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Campus Apartments, Inc.

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Good Afternoon,
" background-">According to our lease agreement, we provide the option to relet and release at any point during the lease term for a current tenant to be released from their obligations under that leaseAt this time, there has not been a relet secured and approved for [redacted]'s current lease or his renewal lease, therefore, he is still responsible for the rental installments until the leases end or a relet is found.
I have notified the sales team in the leasing office to keep [redacted]'s bedroom listed as an option for someone to move in, but do also suggest that the tenant continue to look for a relet on their ownI would be happy to provide additional information regarding this process if neededIf we are able to secure a relet for this tenant, we will notify him promptly upon their approval along with the collections agency to adjust the balance that is currently dueThank you,
Brittany G[redacted]
Regional Manager
Campus Apartments
Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Yes, we have received the messages for a call back when you left messages on Jan 7, 8 and 11.  All of these messages have been forwarded to the Collection agency and they will respond as they have the paperwork from 2010.[redacted] has acknowledged receipt of the messages and...

that you are in their system and will be contacting you.
Michele C[redacted]
Operations Coordinator
Campus Apartments

To Whom It May Concern:
This response has been addressed to your attention in regards to the
concerns submitted via [redacted].  Our local and corporate team members
have reached out to [redacted] in an effort to resolve her...

concerns.  We
sincerely apologies for the experience her son and his roommates have had and
are working with them to legally resolve their issues.  We completely
understand her frustrations however in the pursuit of a speedy resolution we
cannot violate the rights of other residents.
Thank you,
Jackie G[redacted]
Jackie G[redacted]
R.V.P of Operations 
Campus Apartments LLC

How these people got an A+, is beyond me. While the property is lovely, the leasing staff in Statesboro Ga are is. I have had SEVERAL issues with them as a parent. They crossed the line when they compromised my haughtiest safety. FIRSTLY, they moved her in with a girl that was CLEARLY an alcoholic. There were at least 100 liquor bottles that she was saving as a cry for help all over the kitchen as well as stained carpet and stinking furniture from her filling a blender pitcher with liquor and drinking it with a straw. And passing out. Random men she DOES NOT KNOW ON AND OUT during her drunken stupors. The kitchen stayed FILTHY the WHOLE time my daughter was there. Her rent allows her equal access to the kitchen, which she rarely got unless she cleaned it first. The girl monopolized the refrigerator by filling it to capacity as well as the cabinets and pantry. Even the space on the top had liquor bottles wrapped all around the kitchen and ALL over the counters. The refrigerator STANKbecause she NEVER cleaned it but kept packing more and more food in it to spite my daughter. My daughter asked for help from the leasing office and they refused even though this is who THEY chose to put my daughter in a apt with. My daughter has a job in Stateboro but came home for the summer, because the living condition is so bad and the leasing office are as smart as styrofoam. She left May 15th, right after school was out but had to come back early (July 22) to what would be the straw that broke the camels back. The drunkard invited SEVEN family members to stay there: THREE KIDS, A GRANDMOTHER, TWO MEN, HER MOTHER. Really?? The rule is visitors are allowed TWO DAYS. Again, called the office and they said and I quote "we'll send her an email of the violation". Seriously, while my daughter is in here with TWO grown men she HAS NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE.. As a parent, I have a MAJOR issue with that. The drunkard tells these leasing "Professional" and I use that term very lightly- that she wants to do an "express move out" and they try to charge MY DAUGHTER for all of the damage mess and filth. When you call there they try to pull a Stacey Dash (the manager) and a Reese Witherspoon (any agent that answers ) and together, the whole bunch is CLUELESS. I have been in Property Management for longer than most of that staff has been alive. Even the SLOWEST can tell you the "MOVE IN INSPECTION "as well as the "MOVE OUT INSPECTION " are CRUCIAL TO CHARGING THE RIGHT PERSON FOR DAMAGES. Beautiful property, is are in charge though.

Review: This is a formal complaint against the real estate leasing company "Campus Apartments Et al." parent company of "[redacted]" during a period in 2011.

This is in regards to failure to maintain accurate records, failure to notify a tenant of any debts due, false advertising, as well as failure to maintain inhabitable living conditions per California Civil Code Section 1941.1 during the period of tenant residency in the following manners:

(141) operable dead bolt locks on the main entry doors of rental units, and operable locking or security devices on windows.

(14)Working smoke detectors in all units of multi-unit buildings, such as duplexes and apartment complexes. Apartment complexes also must have smoke detectors in common stairwells.

Additionally, Campus Apartments Et al. falsely advertised the lease term associated with a "study abroad addendum" allowing tenant to terminate lease before the passage of the entire 12 month lease period. Upon departure of the tenant in November 2011, Campus Apartments Et al. continued to improperly bill the tenant after departure to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Campus Apartments Et al. has failed to maintain adequate records supporting the early termination of the lease term and falsely assured tenant that all monies were paid in full before the tenant left the country and was unreachable. Campus Apartments Et al. improperly sent an un-owed amount to debt collections and has completely failed to address the customers inquiries made in numerous attempts on September 5th, 2013.

If this matter isn't resolved and the un-owed amount removed from collections and tenant's credit record, legal action will be pursued. Legal action as well as possibly class action with multiple residents will be taken, not only address the false amounts in collection, but also the despicable living conditions and inadequate property management conditions during the lease term.Desired Settlement: Campus Apartments Et al. must remove the false amount sent to collections, confirm with all credit reporting agencies that this item has been fully and completely removed, write a statement to the customer apologizing for the error and fully documenting that all corrective action has been taken and completed, and last, reimburse customer for time spent correcting this mistake made by Campus Apartments Et al. with a sum of $220 ($22/hour x 10 hours) to be paid by check to the the customers specified address.



Please be advised to the following with regard to the complaint; Campus Apartments Management, [redacted] was the management company for [redacted], [redacted]. Campus had no ownership interest whatsoever in the property. Campus ceased being the manager of the property on October 15th, 2012. This matter essentially involves a discontented former tenant who did not pay rent which was due and payable at the time and did not follow procedures with regard to proper termination of his lease. The complainant also did not respond to notices by Campus and notices by the collection agency [redacted] located at PO [redacted], phone number of ###-###-#### and web address of: [redacted].

Review: From January through March, my heat did not work and my electric bills

were nearing $350 per month. After contacting [redacted], I was

finally able to get the extra charges off of my electric bill. I was

told my heat would be fixed by March 11, but this did not happen until

the end of March.

Once the heat was fixed, the air went out and it took another week to

get that fixed. Still, though, my electric bills have been

extraordinarily high. When I was finally able to get a meeting with [redacted], the property manager, I told her and the head of maintenance,

[redacted], about my bills. I was told that the water heater is what drives

the bill up, and it really isn't big enough to accommodate 4 girls

showering plus the dishwasher and the washing machine, and that is also

why our hot water goes out after 10 minutes. Also, because we are on the

third floor, we will always have a higher bill since we have more room

to heat in the winter and during the summer we will always need to keep

the air going since heat rises.

I do not think that these are very good reasons for having such an

outrageous electric bill since I was not told about this when I moved

in. I have the recording and can email it to you if you would like to

hear it. Also, our utility closet has been unlocked for the past month

or 2 and I was able to take pictures of how dirty and dusty the closet

is, as well as how I have had no air filter on the unit for at least

that long. The air filter that was sitting in my closet was coated with

dust. During my meeting with [redacted] and [redacted] last Thursday, I brought this

to their attention and got a note that said it had been fixed. However,

since the closet door is locked, I am not sure if all of the dust and

dirt was cleaned out and am concerned about health care violations.

In addition, I have found black mold under my kitchen sink that has been

there all year. I put in a request when I moved in and was told that it

had been fixed. When I opened the cabinet last week, I noticed that the

area looked even worse and there was a leak as well. I am wondering if

the air filter combined with the black mold could have been the reason

for the three times I was sick this year. I have not been that sick

since early 2007, and my roommate has developed asthma this semester,

another red flag. I can email the photos I have taken

Besides the maintenance problems our unit has had, I am having problems

with my rent. I signed my contract with [redacted] as the manager. She

approved the extension for me to have the special running last April,

which was a birthday month and July rent free. With this, I am to pay

$364 for 10 months. Now I am being told that I cannot get this and I

have to pay $364 for 12 months. However, if I did not get the first

special, I was to have a rent of $329 for 12 months, not $364. I have

the flyer that advertises this special from last year.

[redacted] told me she would look into this, but has yet to get back to me. I

received an eviction notice the other day because I did not pay my rent

on time, which is not true. Right now, the office has my check (which

should be for June because my birthday is in May and I am supposed to

have this month free). But because I did not pay my electric overages

they are holding my check. I made it clear that I did not want to pay my

electric bill until someone explained why the bill was so high every

month while other tenants I have spoken with have never had overages

even though they use the same amount of electricity as my roommates and

I. Again, the explanation I received was that because they were on the

2nd floor, they would never have to pay and because I was on the third I

would always have a higher bill. This explanation did not come until my

meeting with [redacted], which I finally got after a notice had come that my

rent was late and I needed to pay an extra fee.

I have officially moved out all of my belongings and turned in my keys

so that I may not have to deal with more problems and can focus solely

on resolving all of my current issues with this apartment complex. I was

told that someone would call me first this this morning (around 9am) to

discuss this, but I still haven't heard from anyone. Almost every time

I've called this year, I have always gotten an answering machine that

does not even state the name of the place I'm calling, another red flag

to me.Desired Settlement: I want my check to get cashed and my extra charges to be

dropped. Because my checks for $364 have been taken, I am grandfathered

into the past special, otherwise, I should have been notified

immediately and have written checks for $329. With this agreement, I

will be officially moved out and my room will be available for a new

leaser starting June 1. Also with this, I do not expect collections

agencies to contact me and I do not plan to take further action against

health code/maintenance violations.



May 14, 2013

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