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Cakes on the Dot by Tim, Inc.

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/06/15) */
Spas Factory Direct
*** *** ***
Mishawaka, Indiana XXXXX
Flo: Complaint Activity Report Case #XXXXXXXX *** ***
*** ** *** ***
*** ***, *** XXXXX
I received your letter today regarding a
complaint filed with your office pertaining to Mrs***'s purchase of a used Spa (hot tub) from our company, and I'd like to take this opportunity to respond
Yes, Mrs*** came into our Store no less than times over the past two years, requesting that we find her a "used spa", In her price range, which she stated was no more than ***
Initially, she spoke with my daughter (***) on several occasions, and my daughter didn't want to sell her a new or used spa, because she found Mrs*** to be a little "strange", and frankly, got the same impressionI mean, "who" comes in to any place of business "times" before they make their purchase? We've been In business for over years, have over 14K customers, and this Is a let for me
$o, we simply threw her Information in the trashWe never called her to solicit her business, because frankly, we weren't sure we wanted her as a ***, which as it turns out, our initial thoughts were cerrect, we should have never sold this lady "anything"In fact, about days before Mrs*** came in and purchased this used spa from us, she stopped in and ask roe why we have not called her about finding her a used spa, she said "you probably threw my name away, didn't you", and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I told her I probably misplaced her information, so she wrote in down and gave it to me again, and ask me to find her a used spa in her price rangeSo,
After a few weeks went by, we got in a nice used spa, I thought would make her a good "1st time buyer" spa, so I called her and told her about it, and told her I'd sell it to her for *** as she requested, arid we'd go over the spa prior to delivery, and make sure everything was in good working order for her, and give her a day part/labor warranty on the equipment as well, which we did
Before the used spa she purchased was delivered, I personally went through it and repaired, and/or replace "anything" that was needed, as we do on every used spa we sellThis process
takes about 3-clays, depending on what needs to be done on the particular spaDuring that time, Mrs*** earn() in no less than times, and walked in the shop area to look at the spa, arid the repairs that were being made, and Wmmented every time she came in, "maybe I should just buy a new spa instead"So, after the 5th or 6th time of listening to her say that, I told her, "if you don't want this spa, don't buy it, I have plenty of buyers I can sell it to, and for more than the *** I offered to sell it to you for" (this was prior to her paying her balance on the purchase, so I was giving her a opportunity to cancel the dealShe declinedShe said "no, I want this spa ***, leant afford a new one", arid a few days later, she came in and paid her balance and completed her purchase
She didn't have the spa clays, and she called and claimed it was "running all the time, It never shuts off, I think I'm just going to return it"So, I told Mrs*** I'd personally come out the next day and take a look at it and I did, I drove all the way over to her residence to look at the "running all the time issue, and to touch up the very minor chip we put on the shell when we delivered itUnfortunately, she wasn't there, and she neglected to tell me her gate was padlocked, so I would be able to get in, so I had to make ''another trip" to the *** residence, to touch up the minor chip, and check out the "running all the time issue", which when I flipped the cover open on the spa, the spa "was not not running at all", it was at temperature, and setting IdleI explained to Mrs***, her spa was working fineIt was filtering when it was programed to, and setting idle when it was not schedule to filter or heatThe spa was working properlyHowever, even after showing her all was well with her spa, Mrs*** Just insisted, it's not working right, and she should have bought new epa, she said, "I think I'll just return this one"
I've boon it this industry years, and have thousands of happy customers, and as you are aware, "we have zero complaints" with the, iri fact "the head of the Elkhart has been one of our happy customers for over years", ask her what kind our *** we provide
The fact of the matter Is this, Mrs***, for whatever reason, decided she doesn't want a used spa, she wants a "new spa", but as she stated herself, she can't afford one
Now, in her defense, she did call me on my cell phone Monday to tell me her spa was leaking all over her deck, and proceeded to tell me "I just want to return I told her I'd get our ***
tech out ASAP, and we'd fix "whatever the problem is", and it wouldn't cost her a dimeNot what she wanted to hear, but it's what we agreed to do for her in out day warranty Agreement
So, that Wednesday, June 7th at 5!PM, I'm standing outside my showroom talking orerny cell phone, when up drives *** ***I said hello ***, and she just snapped "INSIDE, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU INSIDR", and she stormed right by me, and proceeded Into my showroom, where I had a showroom full of people, (delivery people and a security crew Installing a security system In my place of business) and proceeded to talk to me like I was the step child she never wanted, scolding me for not dropping everyone, and everything else on our *** schedule, and coming our immediately and fixing her spa(Incidentally Mrs***, I don't drink alcohol, never did, so what you may have been smelling, was "your breath" blowing back in your face)
After about seconds of listening to her "scold me, in front of everyone in my place of business", yes, I did ask her to leave, after listening to her yelling at me times, telling me "I'm condescending" over and over and over again, which was clearly not the case, I was simply
trying to explain to Mrs***, we work by a schedule, and we have other customers ahead of her, believe it or not and she wasn't having itSo, finally I simply told her, "we are not taking back the spa she purchased, and refunding her money", that's not how it works in the real world, and If she didn't like what I was saying, contact a attorney, and we'll settle this in courtFrankly, I was getting tired of hearing her telling me what a bad business person I am, etcShe's no more/ less important than any other *** of ours, and there are customers ahead of her on the our *** scheduleThis lady called Monday evening with her leak issue, and that same Wednesday, she was throwing a tantrum in my store, for riot dropping everything else in front of her, and moving her to the from of the lineThat's not how it works Mrs***We have customers that spent times the money you paid for your used spa, and we don't move them ahead of anyone on the *** schedule, and they don't say "I just want to return my Spa and get my money back" either
The bottom line is this
Mrs***'s husband has contacted our *** department and scheduled a *** call for this week to repair the broken air diverter on Mrs***'s spaHe was very nice tool He didn't hang up on me, like *** did, when she called to schedule the repair, and I answered the phone
So, were going to fix the issue Mrs*** has brought to our (and your, and everyone in our store, and everyone on Facebook, eta.) attention regarding the used spa she purchased, and at no charge to her, under the day warranty Agreement I provided Mrs*** (nobody else would have provided a warranty on "used spas") "at no charge" at the time of purchaseHowever, upon completion of our warranty commitment, we'd prefer Mrs*** find someone else to conduct her spa business withI hate having to make that statement, but Mrs*** has proven herself to be a exception
lithe would like to discuss anything additional regarding this ***, I'd be more than happy to elaborate
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter
*** ***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2017/07/06) */
I am responding to the rebutal that *** the spa owner wroteI will begin with I wouldn't have expected any thing less from himMy complaint was due to the fact that after purchasing a used tub from him I began having multiple problems and he would not come out and fix the problem even though the tub was under warrantyAfter filing a complaint with I received a missed call and my husband called it back and a female gave him a number for someone who would come out and fix the tubThe guy who came out and was very nice and found that the hot tub had a leak in the front as well as in the back of the tub which he came back and replaced the hoseDue to the store owners very poor *** *** and arrogant attitude he will never get another dollar of my moneyNor would I ever recommend him to anyoneI wouldn't want anyone to have to deal with that rudeness As far as his comments about me I think he really lets one know just what kind of person he isI shouldn't have had to go through such humiliation and the day warranty was still in effectFactory Spa Direct is not accredited with the so he is advertising
*** ***

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