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California Climate Control, Inc.

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To the General Public, If you are reading this response, thank you for making it all the way to the bottom of this review. As everyone knows, there are two sides to every story. I will cover, all the above notations that Mr. [redacted] has made in regards to his purchase on December 24th, 2017. I...

do however, ask is that you take the opportunity to take a look at all of our other reviews for a full picture of our business and practices we pursue to perfect each day. Thank you for your time and please see below.  Mr. [redacted], I do appreciate you choosing Toodies on December 24th, 2016 at approx 11:15am (Christmas Eve). On this day you entered the store, my son, [redacted], assisted in helping you. You noted you wanted to purchase a diamond band, therefore, he showed you diamond bands ranging anywhere from $400-5,000.  During this time you were shown about 5-6 diamond bands, in which you chose the particular band for an even $1,800  + MA Sales Tax (6.25%). At the Cash and wrap part of the store, [redacted] and I were both present and we specifically address when asked in regards to our return policy this exact response. "The item can be exchanged or returned for a merchandise credit only. However, if you or your significant other would like a piece not available in store, we would gladly source the piece or custom design specifically to your wants and needs". This is simply a line we have nicely addressed to our customers for over 30 years. This is also framed and listed in the only place  that items are paid for in the entire store. This frame and picture in frame has been displayed in the same spot at all times. (Please see attached) This was explained to you, before, a [redacted] card was handed in for payment. At which time, you agreed, handed over payment in [redacted] CC Form and completed the transaction. The diamond band you purchased, was nicely boxed and gift wrapped for presentation for either that evening, or next morning. Mr. [redacted], I do remember, like it was yesterday, you thanked us and left the store a happy customer. Please see attached invoice for you and the general public's viewing. On the bottom right hand of your receipt it once again notes the policy, as well as the back side of the receipt notes all terms and conditions. In response to your accusations of this practice being "illegal",  those are false claims. The policy is noted in more than one place. Lastly, in which I will not post to protect your CC and privacy, you signed a Credit Card Slip in which reads "No Cash or Credit Card Refunds. Merchandise Credit Only. Exchanged Accepted within 30 days. All Special Orders, Final Sale". Yes, we were closed on both December 25th and 26th. After the amount of hours we had worked through the holiday season, some rest was needed. On December 27th at 4:01PM, your wife did bring the ring in for return and we again, explained the policy. We offered to show additional pieces, we offered to source an item and we additionally offered to custom design whatever she may like. Mrs. [redacted], left, along with the merchandise credit and has not returned since. The Credit does not expire, and the above offerings will never leave the table. Not once, did either of you reach out via phone or email to me, the owner, to hear an explanation, a reason, or a decision in regards to why this is the store policy. Lastly, Mr. [redacted], you note that you have always paid  your bill with [redacted], this we never argued with you, nor doubted you and your financial obligations. I can understand your frustration, however, again, those accusation were never made on our behalf and have nothing to do with our relationship with [redacted], nor yours.Please note, on the website, it does list the return policy, as does on other review sites along with our own website. This is not something we hide, however, we do take pride and always offer exemplary service and product to our community on a daily basis for over 35 years and many more to come. If you would like to contact me personally and further discuss this, I would love to be of assistance to you. My goal is to rectify this situation and obviously make you happy, however, we do respect playing by the rules as a successful business practice. Again, I do thank you for choosing Toodie's and I will do my best to work with you while attempting to resolve the misunderstanding. Again, please see both attached photo of our cash & wrap section and a photo of the front/back of your receipt. Thank You,[redacted]. [redacted]
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. 
 They did not say at any time I would only receive a store credit I asked if I could return it and they said no problem. No problem means to me No problem I have been at issue with these people since December  27 they told my wife all she would get was a store credit how would me calling them have changed anything other just telling me that's their policy. Bottom line it was a ring not a garment that shouldn't be resold I returned it 2 days latter if they were a repretable business owner they would have give me a full refund minus a $25 restocking fee at most.Regards,[redacted]

Mr. [redacted],Again, whether you neglected to listen to the entire explanation on December 24th or not, we recite this exact information each time people have asked about our return policy. You signed on the receipt directly above where it read our return policy, it was posted directly in front of you in a framed picture where you signed the receipt and again, noted on every piece of paperwork you received when purchasing the band, this was not hidden from you whatsoever.  In business, you cant make everyone happy, no business will ever make everyone 100% happy, its next to impossible. When it comes to reputation, ours is  nearly flawless. We service all of our customers equally, efficiently, and make sure to advise them in the most beneficial way to meet their wants and needs. Therefore, in response to your  negativity to our reputation, we respect  your opinion, and as repeated from above, you cant make everyone happy. I would like to urge you to seek other return policies from multiple jewelers, you will find that we are not the only ones with this policy and we are known for the leniency of our policy in regards to the 30 days. I invite you to call if you would like to further discuss, or please, whenever you would like come to redeem your merchandise credit for anything you would like or we would gladly custom design something that you or your wife would like. Thank You and Best Wishes,[redacted]

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