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Review: CR Gutters provided a gutter at a premium (2x) cost due to the urgent need before the winter weather. We thanked them for this. They requested to be paid on site and took the check, but they did not finish the two deck pipes (incomplete work), they did not remove debris and left over metal from the site so I had to haul away (clean up), and they did not credit materials which were supplied and part of their bid (incorrect accounting). The gutter and downspouts leaked 1 month later and they will not answer the phone or schedule a repair on a dry day because they were on other jobs. They will not respond to emails or calls. They repeatedly said their work and professionalism was better than other companies but I disagree.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Reply, repair gutter, refund materials, and complete the work.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2014/01/13) */

Date: 1/10/14 1000 Station Drive Ste 222

DuPont, WA 98327

Re: Case:[redacted]

To whom it may concern;

I would like to respond to your letter dated 12/19/13 in reference to our customer's allegations. [redacted] contacted our office and asked for a phone bid on the installation of gutter and downspout on his residence. He spoke to the owner ([redacted]) and she asked a series of question regarding the installation procedure. The project had three runs of gutter and associated downspouts on a four story house with metal rooting. Do to the height and roofing material and the premium gutter system she quoted him $2,905.00. He agreed to the price and wanted to get on the schedule as soon as possible. I ([redacted]) called [redacted] to set up a pre install meeting and we set up a time to meet with his Dad that is also the architect on the project ([redacted]). In the same phone conversation we discussed all the issues he had with the sheet metal contractor that installed the metal roof and was also suppose to install gutters however, there relationship had been terminated. [redacted] said he had some metal fascia wrap that he may want me to install before gutters and sent a e-mail with a picture of the material he had left over from previous metal installer see attached exhibit "A". This is the material that [redacted] alleges we left on site in his complaint. He states in the e-mail that [redacted] had left the material. Our crew left nothing whatsoever at his residence.

I met on site with [redacted] to discuss the specific needs he had for the gutter installation.

We first walked the residence and he was pointing out a multitude of issues that the exterior of

the house had like missing flashing, siding installed incorrect, incomplete flashing in several areas and asked me if I could give him a quote to repair or replace item. I let him now that I had several projects that were on the edge of contracting and it would hinge on those contracts as if I could do the work or not.

[redacted] and I then looked at downspout that he had custom made to accommodate the incorrect framing of the decks. I looked them over and rose several issues I had With them l) I told him that they were too small (3 1/2" wide X l 3/8" thick) and any debris would clog them. He told me that his calculations showed they would work and if not he would take responsibility is they don't. 2) The seam locks on the downspout were loose and I pointed out that they would leek. He was glad that I discovered that and said that he had to use them now and if they leaked to bad he would design something else next year. It Was very important that the water was collected immediately because he was having erosion issues on his hill side. We then went up to the 3rd floor deck so he could show me how he wanted the downspout installed. He instructed me to run the downspout between to window frames with less than 3% slope and I told him with the sizing of the downspouts and the minimal slope it would be open to a multitude of issues like clogs, water backing up and leaking out miters etc. He told me that we need to install the best we can and then we will monitor the water flow and if it doesn't work he would again look at other options. See exhibit "B" the cross arm slope. Another issue with the manufactured downspout is the size varied an 1/8" and we extremely difficult to put together. Once again [redacted] stressed that we wanted us to put together to the best of our ability as we wanted to them to control the water until he decides what other options he had for the design.

Our crew, [redacted] and I came out for install and we all discussed the install procedure that [redacted] and I previously discussed. My crew spent 3 days working with [redacted] on every step of the installation so it was installed to his liking. Every step of the install was 100% monitored by [redacted] and approved. My installer worked with [redacted] as to satisfy all his needs from designing custom downspout strap to cutting custom offsets in downspout to accommodate the roof drains that were improperly placed at time of construction. On completion of the project [redacted] thanked my crew and was happy with the install and my lead installer handed him an invoice and he gladly handed him a check.

A couple weeks later [redacted] contacted us and said that he had a couple drips coming from his downspout and on rivet was on a gutter end cap was dripping. I scheduled a meeting to go over the leaks that he had discovered. I met with [redacted] at the residence and he showed me where the drip was coming from (see attached exhibit "C") and it was in fact the low slope cross arm that we had discussed in our pre-construction meeting. I let him know that I would send a crew out on a dry day and seal the end cap and do my best to stop the drip of the cross arm elbow. [redacted] told me that he would be on site Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week and would like to have it done then. I told him I would do my best to meet his needs. That following week Tuesday was wet and Wednesday the road and ground was iced up. I sent a text to [redacted] that morning and told him that it was too icy to get on the metal roof to perform the repairs and looking ahead at the weather Friday would he the driest day. He text me hack stating that he had no ice however, all our roads, ground and roof were completely white with ice and frozen fog and I didn't want to take a chance with my guys 4 stories up on a metal roof. Friday came and I text [redacted] at 7 am and let him know I would have a crew in the area around ll am. He text me back and said he needed more notice and not to show up that day?

The following week was damp and finally the week after I was able to send a crew out to repair. We sealed gutter and the cross arm miter. My crew water tested the miter as end cap and reported back to me that they have stopped the dripping issues.

The following day I spoke with [redacted] and his dad [redacted] via speaker phone and [redacted] stated that our gutter work was not adequate and gutters were short, downspout not fixed etc. All this came as a huge surprise to me as we helped him though all his issues and got his blessing on every custom piece that was installed. [redacted] then stated that he wanted a credit on downspout material that we installed however; I told him that if at the time of bid I was to install the downspout he provided the cost would have been driven up as you have to hand out all miters and offsets and it is very time consuming. I ate the added labor cost just to see our customer thru his water issues.

In closing, We at CR Gutters spent a lot of time and effort to help this customer thru all his custom needs to get the gutters to function. Customer approved every step of the install and to come back and state falsehoods is beyond me. I seem to be a trend with all the sub contractors that have work on this house. We at CR Gutters values each customers and have a great reputation in the industry for our professionalism that we cherish although in hind sight we should have refused to install the way [redacted] designed however, customer wanted water controlled immediately and was in a jamb so I helped them out and I thought I was Very clear several times as to the issues that could arise from this method.


VP Architectural Operations


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