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Can You Hear It Car Audio, Inc.

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To anyone looking to have their car detailed by Can You Hear It Audio... Don't do it!
On June 23, 2017 I treated myself to having my car detailed through a Groupon offer. I waited in their waiting room while my car was being worked on. At one point, the gentleman who was cleaning my car, I watched him discard a rag that he was using on my car onto a nearby shelf. He picks up a completely different colored one, wipes and picks his nose with it and then proceeds to tuck it under his arm while he gets on his cell phone. Once he had his "break", he took this same rag, a can of cleaner and started to clean the inside of my vehicle. I asked Chris (the owner) to stop him and have him get another rag. He complied but holy cow!
Once my car was finished, they brought it out and asked me to look it over and let them know if there were any areas I would like them to touch it up. I focused on the exterior paint and inside. There were some small areas that I asked them to redo a couple areas but there was little effort.
I drove away and headed home to pick up my kids and run some errands. As I went back out to my car to leave my house I noticed the finish on all 4 rims was missing in numerous places. I was in shock! They were not like this when I brought it to them just a couple hours before. I immediately called the shop and was directed to another number that I could text a message to as no one was answering as it was after hours. I explained the situation to Chris and was told among other things that this happens all the time, I had false realities of what the end result would be, it was an existing condition, it wasn't their fault that I bought a cheap car. My rims are $466+ a piece. Not on a cheap car by any means.
I was shocked by his responses. They didn't even have the decency to tell me about it when I was leaving their shop. HIs customer service skills are horrid. I would NEVER recommend someone to go there for any services to their cars. I am taking him to small claims court and we will see what happens.

We paid this business to detail the exterior and interior of our van. When we picked it up, we found gum in cup holders, old food, and grime everywherMy wife and I paid Can You Hear It Car Audio to detail our minivan. We dropped our car off on tuesday afternoon, May 7. We picked up the van Wednesday May 8, at 4pm. Before paying for services rendered, I checked out the van. Within 30 seconds, I found old gum and a cup holder, old marshmellows in between seat cushions, and grit and grime everywhere. I went in to the store and expressed my dissatisfaction. I was told, "we will take care of it." They took the van back into the shop. minutes later, I was asked to come back to the van and show them where there were still problems. this bothered me. I was paying them to point out where van was dirty? they spent a few moments "cleaning." at this point, 20 minutes had passed. it was raining and hot. my two children under the age of 3 were crying in our other car. after getting home, and examining the van, we can see that this car was not detailed at all. Desired Settlementwe spent 99$ on a Groupon for this detailing service. additionally, this business charged us 20 more dollars because this van was a larger vehicle. We want our $119 dollars back. Business' Initial Response In regard to [redacted] minivan, we did complete the detail. When [redacted] arrived to pick up the vehicle, there were a few areas that he requested to be touched up. Theses requested touch ups were completed, and he signed the form stating He was satisfied. My staff treated [redacted] with the utmost courtesy, even when he was verbally abusive towards my staff. [redacted] (name unknown) called our location and continued the verbal abuse of my staff. We were adamant that if there were issues that did not meet their expectations we would be happy to address them even though they signed the satisfaction form. If you were not satisfied why did you sign the form stating you were? This is where I am confused. Nonetheless, we would be happy to address [redacted] concerns. A refund is not an optional as the work was completed and [redacted] signed the satisfaction form.

Dear and to whom it may concern: I recently had car detailing as well as a remote started installed by Can You Hear It Car Audio, Inc. Although the remote starter appears to be installed well, the car detailing services were poor. I found a stain on my seat that was not there prior, dust in certain areas, dirt in the bottom of my cup holders, white dried residue on my floor mats and my upholstery had not been dealt with appropriately. My car is only two years old I do not have children, nor pets that are in my vehicle. It should have been an easy car detail however there were numerous issues. I have pictures and spoke with management of my concerns immediately via phone. They agreed to refund half of the detailing back to me (I have texts to demonstrate some of the communication). I was told the refund had been mailed and when I did not get it a few weeks later I was back in touch to ask about it and also to inquire about items I found missing (two umbrella's & more) that I needed for a trip I was taking. I was criticized by management that I should have looked for my missing items sooner and was told that the umbrella and the check would be mailed. Another two+ weeks passed [redacted] when I contacted management asking about the situation, I was informed that they changed their minds. I communicated that I felt they were very unprofessional and that I would be filing a complaint (which is unfortunate as I tried to resolve the situation in other ways). I was then told to no longer contact them. Please feel free to ask for any clarification. Thank you, [redacted]Product_Or_Service: Car DetailingDesired SettlementI would appreciate the return of half of the detailing charges that I was promised by management to receive. Business Response Ms [redacted]'s car was detailed according to our normal practices. All troubled areas were treated to normal specifications. Unfortunately, the treatments did not resolve certain issues as Ms [redacted] would have liked. Upon Ms [redacted]'s initial complaint, it was agreed that a partial refund would be issued even though the job was completed in all aspects. During a second phone call Ms [redacted] became verbally abusive with staff. The call was terminated. This type of behavior is not tolerated. As a result, the initially agreed partial refund was revoked. Ms [redacted] was notified to cease contact due to previous verbal abuse to staff.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)To whom it may concern, Thank you for the response however it is, in my opinion, a very unfair statement to indicate that I was "verbally abusive". I did not raise my voice, nor did I use foul language. Your staff member was criticizing me and belittling me on the phone when I called to ask about the refund that had I was told had been sent two weeks earlier and I had not yet received it and to inquire about several missing items from my car that I needed for a trip I was taking the next day. He stated that I should have looked for my missing items sooner when it became clear they did have them and I would not be able to retrieve them before my trip. I explained that I did not feel his comments were appropriate and that I did not feel it was a good customer service practice. Additionally, the car detailing had several areas (already outlined in the original complaint) that were not up to standards hence the agreement to refund half of the paid amount (which was paid ahead of time). I was also lied to by your staff repeatedly in that "the check had been sent", which I have in writing. Additionally, one of the missing items was also going to be mailed back to me along with the check and never was. I feel Can You Hear It Car Audio management has been dishonest and very unprofessional in their customer service dealings. Thank you.

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Description: Auto Service - Sound Systems Sales & Service., Video Equipment-Service & Repair

Address: 203 Shaker Rd, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States, 01028-7002


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