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we do not charge 25% to restock, we charge 15% if the buyer returns a laptop that is damaged cosmetically or with software then we charge the fee. All buyers are send information on how to deal with issues concerning their purchase, first contact the seller after reading all the information given to...

the buyer. in this case the buyer proceeded to deal in areas they were not familiar with and when things went south they returned the laptop expecting us to undo any problems they created. all this information is provided to the  buyer when they receive their laptop so they can avoid exactly this situation, this buyer ignored the warranty information. Our policy is clearly defined on returned items, they must be returned in exactly the same condition as when we shipped...note warranty enclosed

Review: I bought a Samsung galaxy note phone from this company but there was issues with the battery so I sent it back to them and they are yet to refund my moneyDesired Settlement: I would like the business to refund me the $345 as promised.

Review: I, [redacted], used my credit card in good faith to purchase a laptop from [redacted] The order is here:

Your Order Number is: XXXXXXXX

Order Review

Purchase made:

9/1/2014 11:45:00 AM.

If your order requires multiple shipments, you will receive separate shipping confirmations for each shipment.

Billing Information

Garden City , NY XXXXX

Shipping Information

Garden City , NY XXXXX-XXXX









HP 8440p Elitebook Notebook PC - Intel Core i7 620M 2.66GHz 4GB 250GB 14" Win 7 Pro


Ships from WA, United States

Seller: cstrading


Ships from Marketplace Seller in 1-2 Business Days

Standard Shipping (3 to 10 business days)



Item Total:


Shipping & Handling:






Instead of getting what I ordered: HP 8440p Elitebook Notebook PC - Intel Core i7 620M 2.66GHz 4GB 250GB 14" Win, I received a bait and switch unbeknownst to [redacted] and received instead from C S Trading / [redacted] this: Intel Core i5 520M 2.40 GHz laptop. An inferior and older model to my needs and a much cheaper model.

I asked several times of C S Trading what was going on and they continued to lie and insist that was my order, but I have the receipt that clearly states from [redacted] what I ordered and there is no mistaking from this evidence I should have gotten what I ordered. After C S Trading continued to deny accountability, I asked them this in one of my many emails: "Do I need an authorization number to send this wrong order back and who pays for the shipping, you or [redacted] for this error?" They replied back:"no authorizon number needed, as far as shipping goes, we sent the item ordered that we had listed so there was no error, I will contact [redacted] on the specifics


cstrading" and then he would not create a shipping label for proper docutmentation for my protection so [redacted] and my credit card dispute department stepped in and created a shipping label for me to send the product back to the parent corporation [redacted] where C S Trading was a seller for them. So I sent the laptop back to [redacted] as instructed by them and my credit card dispute department and was told not to worry about anything. I did not send the laptop back to C s Trading because he is labeled now as a rogue seller for [redacted] and is not honorable in anyway so by sending a laptop back to him, he might have cheated me more by saying he never got the return. Once his poor dishonorable character was established over this long period I had nowhere else to turn, but the obvious choice of the parent corporation I was billed from, [redacted] and that was the only company I contracted with for this purchase. I then received this from [redacted]

From: [redacted]@customersupport.[redacted].com

To: [redacted]

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 01:50:03 +0000

Subject: [redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX #XXXXXX

Hello [redacted],

Thanks for contacting [redacted] regarding order number XXXXXXXX. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with this order.

Please disregard all further contact from seller Cstrading for you are not subject to legal action.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you, and thank you for shopping at [redacted]


[redacted] Customer Support

[redacted] Shopping

RE: RE: [redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX [redacted] (#XXXXXX)‏

RE: RE: [redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX [redacted] (#XXXXXX)


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To: [redacted]

Hi [redacted],

We apologize on behalf of this merchant.

We are already handling this merchant internally. Please continue to disregard all emails from [redacted]

Best regards,

[redacted] Shop Owner Support

[redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX - Refund Issued‏

[redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX - Refund Issued

[redacted] Shopping

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To: [redacted]

Hello [redacted]

Thank you for shopping at [redacted]

A refund for your order number XXXXXXXX has been submitted in the amount of $355.69. Your refund should show on your method of payment within 1 to 2 business days.

[redacted] realizes you have many choices for online shopping, and we thank you for your business. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns, and we will be glad to help.


[redacted] Customer Support

[redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX #XXXXXX‏

[redacted] Order #XXXXXXXX #XXXXXX


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To: [redacted] Active View

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Hello [redacted],

This is in regards to [redacted] order number XXXXXXXX. This was for the HP 8440p Elitebook Notebook PC - Intel Core i7 620M 2.66GHz 4GB 250GB 14" Win 7 Pro.

I apologize that no resolution has yet been provided. Recently, there were issues regarding the marketplace seller from which you purchased this item, "cstrading", which resulted in us suspending our relationship with them. Regrettably, this makes it so a replacement for your item is unavailable.

In order to resolve this issue, I have attached a prepaid shipping label to this email, which may be used to send the item directly to [redacted] for a refund. Once the item is delivered, please allow 5 to 7 business days for inspection and processing. Your refund should reflect on your method of payment within 1 to 2 business days of submission.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you, and thank you for shopping at[redacted].


[redacted] Customer Support

[redacted] Shopping

As you can see, [redacted] suspended their relationship with C S Trading because I don't think they could even deal with him anymore in good faith. Now C S Trading / [redacted] has started threatening me by email and United States mail that he is going to ruin my credit and file a civil action against me resulting in an enormous fiscal penalty. He states:

"Demand is hereby made for either the return of the HP laptop sent to you order # XXXXXXXX or the $355 in funds. If we have received neither within 10 days of this notice we will have our attorney file a civil complaint against you to recover the funds plus attorney fees to be determined (not to exceed $2500) and costs incurred as a result of this action. Once a complaint is filed your credit will be destroyed and legal proceedings will not stop until the claim is satisfied.


This seller has ruined my life with my in good faith transaction with [redacted] I find this C S Trading / [redacted] to be arrogant and a deceptive merchant who uses bait and switch tactics to bully consumers into buying his out of date products. I am living under terrible stress now from him. I don't know where to turn as a consumer. My credit card transaction was with [redacted] and never to C S Trading. I am now being threatened with great hardship and I am an innocent victim who should never have been put through this. I have lost revenue from my job as well because it has hurt my productivity emotionally as well as not having a functioning laptop for my business.Desired Settlement: I am seeking a notarized letter from and stating C S Trading and [redacted] was in the wrong at all times and that I am not to be held responsible or named in any lawsuits or claims ever he is filing. I also need him to cease and desist harassing and communicating with me in any form immediately.

If he wants to send me a free laptop to make up for all the anguish he has caused me, I will accept it, but it has to be for what I ordered originally.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/11/07) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] manager

Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX

Contact Email: [redacted].net

November 7th 2014

Please be informed that cstrading at all times has tried to resolve the issue surrounding [redacted].

We paid [redacted] $99 to sell on their website which is either totally automated or manned by individuals who are either totally incompetent or just not caring about operating a responsible business.

We would sell an item, receive the specifications of the item from [redacted] and then ship the item to buyers who had paid for the goods, we have been selling online for 10 years with no problems until we encountered this company.

Several buyers received laptops they did not order, however [redacted] sent us instructions to ship the items. Once this problem came to our attention we contacted [redacted] but received no response, in fact over a 4 week time period we sent over 100 emails to various [redacted] addresses with not a single reply. Only when we filed complaints with the California Attorney Generals office and the of California ( in regards to consumer complaint #XXXXXXXX) did we hear from [redacted] and that was through third parties not a direct reply.

They have never made an attempt to resolve this issue, only complicate it by ignoring our repeated emails to them.

Since [redacted] refused to reply to us, we contacted a local Attorney who advised us to contact the buyers directly and demand payment as we had never been paid by [redacted] yet we were out nearly $3000 in laptops and no one would pay, return the laptops or even tell us what was going on. We were also advised to file criminal complaints against those responsible for "obtaining property under false pretenses"

This whole problem rests directly on [redacted], they made no attempt whatsoever to resolve this issue, had they done so on day one we would not be having this exchange today.

All one has to do is Google this company to see they are being investigated on numerous fronts by numerous Government agencies and blog after blog spills forth about buyers being ripped off by this company.


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Address: 3816 NW 27th Ave, Camas, Washington, United States, 98607-7519


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