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C & K Services, Inc.

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Review: 1) Company advertised a discount, discount was noted on contract sent in, but discount was not given

2) I relied on salesman's expertise for gutter downspout placement. This winter it created major icing in my driveway and at my front porch; creating a hazard to anyone coming to my door. Salesman came out to review and said it could be fixed. Then received an email stating there would be an additional charge after already paying almost $10k for roof and gutters. I told them I would not pay anything further and they failed to resolve the issue.

3) When the roof was tore off and replaced it created a major mess in my attic, I relayed this to the salesperson and he said 'my bad, I forgot to tell you'. I had to clean up the mess and re-clean clothing that was stored in the attic - spending money to re-dryclean clothing. And, spent about 2 days cleaning up the major mess.

4) Salesperson had to return to house several times for issues and has been less than professional. I told the business I no longer wanted to deal with him.

5) I emailed the company regarding all these issues over 2 weeks ago and no response. I emailed the office and they confirmed receipt and indicated it was forwarded on but no one has contacted me to resolve any of these matters. I even included pictures of the ice problems.Desired Settlement: Credit for discount per signed contract as well as re-routing of gutter and drainage at no charge.



In response to the lener to the from [redacted]; When I ([redacted]) met with Mr. [redacted] originally

he showed me exactly where he wanted the new downspouts placed, which was and is still feasible. The fact that ice

fanned on the driveway is a product of "Mother Nature" and not a workmanship issue. I did meet with Mr. [redacted] about

the issue which I felt could easily be controlled by simply putting salt over the area. When 1 suggested this to Mr. [redacted]

he stated that "salt does not work on this particular ice", not exactly sure why that would be. I then told him that we

would install a de-icing cable through the downspout which would prevent this ice from accumulation. He did not want

that done. He stated he wanted another gutter added across the front oflhe house with a new downspout on the opposite

corner. I did not feel this was necessary given the minimal amount of ice that had accumulated so I told him there would

be a charge if he wanted that done. The other issue Mr. [redacted] has is with the debris in his attic which he brought to my

attention and claims that I stated "my bad". I can sure that I have never used the term, "by bad" in my life and did not say

it on that day. It does cleatly state on the proposal that there will be "potential debris in attic".

[redacted] of the company ([redacted]) went out to the [redacted] residence again and extended the downspout run

off another 6' to the center of his yard and explained to Mr. [redacted] that if we were to run the water across his entire front

yard it would all be running on the neighbors' sidewalk. So be agreed with just the extension and with the idea of

possibly having to install a heat tape if it freezes again.

[redacted] also brought a check for the $500 discount that was offered and mistakenly missed by the office at the

time of the job completion.

Thank you,

On June 27, 2013 I signed a service proposal with C&K Services, Inc of Newburg, to have them do roof repair on a rental unit in Cedarburg, WI. From then until now (September 6, 2013)they have made absolutely no contact with me concerning the work, which has not been started. We had a verbal agreement that the work would be completed by the third week in July. They have either rebuffed or ignored my phone calls and emails concerning the contract. On September 2, 2013 I sent them a letter giving notice that I consider the service contract null and void, given their total lack of performance and interest in completing the work.

Review: They installed a roof in 2013 which is leaking--since April of this year I have been trying to get them to fix the problem. One employee confirmed the leak, a second who visited the roof said that they had not installed it properly and a sealant was missing. [redacted] and I have talked often, but it reminds unfixed.



Hello, my name is [redacted], I am [redacted] of C&K Services. In regards

to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint about the "second person" who came out to

look at his roof regarding a leak, Mr. [redacted] states that this person, said it

was installed wrong. The gentleman that went out to look at the roof said the

outer corner on the roof flashing was the only thing that he could see that may

cause a leak with a possible driving rain, so he sealed it up.Mr. [redacted] is

saying he is waiting for someone to come out and make that repair to that

outside corner. This repair was done by the person who reported it to him and

Mr. [redacted]s seems to think it was not done because he "thought" it

still "might" be leaking.This is when I went out and

looked at it myself, took pictures of the roof and the flashing proving the

corner is sealed. I emailed Mr. [redacted]s my findings along with the pictures,

which I have also provided for you. Apparently this email, never made it to

him. Ata later date he calls and leaves a message on my phone (which I still

have), saying he is going to contact the BuildingInspector of Milwaukee. Later that day, I called him back and

left him a message saying that I think a third party opinion would be great and

to have that person give him a report on the quality of the roof and to reassure Mr. [redacted]

that there is not a leak or if there is one, let us know and we will be back to

fix it.Less than a week goes by and I receive this

letter from the As of November 6, 2015 1 haven't heard anything from the

Milwaukee Building Inspector.Thank

you for giving us the opportunity to respond



I contracted with C&K to have my home roof replaced at the end of 2011. The home is in a historic district and I had the historic district approve the plans and had the State of WI approve the plans to ensure I would be eligible for the tax credit for the work. The contractor put the wrong shingles on the roof and did not complete the job in accordance with the historic preservation requirements, which were sent directly to C&K by the preservation agency. I have been attempting to resolve this dispute since March 2012, when I learned that the incorrect shingles were used. The individual that managed the installation from C&K contends he never saw the revised contract that was sent to their company e-mail (the same e-mail from which I received their quote). He does not deny that they received it but says he did not see it. I asked for a confirmation back from the e-mail I sent including the revised contract and, not having received one, I then called and was put in touch with the individual that orders the materials for the job and this person confirmed to me on the phone that the document had been received and the correct shingles would be ordered. Additionally, I have e-mails to the company showing that, from the very beginning, I had requested the alternative shingle.

My whole experience with C&K was a disaster. They promised a start date that they did not meet (and did not even communicate that they would not be coming then -- I finally had to contact the company [redacted] to ask if they had the capacity to do the job). They were extremely messy and did not clean-up properly after the job. They broke the flood lights in the front of my house when throwing down the removed roof materials (and never even notified us of that). In general the communication and job was performed in an extremely unprofessional manner.

I have made repeated attempts to work with them to get this matter settled but the company has failed to follow-up as promised and has not been responding to recent requests. I would like to settle this dispute in a reasonable manner but have received no cooperation from the company.

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Description: Roofing Contractors

Address: 6677 Carmody Ct, Newburg, Wisconsin, United States, 53060


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