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C & R Concrete & Snow Removal

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With reference to your correspondence to me dated November 30, whichI received December 3, regarding my client *** ** ***Iwill give no further information regarding personal address, etcinaccordance with your request in your letter, but will attach a copy sothere will be no
dispute about whom we are conversing.On November 3, the client in question signed a contract to have hisdriveway excavated and new concrete poured; also an existing "pad" f t .X ftexcavated and replaced with concreteThis work was reinforcedwith fiber mesh, expansion joints were cut, and the concrete sealed withDiamond Clear Concrete SealerIf you will check the weather during thatweek and for some time to come was below freezing and not really a goodtime to pour concreteI advised my client of this and told him it wouldbe better to wait until it was warmer; however, in short, he wanted itdone and it is not impossible, so I did the work.The concrete formula was mixed for the weather, expansion joints were cutwhere it was necessary and the client was more than elated with the workand with my companyIn fact he suggested that he wanted to be my friend.A personal conversation ensued and I learned he was a veteran and gavehim a veteran discountThrough the next six months he would call justto talk, etcand vet some of his sentiments about the death of "Mybride", meaning his late wife And his health issues, etcI listened andtold him I would help him in any way I couldHe thanked me profusely.On June , he called and wanted me to stain (you don't paint) hisdriveway and two sidewalksThe job was $2200.00; materials castingand the labor $1,The sidewalks and driveway were alsosealed with Super Diamond Sealer 350.On June 23, the client called my Mother, who is my assistant andtold her he couldn't pay the bill until July 15, and she was ok.with thatShortly after that he called and said his driveway was cracking and waterwas coming into his garageI went to his house and saw no water in thegarage and haven't yet; however, if there is water it is because the lipon the garage floor is too high and has notbing to do with the concretework I did; that would be up to the builder.I sent my crew to repair the cracks that he was speaking of and they cutthem out with a Diamond blade saw and filled and finished them withconcrete.There is one guarantee that any reputable concrete person will advise youand that is that concrete will crack depending on the expansion andcontraction of the earth, the freezing and thawing of it causes what weterm as Stretch Cracks and we have no control over the way God made theearthThe repairs looked good and still no pay.On September 2, my Mother made a trip to his home at his request andI asked her to tell him to just forget the $1,of the $ifhe would just pay for the materials I would write off the laborHeagreed and told her he was dissatified with the cracks even though heagreed the repairs were satisfactory, gave her a few gifts, and told herabout his "bride's" ashes, showed them to her and kept her for almost twohours discussing personal problemsShe worte on his invoice regardingthe payment arrangement and deducted the $1,labor and asked him topay the $He thought that was fair and sent a check for $1200.00one week later.I adhere strictly to the OHIO READYMIX ASSOCIATION'S guidelines regardingthe cutting of the expansion jointsThis is a very importand part of aconcrete job and I do most of it personally and it is all HAND CUTI ammost proud of my work and will go that extra mile and more for my client.I cannot work for free nor can I be somewhere with one client as soon ashe callsI would still do anything for Mr*** but there is a limitto anything.Thank you very much for your understanding and I have lots of proof of mywork if you need it.Regards,Roger C***I would like to add that my client had some bricks lying close to thewalks that had been torn out and he wanted them re-laid so I did that forhim free of charge and stained them the same color as the walks at nocharge

Concrete work purchased 2010

The estimate was to include issues relating to drainage & excavation. We are now getting water in our building. I have called for over a year twenty or thirty times. He only responded to one call & set up apptment to do excavating work. Did not show & subsequently will not return my calls. I dropped off my complaint in writing at this business address. He still will not respond.

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Description: Concrete Contractors

Address: 755 Pump Station RD, Sugar Grove, Ohio, United States, 43155


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