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Cannons Online Auctions

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Review: iwas higest bidde ron item when i went to get it it wasnt there their solution was to just give me my money back while there another customer said they had taken home a item that wasnt theirs if they had not brought back when the

person came to get it wouldnt have been there either i find them to be very careless with peoples stuff in had won another item but was not able to get they asked if i wanted to donate i had been told it was donated to charity this same item was for sale on face book for $500.00 the person said they bought from cannon auction WHO got that money i didnt they had said they would resale for me filled out paper work and gave to me then they call on moday and said they werent going to resale did i want to donate i fill this guy wanted to buy so they called me to say they werent going to re sale this is some shady bussiness also when i was selling a necklace and earring set earring came up missing they did nothing about it i have had other people complain very poor bussiness practicesDesired Settlement: just want to worn other people who may be planning on doing bussiness with this company



Revdex.com spoke with the business regarding this case. In regards to the customer's item was went missing after she won an item. The item lost was looked into and it was discovered that the item was stolen. The business refunded the customer for the price because of this. The customer was made a ware of this and the business is unable to provide her the item because it is no longer in their possession. Another concerns she brings up is an item she declined to pick up after she purchased and claims she saw it online for sale. In this case the business declined to place the item back on consignment adn she was made aw are it would be donated. Once an item is donated the business has no control over where it ends up or if the person that gets it trys to sell if elsewhere.



They did not refund me any money and have not solved the issue I want this complaint registered with Revdex.com against thrm

I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


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Category: Estates - Appraisals, Sales & Auctions, Estate Liquidators

Address: 9125 W Broad St Ste I, Richmond, VA, 23294

Website: http://www.cannonsauctions.com

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