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• Nov 21, 2023

Our daughter rented The Gathering Place Cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN. for 6 of us ( 2 of which are the parents and a potty trained Chihuahua ), did not get a code to get in the door, we ( the 2 parents ) are almost to Pigeon Forge and son-in-law was calling Cabins USA office and they said they will get back to him and they did not, he calls again and they tell him they must come to the office to get a code ( never had to do that before ) he explained to them that they will not arrive until after 10:00 pm and the office will be closed and the parents are almost there and they finally told him for the parents to come to the office to get a code to get in the door which took another 30 minutes, We get to the cabin and it has not been cleaned, the floor was absolutely NASTY ( wiping a cloth across the floor brown nasty ) and being a pet friendly cabin ( it had carpet in it which had fleas and smelled awful ) which we did not stay in the cabin much ( only at night ) still bad enough and the washer did not work properly. The second day, the upper bath tub stopped up. The cabin was much cleaner when we left than before we arrived. The cabin looks kind of run down compared to what I have rented before as it was in need of some repairs. If it were me, I would fire the cleaning service for one and I will probably not rent from Cabins USA again as it was way over priced for what we ended up with. They should be ashamed for charging people to stay in this cabin. We have stayed in pet friendly cabins before with no problem, but you definitely do not have carpet in one of them and this cabin had some of the cheapest materials used in the baths. I think someone else took over Cabins USA. From reading, there are several other posted reviews with the same problem.

After a year and finally I get to come to Pigeon Forge. We reserved Lazy Day Lodge, which should not be represented as a vacation rental property at all. Check in was to be at 4:00. We get there and cabin has not been cleaned at all. We had to wait for over 2 hours and they decided to give us another cabin for the night. Next day we had to pack up and be out by 12:30. In the mean time no one has even began to clean the original cabin I reserved. So my family of nine has no place to unload our car or put the food we already had bought. Around 3:00 they finally has someone to begin cleaning which he said would take about 2 hours. Finally we get in the cabin. It smells awful. A chair in the living room looks like it should be put on side of the road for trash day. Carpet so filthy you certainly have to keep your shoes on. Ants crawling around. Out of all the years I have been coming here on vacation this is the worse. Totally bad management from Cabins USA because they never seemed very concerned with our valid issues and it would take so long for them to be contacted. After being contacted they would say they would call us back but would fail to do so. As much money as these rentals cost management, properties and accommodations should be worth the price. All vacation rentals should have certain standards to be called and used as vacation rentals. If it doesn't live up to those standards it should not be listed on these websites as such. THIS WAS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

Review for Bear Shack
The cabin slept 12 and only seated 6 people in den with 3 small couches that were dirty and smelt bad. No rugs like in the pictures. Several roaches were seen and a water bug. The a frame windows were very dirty, and the floors were dirty. The furniture in the downstairs bedroom unlike the pictures were very small night stands and a small slender dresser. We had to lay our things on the floor instead. Everyone had 2 towels per person but only 1 wash cloth per person. (lots of laundry because of this). In the game room it was very cold and only had the green couch and a pool table (nothing else) unlike the pictures. The Bear Shack sign should have been on the back left corner so it could be seen and found and not on the front porch which didn't face the road. We spent 30 minutes looking for it. It doesn't look like the picture from the road because it is a darker brown on the outside and trees are all grown up between the cabin and the road. We were there from December 9th thru the 13th to celebrate Christmas with our children and for the first time there was no tree put up. We did find one in a closet and put it up and left it up. Couldn't use the fireplace because gas wasn't turned on I guess. I would not stay here again.

Covid -19
We had to cancel our reservation because my husband was in the hospital because of Covid -19 complications .I called for three days asking for a full refund (to include our insurance) .They never returned my call. I spoke to three people asking for a Supervisor(no one ever returned my call) Being in the airlines I did not want to hold their property up so we canceled yesterday...NO response from them they hoped he got better come back and stay with us again etc.We have stayed with them 7 times..Can not say they have always been clean ..There is cleaner and nicer places..God Bless our country to better understand..Stay safe...

NEVER stay with Cabins USA
Upon arriving to our cabin on 10/30 - the cabin was unclean, unsafe, and not as described. Customer serviced would not fix Upon arrival at A Mountain Escape on 10/30/2020 we immediately found the cabin which was advertised as being located in "tranquil wooded surroundings" was just steps away from a busy highway with 45mph traffic. The stairs to enter were uneven and unstable, the staircase inside had loose spindles and could not be enclosed accessibly with a safety gate, so we were unable to use half the cabin with small children as they could slip through the spindles.. When I called customer service they would not assist me but assured me a manager would call back, we left to grab dinner and await the call. When we went out to our car we discovered other vacationers staying in a different Cabins USA cabin loudly engaging in sex outside. We called the company to complain again, they again promised a manager call back, they did not provide an address or phone number to file a complaint with the police. The manager never called. That evening exhausted with no options we came back to our cabin to be harrassed and yelled at by the same vacationers as earlier from their cabin. We began to unpack only necessities in hopes we could get a refund and find acceptable arrangements the next day. We discovered the bathroom and bedrooms were in unclean condition and documented in photos. The sheets had clearly not been changed and the bathrooms had hair in the tub from the previous tenants. The upstairs bathroom had laundry lint and messes on the floor and was also obviously never cleaned. Absolutely despicable in the middle of COVID-19! We went by the office in Pigeon Forge on 11/1 again, to request help, again we were promised a manager that never called. After leaving on 11/7 I have reached out numerous times and been hung up on, and had no phone call returned ever. We are not picky travelers, the cabin was missadvertised, unacceptable, unsanitary and unsafe. We will now be reaching out to the Tennessee Attorney General to file a consumer complaint and calling the Sevier County Health Department with our documentation if we do not receive an immediate response and refund for our exhausting, miserable stay where we were never accommodated, and treated poorly. I hope that Cabins USA sees the importance of responding. We never would've requested a full refund but the complete lack of communication and unwillingness to resolve anything in any way has been disgusting and added insult to injury. Nothing less than a full refund, and assurance that sanitation issues will be addressed to be made acceptable and safe, and the advertisement corrected to no longer reflect "tranquil wooded surroundings." is acceptable at this point. This cabin should not be inhabited. If the maid - Genesis actually ever comes out to clean, she should be fired or given strictest training. It was filthy and especially unsafe during a pandemic when cleaning protocols are supposed to be at their most stringent.

We were told not to be at our cabin, Bearway to Heaven until 4:00 p.m. We were also instructed if we arrived before 4:00, the cabin would not be ready and we would be charged for another day. We had driven for some time and arranged our first day's schedule around check-in time at 4:00. When we got there, the "maid" was asleep on the couch and we woke her up when we walked on the porch. She opened the door and shut the door in our faces without saying one word. As there was no car near the cabin, we thought a homeless person or a criminal was inside the cabin. We immediately called Cabins USA and were on hold over 20 minutes until someone told us it was the maid and she was cleaning the hot tub. We had to leave because we clearly could not go into the cabin to prepare food and our blood sugar was low. We had not planned on eating out - we were tired and needed to rest. Well, the hot tub was outside and she clearly was not outside and there was no evidence the hot tub had been cleaned in some time. The TV remotes did not work, the bathroom faucet and shower leaks, the kitchen faucet was broken and did not work on all settings, the washer and dryer made very loud sounds and we were afraid to use it, the upstairs bathroom was broken and toilet paper was setting on the floor. There was only one roll of toilet paper. There was a dated red broom on the front porch and a vacuum near the fireplace. There was crumbs and hair all over the place. The telephone rep stated we scared the maid when we woke her up...well...getting paid for a job you clearly are not doing and we paid for the cabin to be ready after 4:00 p.m. Everything had grease smudges across it - even the tv screens. I have called numerous times for the manager to call me and I have texted many times. No one has the professional courtesy to call me back. There is clearly no excuse for the nasty cabin that we paid good money for and the cabin was not even ready when we arrived. We paid for the cabin to be ready and available by 4:00 p.m. and it was not read until very much later. The "maid" was left off there to "clean" and someone picked her up after her nap. I will never stay in a cabin by this company. Please do not spend your good money on a cheap, nasty place to stay. We were not offered a discount since our cabin was not ready at the designated time. We were not offered anything. We had to buy toilet paper as we stayed 4 days and there was only 1 roll in the cabin. I cannot believe this company did not call me back or text me at all. All they want is to take good money from victims that have never stayed there before. We have not even received as much as an apology from Cabins USA. They are rude and unprofessional. They blamed me for "startling" the sleeping maid. Oh, well - she was on our time. We should receive an apology and some of our money refunded. These people are nasty, cheap crooks.

My family had a great time at A Mountain Lodge cabin, we have used Cabins USA for years now and have always been very happy Before Cabins USA we always stayed with other companies and were never pleased This cabin is right in the city of Pigeon Forge but is quiet and the cabin has plenty of room for our family members Thank you Cabins USA!

This was the worst stay for us We stayed the first night at the cabin called the secret rendezvous The photos looked better than the actual place However, the worst part about the stay was we woke up in the morning with bed bugs on our sheets and pillow I complained to the front desk as soon as they were open in the morning They did not seem to care and said they were calling the bug exterminator and didn't even offer us a clean or new cabin We went to the main desk and complained They first stated that we were getting kicked out because they were afraid of us spreading bed bugs We were being polite despite being completely aggravated and displeased They then offered to get us a new cabin However, when we went to the new cabin it was a downgrade The cabin was still dirty and had dead bugs everywhere and old appliances They had tvs that were from years ago compared to the flat screen in the previous bug infested cabin We refused to stay at this downgraded cabin We then went to the front desk and asked for a refund as they seemed frustrated with us and did not apologize for the inconvenience and making two clean people sleep in a bug infested bedroomThe worst customer service and stay


Where do I start? First off I wasn’t even supposed to stay in [redacted], I had reserved A [redacted] for my “special birthday trip.” When my husband and I arrived at CabinsUSA to check in on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at 3:30pm we were told “you can’t have that cabin.” I replied with “pardon me?” and then was told that due to an ice storm that hit the area the cabin was inaccessible. I then asked why we weren’t notified beforehand and was told that a message was left for me that day at 11:00am. We live 12 hours away and were on the road at 3:00am to reach our destination, so we obviously did not receive that message. What I want to know is why we were not notified earlier in the week seeing as the storm happened on Monday, February 16th, 2015.

Obviously having no control of where we were going to stay until Monday, February 23rd (when we were scheduled to check out) we accepted an “upgrade” to [redacted] Ridge. My hopes of staying in a “log cabin” for my birthday faded when we were given a “homestead” cabin (it’s a house.) We were also told it had all the same amenities that were in A [redacted] as well as a third bedroom.

Once we agreed to stay in this “cabin” we were told by the desk clerk that they would do their best to get us into A [redacted] the following day but because we were staying in [redacted] Ridge that we would have to pay an additional cleaning fee due to the fact that we would be staying there. I asked to speak to a Manager who then introduced herself as “[redacted] (was later told that there is no [redacted] who works there, but I distinctly remembered her name due to it being the same as a family member.) She made an exception and told me that I would only have to pay the cleaning fee once. So at this time they had my deposit (one night stay) as well as the cleaning fee for the whole stay. They did not charge us for the balance of our stay at this time as they were going to try to move us to our intended cabin “hopefully” and then charge us.

We arrived at [redacted] Ridge deflated but trying to make the best of our trip; I mean it isn’t their fault Mother Nature decided to spread some ice. The cabin was clean, but musty smelling. It is an older cabin, but homey feeling. Our biggest complaint with the cabin was the fireplace that you can’t use. It isn’t gas it’s natural, but there is a sign stating that you can’t burn anything in it. How does that even make sense? Needless to say, for the duration of our stay we had no fireplace.

At this point we were exhausted and looking forward to a new day. Friday was great until we came back to the cabin around 8:00pm and discovered another family parked outside. All the outdoor lights we had left on at the cabin were shut off as well. Upon speaking with the family we discovered that CabinsUSA gave them our cabin as well as an access code to get in. Not only did this family have access to all our personal belongings (including my laptop) but they were given a “used” cabin with dirty sheets, unmade beds etc. Upon calling CabinsUSA we were told that we had only paid for one night and they had assumed we checked out. First off do you not send out a cleaning crew to “clean” the cabin before you rent it out? Secondly, we had reservations until Monday, if we didn’t get moved to our original cabin where did you expect us to be? My husband and I felt horrible for this other family, and it was a very awkward situation as they had to give us their key code to get in as we were locked out of our own cabin. CabinsUSA then charged my card for an additional night and I told them that we would be checking out in the morning as I was so upset with what had happened that I did not want to stay there anymore.

Unfortunately upon waking at 7:30am on Saturday morning the area was hit with another ice storm over night and we could not get down the driveway safely with the car. I then called CabinsUSA at 8:00am when they open and explained the situation to “[redacted]”. I also asked her to make sure that I was charged for the rate at A [redacted] and not [redacted]Ridge because it was a bit cheaper. She then proceeded to tell me that she would not be charging us for this night’s stay due to us being stuck in the cabin. I thanked her for all her assistance and was actually happy for the first time in 3 days. Well that didn’t last long.

After being stuck in the cabin all day, around 5:00pm there was a banging at the door. I opened it to find a gentleman telling me that I needed to call the office right away; that they needed to speak with me and that he wasn’t leaving until I did so. This man did not introduce himself and made me very uncomfortable, and I was feeling glad that my husband was with me. I then called the office again and spoke with [redacted] who told me that the gentleman was their maintenance guy and that he checked the driveway and it was safe to leave the cabin now, so she wanted to know if we planned on staying the Saturday night now or not. I explained to [redacted] that I had called first thing in the morning and made arrangements with [redacted] already to stay the night and that we weren’t being charged. She said she was aware of that but [redacted] “had no business or authority” to make those arrangements and if we wanted to stay the night that we would be charged. I proceeded to tell [redacted]to take it up with [redacted] and that it wasn’t my problem anymore. I did my due diligence by calling CabinsUSA first thing in the morning and I even offered to pay. [redacted] said there was nothing she could do but then offered to give me the night at 50% off and that I either needed to leave or to pay. I was very upset after going through everything and I told her that we weren’t leaving and that just because the weather cleared up from 10 hours earlier that they couldn’t go back and try to recoup money after having already made arrangements, and that she did not have permission to charge my card. She then told me that if we were to stay my credit card was going to be charged, and my reply to her was again that she didn’t have permission to charge my card. She then said she wasn’t going to argue with me, and then hung up on me, and then charged my card (I received an email notification.)

Having nowhere else to go (after already making arrangements with [redacted] thinking everything was taken care of) we stayed yet another horrible night with CabinsUSA. Sunday morning (my birthday) I called at 8:00am to check out a day early and we left not wanting to ever look back.

Not only did I incurred an additional $98.00 in long distance calls on my cell (Canadians pay for usage as well as roaming fees in the USA) but I received the WORST customer service ever. I have been looking forward to this trip ever since I booked it 2 months ago. My birthday was ruined from stress and being upset having to speak with CabinsUSA on a daily basis. I was looking forward to a repeat stay this summer and bringing up our 9 yr. old. It’s a shame that it’s not going to happen.

Our stay was very unpleasant and now we know all about the non mentioned hidden fees, $150 worth of extra useless charges for cleaning, accidental damage, and administration fees. No refunds for the damage fee either, so just extra money for these guys. The cleaning fee basically means they sweep the floors before you get there and then the change the sheets after you leave but not the stained comforter. They don't own these cabins the lease them. Not one to recommend that's for sure.

We stayed at eagles crest cabin and it was on though certainly not impressed with the cleanliness, upon arrival we noticed that the cleaning person left the back door open so flies were everywhere and we also couldn't access our cabin for over an hour because the lady at check-in gave us the wrong code, we had to wait in the cold with our children until they sent someone out to fix it. The spare toilet was full of feces and was filthy we didn't even use it .

My family had a great time at A Mountain Lodge cabin, we have used Cabins USA for 3 years now and have always been very happy. Before Cabins USA we always stayed with other companies and were never pleased. This cabin is right in the city of Pigeon Forge but is quiet and the cabin has plenty of room for our 12 family members. Thank you Cabins USA!

The cabin was okay but there were issues. The fireplace didn't work. My husband had to pull the front off to get it lit. The cabin was full of ladybugs and stink bugs. The downstairs bedroom and game room was very cold. I purchased a heater to make the space bearable. The oven door handle broke completely off making it unusable. I reported the bugs and oven when I checked out. Once I returned home, I received a call starting I caused 1500 in damages and a police report had been filed. I asked for pictures of the damage which they said they would send right away. After about an hour I called back, and the person handling had left for the day and wouldn't be back in the office for two days. The items which included the oven door were not damaged by my party. Please inspect your cabin immediately upon arrival, to avoid what I am going thru.

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