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C & G Imports, Inc

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Dear [redacted] 
I am the president of C & G Imports, Inc, and submit this letter in response to the complaint of [redacted] which states that he believes C & G Imports, Inc. did not report his credit history to a credit reporting...

agency. [redacted] is incorrect. We do routine reporting of all of our accounts including his specific account and have done so for many years. Our data and that of [redacted] confirm his account was reported by us. We understand [redacted] frustration, and we have tried many times to put him in touch with [redacted] so that he could understand his personal credit history issues. It would be in his interest to return our calls and meet with us. We can likely help him resolve his issues even though they are not due to any fault on our part. 
If [redacted] would like our help in trying to properly assemble his credit report, we are certainly willing to assist him despite the incorrect assertions he has made about us in his complaint to the Our business has been built on our high quality service to our customers which often involves assisting our customers in matters beyond our responsibility. However, without the cooperation of [redacted], it is difficult for us to help him. Our ability is limited to making sure that we reported his credit relationship with us, and we have done that. If he would come to our business, he could learn directly from [redacted] that we had been reporting his account to them, and we could assist him in working with the credit reporting agencies to help him understand his personal credit report issues.
As [redacted] stated in his complaint to the, he uses a tax id number and not a social security number to identify his credit history. An [redacted] representative informed me that there is a possibility that [redacted] credit history may be difficult to fully retrieve because of this. Additionally, [redacted] suggested that problems can also occur when an individual identifies himself by different last names or has many addresses for his residence. Our inquiry and records reveal that [redacted] has numerous residential addresses and goes by more than one name. This may be a reason why his credit history is not being properly aggregated. For example, he used a different name on his insurance agreement than he used to purchase his vehicle. His insurance is in the name of [redacted] while he uses the last name of [redacted] in this complaint and on his vehicle purchase agreement. The credit reporting databases will recognize this as two different people, because they have different last names. 
As detailed below, we have tried to contact [redacted] on many occasions so that we could put him in contact with a person at [redacted] who would inform him that we were in fact reporting his credit, but [redacted] has missed the appointments he made with us. We have also offered to put him in touch with someone at [redacted] who would explain to him his personal credit issues, but he has not been willing to accept that opportunity. While we have tried to be exceedingly helpful to [redacted] we have no ability to force him to learn the facts of his credit history. We understand his frustration which is why we have offered to help him. However, he needs to understand that we reported his credit history and that problems with obtaining his full credit history from a third party are not under our control. 
We have been attempting to assist [redacted] in a manner well beyond our responsibility because he is a customer. Our reputation is based on outstanding customer service which is why our customers have been exceedingly loyal and grateful to us for over two decades. [redacted] will agree that we have made many efforts to help him, but he has chosen to be antagonistic instead of cooperative. On Saturday, March 1, 2014, [redacted] came to our business, and spoke with one of our employees, Ricardo. Ricardo attempted to pull [redacted] credit report to check the current status of [redacted] credit but was unable to retrieve his report. Ricardo informed me that he could not pull [redacted] credit report, and I made an attempt to do so myself. A credit report is pulled electronically by entering information about the person into a database maintained by a credit reporting agency such as [redacted]. Generally, one inputs identifying information about the individual, and their credit history will be retrieved from the third party database using algorithms maintained and developed by that third party to ensure the accuracy of the data. The credit reporting agencies have built-in safety mechanisms so that the information provided relates to that specific individual. In order to maintain the integrity of the data, individuals are generally identified by their social security number or other data such as their address history in addition to their names. When I could not pull [redacted] data with the information he had provided, I attempted to do so with different addresses he had used as well as different spellings of his name and the different last names he uses. However, I could not retrieve his full credit information. Because we had been providing [redacted] credit history to the reporting agency, it was apparent that the problem was not with our data but with the data compiling maintained by the credit reporting agency. In order to discover the specific reason why [redacted] full history was not appearing, I knew we had to contact [redacted] to figure out the anomaly. We agreed with [redacted] that he would come back to our business on Monday, March 3, 2014 as nothing could be done during that Saturday because our contacts at [redacted] were not reachable on a weekend.  [redacted] did not come in on Monday as he had agreed, but he called me. He said he spoke with [redacted] and that they could not find anything from us on his report. I asked him again if he could come in so we could call [redacted] together.  He said he would come in the next day. Again, however, he did not come in. Since he did not come in as he had agreed and I did not hear back from him, I asked my sales manager, Jorge, to call [redacted] during the week of March 7th.  Jorge informed me that he spoke with [redacted] and that [redacted] said he would not speak with us. On March 12th, Jorge sent [redacted] a text message asking him to call me or email me. There was no response from [redacted]. Then, on March 14, [redacted] responded to Jorge’s text message and made various disparaging remarks.  Since [redacted] was not being responsive to phone calls, we sent [redacted] three text messages on March 14th and another on March 17th,  requesting that he contact us and informing him of our conversation with [redacted] finally responded on March 19th, and incorrectly stated that we did not report his credit. He again included some inflammatory remarks in his message. We replied to his March 19th text message by informing him via text message that [redacted] wanted to speak with him and that he should contact us. During the time he was not responding, we also copied the text messages we sent to him and sent these messages to him by email to make sure he was receiving our communications.  During this time, we also informed [redacted] that [redacted] confirmed that his account was in fact reported by us. 
Additionally, we informed [redacted] that [redacted] was willing to speak to him about the issues with his report. However, as expressed above, [redacted] has not been willing to cooperate. Instead of accepting our assistance and that of [redacted] he has chosen instead to incorrectly claim to you that we did not report his credit history – had he kept his appointments with us and spoken to the proper people at [redacted], he would have found that his claim was untrue, and he could have learned the actual reason he was not able to get his full credit history which included our reporting of his account. 
We appreciate [redacted] business as we do all of our customers' relationships. We would like to help him regarding his credit report and are willing to overlook his disparaging comments, but we cannot do so without his cooperation. If you could urge him to contact us and perhaps explain to him that businesses only report credit history but do not maintain an individual’s full credit report, we should be able to assist him in discussing his issues with [redacted]
Thank you for your assistance. You should note that we have copies of our text messages as well as [redacted]. If you need copies of these messages or documentation from a credit reporting agency regarding our relationship as a business which reports to them, please let me know. 
Gavin M[redacted]
President, C & G Imports, Inc

Review: RE: Notice of disagreement/ complaint of collection practices at C& G Imports

Although I have resolved this problem/issue as of 2/22/13, I am required as a consumer of C & G Imports, to inform of its unethical and abusive collection practices.

I will be brief, and limit details. After purchasing my vehicle from C& G Imports using your C&G imports in-house loan system a payment was missed after a year of faithfully abiding by my contractual obligations of $200 biweekly payments for my 2008 Nissan Altima.

What ensued was nothing short of unprofessional, language biased behavior and extreme inaccuracy. My payment of $200 was missed on one occasion which I attempted to set up payment arrangement or pay full amount within a 60 day period. But to my dismay I was consistently transferred to multiple people whom did not seem to comprehend or understand English which is my preferred language and what I used when purchasing this vehicle, including all paperwork/contracts (I am a proud Spanish speaker as well, but my preference and lifestyle have dictated my preference for English).

Within the 60 days it took me to pay the missed payment, including the $10 late charge for every 2 weeks, I was mailed over 8 Spanish letters (after requesting all communication be sent in English), threatening the repossession of the vehicle I was still paying for.

Within the 60 days I also received over 10 voice mails and 20 missed calls, (I am not exaggerating as I have record of this). I spoke to about 5-6 different “customer service/collection agents” whom never notated conversations when had. As I was informed by multiple agents at C & G Imports department there is a section within your financial software where notes are taken to describe conversation with the consumer. NONE OF THIS WAS DONE, OR IF IT HAD BEEN DONE IT WAS BLATANTLY INACCURATE.

I am not pointing fingers at a specific person as it seems it is multiple people in this office. The disorganization is what led me to recap the inaccuracies and unprofessional-ism with the select few I had the misfortune of dealing with. I am requesting C & G Imports collections/costumer service be informed of this incident and perhaps provide better business/change abusive and inaccurate practices for collections or any communication held with consumers.Desired Settlement: First abide by language preference, especially when requested multiple times. Maintain that all telephone conversation that are relevant to consumer accounts are accurately detailed by the agent-/initials & times stamped. Possibly adjust threatening letters of repossession when payments are being paid towards loan, in other words inform the consumer their credit will be hurt.



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