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C & D Screen & Glass Company Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
All of the information is correct that Mr G*** stated but on Tuesday September 5th my husband Mr *** spoke with Jack at thecompsny and Jack verbally agreed with us to do the remaining work for $ We accepted at that time We are willing to pay the $to have the job completed and have this all put behind us.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]We do not want to have it moved because we then would be stuck with holes in the existing deck We want the awning to extend out the length of the house covering the back sliding doors They said they would come back and do it for an additional $We are willing to pay half at $to resolve the matter That would extend it out where we originally wanted it
*** *** and *** ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.  If you and the business have reached an agreement and compliance is set for a future date, we trust the business will comply.  Please contact us after that time if the matter is not resolved as agreed and we will review the complaint and proceed accordingly.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

September 6, 2017RE Complaint, ID [redacted]To Whom It May Concern:We received the complaint for the [redacted] project. (August 18, 2017) After the cover was installed the [redacted] asked to have 44” wide extension. (Going left an additional 44”) to cover the rest of the back of the house. The sales person gave them a cost of $1,040 to install the additional cover, which they thought was too high. The cost of the 12’ x 17’ cover was $3,825.00, 204 sq ft at a cost of $18.75 sq ft. The additional is approximately 48 sq ft, $18.75 times 48 equals $900, so we offered that. They said still too high. We offered to come down $200 if they would come up $200. they said no to that. The salesman spoke with Mrs [redacted] on August 24 and determined we could move the cover to the left side of deck, originally designed to be there. On August 25 the [redacted] determined that would not work, leaving holes where post were fastened to the deck. We believe $700 is a fair offer.Sincerely________________________Gregory H[redacted]

In regards to the complaint filed by [redacted] related to her in store purchase on May 2, 2016.I wish to set the matter straight and clarify what actually transpired with her purchasing repair partsover the counter. She had called for a replacement board on Thursday April 28, 2016 for her...

furnacemodel GMP100-3 serial 9408038387. At that time we called iohnstone supply the distributer ofGoodman Parts and were advised the replacement board was a L45-392 or a B108099135 which was anexact replacement board. We checked our stock and advised [redacted] that we had the replacement boardin stock. We also advised her that if sold over the counter the board was not returnable due to it beingan electrical part.On Monday a gentleman came to pick up the part not [redacted] at that time he also requested we sell him atransformer. I was in my office at that time and I came out of my office and advised him that the boardand transformer were not returnable for any reason. He paid for two parts a universal transformer for$46.20 and a L45-392 board for $134.86 with sale tax $193.73.On Tuesday we received a call first in the morning that we sold her the wrong board. At that time werecalled the supplier and were advised it was the right board. She said there was a problem with thewiring we checked and advised her to come and return the defective wiring and we would replace it. Iwas in a meeting all day but was also in contact with my office. Since she was yelling at my office staff Iadvised my office person to replace the board and wiring harness that also was not acceptable to her.On my return from my meeting I took the call from her and advised her that the replacement board wasat the office. I even stopped on my way in and picked up a original replacement board. Just to clarifyGoodman does not make control boards Texas Instrument and White Rodgers make the control boardsand the replacement is a L45-392. Once again that was not good enough, as she was screaming at me Ihung up the phone.Customers try constantly to fix their furnace’s we cannot sell parts over the counter without having a noreturn policy. They take it home try it and when it does not correct their problem they try to return it.We even offered her a service call at a reduced rate to install the board we sold her.To some up the complaint.1. Board L45-392 see enclosed from [redacted] clarifying the right board was selected.2. A gentleman picked up two parts not [redacted] she was advised on the phone the parts were nonreturnable.3. Apparently the universal transformer she purchased may have been the problem as they didnot want to return it.4. The person picking up the parts was advised of our return policy by me and the office staff.5. Not returnable for any reason he said he understood that.6. We offered her replacement of the board free of charge just to be nice but that was notacceptable as she probably found out it was not the board causing her problem.7. She claimed she had a HVAC service person out that night but she has no urgency to get thereplacement part to fix her furnace that we offered.We are in the service business we install these board’s in Goodman furnace without any problems.It’s when a person that knows very little about the furnace operation tries to make the repair ontheir own. Apparently the board was not the problem and now they try to make it my problem. Asstated before there will be no refund a replacement board is available.

Yes we agree to add the approx. 12' proj x 44" width at the agreed cost of $600

2001 we had C & D add on a sunroom and less than 12 years the unit that cost about $11000 has fallen apart the glass sliding doors are falling out of their supose to be secure locations and the walls were supose to be aluminum they are desenigrating the roof is leaking in 2 differnt locations and come to find out there are also termites who have been feasting on the supose to be treated woood so now that we had the termite problem fixed from a company who had advised us that the so called treated wood is not so treated because it drawed the termites so upon having estimates from other "home enhancers" we were informed of the faults that were built by C & D that the doors were not outside doors and the wood was most likely not treated so upon calling C & D I talked to a gentleman who advised me that thier wood was guarenteed for about 20 years I told him our problem and he began to tell me that the compnay they once used for wood had gone out of buisness and its not thier problem so I asked him who chose that company to buy matierals from he said they did so I asked him how is it our fault becuase they are no longer in buisness,so I asked to speak to the owner who had to retun my call.The owner who precived to have an attitude and said were out of warranty (first 5 years) and try to argue the fact that he used cheap matierals which he admitted to but now they use more efficent matierals that thier warranty is now 15 years and not 5 he went on telling me that its not his fault that the so called treated wood has termites that it is our fault and there is nothing he is going to do to help fix this problem which his choice of wood caused and he told me that we should just use Champion after we had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with this company and we have seen thier true side when it comes to thier work they dont stand by it! we are deeply saddend and hurt by the way this company has shown its grattitude towards its customers and he said that if I write this he will dispute it with b

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Description: Home Improvements

Address: 1256 W Sharon Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45240


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