any problems with the audio samples, so I can't help but wonder if the files somehow got corrupted during the upload process. Out of the 5 physical CDs sent with the submission, one copy is set aside for your store copy which you can open, label, scan, and digitize. As I mentioned in my previous response, the current redone audio samples sound worse than before, as now all of the samples have a fuzzy distortion and before there were only 4 bad samples, so something is going wrong somewhere and I simply cannot have my music being represented by poor sounding audio samples; it's not fair to me or CD Baby. So, please redo the audio samples directly from the CD and see if that helps, as it is my hope to find a solution to this problem. The other question I have concerns finalizing this album for digital distribution, as I have not yet approved the album because of the current problem. Does CD Baby send out high resolution tracks to the digital download sites so that they can create their own samples? I need to be assured that you're not sending out low resolution tracks. I have been with CD Baby for a long time and have never had any problems or complaints until now. It is my sincere desire to continue to do business with CD Baby, as I believe CD Baby is the biggest and best online retailer of music there is. Please confirm that you will redo the audio samples directly from the CD and contact me when it is done. Thank you.

To whom it may concern,CD Baby has looked into this client's account details and found that since his account became active, he's earned $10.42 in royalties.  His paypoint is currently set so that when he earns $50, we will issue a payment via the method of his choosing.Our minimum payout point...

is $10, so if he would like to log into his account and change the paypoint, he is welcome to do so at any time.We also have helpful articles to guide clients through how to navigate their accounts here:  Please let me know if you require any further details or information.Thanks,Anna H[redacted]Director of Customer ServiceCD Baby

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